Scorum Sports Media in a Nutshell: Tokens Crowdsale Explainer

Scorum Sports Media in a Nutshell: Tokens Crowdsale Explainer

Millions of fans generate huge income for the sports media industry without getting a cent. But Scorum is here to change that! Scorum is a sports media platform with integrated blockchain technology. Scorum’s authors make money on publications, and the readers are rewarded for their votes. Authors have access to custom-made sports analytics tools, interactive visualizations and a built-in photo database. Scorum stats center offers live broadcasts and the latest sporting updates on top of that, the users can bet against each other at the commission-free betting exchange. The platform’s economy is based on Scorum Coins cryptocurrency which will be released in a crowdsale. Half of Scorum’s operating revenue is dedicated to ensuring stable development of the platform. The other half is used to reward the active community for their loyalty and to further audience growth. The passion for sports must be rewarded. Do not miss Scorum’s crowdsale!

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  2. Question, is scorum an application you download or is everything in a browser? I believe it is important to have unique URLs to be able to share the platform on social media.

  3. Sports and Crypto enthusiasts watch out for this ICO ??????????

    Scorum Believers: Thanks for the support. Don't forget that there's almost 1 Million SCR to win through our affiliate program. Find your affiliate link in your account and spread the word! You'll get 5% bonus on the amount of tokens purchased through your link.

    These tokens will be burned at the end of the crowdsale so don't miss out!

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  4. Scorum crowdsale is NOW OPEN! Early buyers get the highest discount.

    Sports-optimised blogging platform that rewards active users.
    Scorum provides cryptocurrency rewards for both content creators and curators. Community members get paid for publishing posts, voting, commenting and uploading photos. For sports writers we have developed custom solutions: sports analytics, interactive graphics and a large photo database.

    Advanced statistics center.
    Watching livestreams and browsing through stats is an essential part of sports fans’ daily routine. The Scorum statistics center provides them with a one-stop solution to keep up with the latest updates. Avid fans can always delve deeper into sports data with services such as intelligent predictions.

    Commission-free betting and fantasy sports.
    Venturesome sports fans no longer have to rely on “trusted third parties” in order to place wagers or compete in fantasy sports. Scorum members can use their SCR to bet against each other or join fantasy leagues in a transparent way without any hidden fees. Scorum’s streaming service allows users to bet and trade in real-time throughout events.

    Crowdsale Link:

  5. hola amigos de s
    scorum, soy de Venezuela, que posibilidades hay que me cuenten si tienen algun grupo en español en discord para compartir con ellos.

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