School Sports Physical Exam | Auburn Medical Group

School Sports Physical Exam | Auburn Medical Group

we just wanted to show you a little bit
about what happens at a high school physical exam. every year around this
time,or sometimes in Augus,t thousands of kids go to their schools for these mass
physical exams. We just thought you might want to look into that, get a little behind the scenes action
about what’s happening with those kids what what we are doing to make sure that
they are cleared for sports. hope you enjoy. So what sport are you doing? Basketball, volleyball, and track. Holy
cow! Three sport Athlete! Sweet! ever had any injuries problems just ankles. I’ve sprained both of them. Okay. Any instability or have you
pretty much recovered from that? Pretty much recoved. ok so doesn’t get in the way of you playing
currently? any heart problems in the past nothing like that? no murmurs that you
know of? any chest pain while running I have allergy-induced asthma. Okay, so you do have some asthma. Do you use an inhaler? Only when I need it. Sounds like most the time you doing
alright, you don’t need… it’s never got in the way… you’ve never passed out? No. Okay,
perfect. I’m going to feel your neck for any swollen glands. very good. I’m goin to take a listen to your heart. and this is
the most important part. So we’re listening for any murmurs, weird beats… most important is a murmur, an undetected murmur take a listen here. Very good. It all sounds perfect. No wheezing, so your asthma must be mild. any issues along the back, any pain when I bang
on your back? I’m gonna have you lay down We’re gonna check your tummy. so yeah I know
that’s not the best exam table Now you wanna take a listen to the heart when
they’re laying down too, ’cause some murmurs are not detectable unless they’re laying down
when there’s increased pressure so we’ll take a listen again and that sounds
perfect, check the abdomen. We’re checking for any enlargement of the spleen or liver
we don’t feel any of that. probably ticklish alright sit on up. Kick your legs over. We’ll check your
reflexes real quick. Quick check of the ankles since you said you had some issues. just check for stability here, ya, actually
you’ve done both of them. Rolled them both we’ll check for pulses. Make sure you’ve got good blood flow
down here. You have a good pulse on that side. a good pulse on this side. I’ll have you hop off the table
there. now we gotta check the knees with the knees the most important, we check
for an ACL tear. And a very sensitive test for that is the duck walk perfect. this the only part that’s
different from the female exam, Because men are ten times more likely to get hernias. TURN YOUR HEAD AND COUGH. A quick check of the “boys” perfect. that’s what the pre
participation physical for the high school students that we get every year at Placer High School. not only us from the Auburn Medical Group, Dr. Gawayne Vaughan and Dr. Mark Vaughan, myself, but
also other people from the community. We’ve got Dr. Dan Hill of Hill Chiropractic, Dr. Kirby. Kirby always does it every year. we should
probably put him on too. He actually, ok get this: he is the mayor of Auburn right now and
he missed a council meeting to do this, to do the physicals. Dr. Kirby has been doing
this for how many years? thirty-six years. 36 years he’s been
doing physicals here at placer high school, every year for the
kids coming up the next year to do sports So don’t be afraid if you’re a high school student or
you’re a parent of a high school student. You’re in good hands. will take good care of them. We’ll
get them cleared for sports. We all went through it. I survived it. I did some of
the coaches were who are here now when they were students here. he actually did mine when
(laughs) Thanks for joining us. until next time this is Doctor Kirby and the Doctors Vaughan telling you to
stay in good health

52 Replies to “School Sports Physical Exam | Auburn Medical Group”

  1. Are you checking for signs of Marfan Syndrome or its related cousins? I've Loeys Dietz Myself, and this part is so critical! Have you ever failed based on suspicion or habitus ?

  2. By check of the "boys" did you mean testicals? If so what do the testicals half to do with a sports physical?

  3. Excuse my ignorance and curiosity, is this something that happens as standard in US high schools, or is it at the discretion of/organised by the school itself?

    I've never known anything of its type here in Australia, which is a shame, as I'd imagine in to be a great tool in preventative health care. So many of our youth, especially in rural areas, don't have regular checkups… something like this could potentially catch problems that could otherwise only be caught once they have escalated.

  4. I wanted to know how hard is it to come back 100% from a sports injury which is a labrum tear in the right hip to a competitive sport such as horse back riding

  5. Why doesn't the doctor give the boy an examination gown? Boys deserve the same privacy as girls, I don't see the need to examine him naked. Furthermore, there is insufficient evidence that testicle exams during sports physicals are even necessary.

  6. I am going into freshmen year in august and I'm pretty out of shape (haha I don't do sports). How should I prepare for my exam before the school year starts as a female? I am scared of what may happen because I am so out of shape (overweight for my height). What can I do to prepare and possibly improve my endurance??

  7. Will be get my testicles checked while getting a physical? I feel pretty uncomfortable about that😅

  8. Do you have to get your testicles checked or can you tell them not to do that? Because I'm really uncomfortable about doing that part of the exam

  9. My only comment about Male Sports Physicals is that when doing MALE sports physicals, females should be NO where around. This includes female doctors, and female NPs, and female Nurses. Young boys should NOT have to be exposed to this. They should have a male doctor and their modesty should be preserved. Its WELL known that females are not checked for hernias, nor have to exposed ANY parts of their female body during these exams, despite the FACT that females can get hernias. For some reason boys do. I remember WELL, the days of being lined up 10 boys in a row in an open room, with no privacy, all getting hernia checks in front of each other while the female school nurse walked with the doctor and viewed each and every one of our privates. It was HIGHLY embarrassing, and she had NO business being present in those exams. See this link:

  10. I'm in middle school and I'm in Virginia and I want to do track but will I have to get my penial area checked because I'm not comfortable with that😕

  11. Hey so I’m and I have a question is there a drug test like for weed during sports physicals or any type of normal physical

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