School of Sport and Exercise Sciences / University of Kent

School of Sport and Exercise Sciences / University of Kent

Here at the University of Kent we have students studying a range of different Sport related degrees Sports Management, Sport and Exercise
Science Sports Therapy and also Sports and
Exercise for Health for our undergraduate programmes. Our
post-graduate studies is one our fastest growing areas at research level we’ve got a very vibrant postgraduate research community here about 20 PhD students engaged in a variety of different research topics Medway is a modern campus and we have
some real cutting edge and state-of-the-art equipment throughout our laboratories and our sports injuries clinics. My name is Sarah Edginton, I came to Kent to study sports and exercise science and then I stayed on to do a one year masters in Sports Science for Optimal Performance. A lot of the other universities offer more theoretical based
courses whereas Kent seemed to have to perfect balance between practical and theoretical so it seemed right up my street. This university and the lecturers don’t
spoon feed you They make you go out there and do the research and I I believe that the skills I’ve acquired here have really set me up to go into the world of work. As a student you want to learn from the
experts in their field so here at Kent we’ve got some of the
world’s leading experts within their different disciplines Our staff have worked with the Ministry of Defense, with the Rugby Football Union, with British Cycling, UK Sports, local health authorities,
local hospitals, and many of our students have benefited from those links, being involved in these sort of projects that we’ve been doing. Medway Park is the Sports Centre not far from the university and we now have our own clinic as well
as our sports labs up there we have people that come in. We diagnose them, we treat them, we take them all the way through to discharging them. As well as practicing the practical aspects, such as massage, you’re getting the hang of communicating as well which is really important. We pride ourselves on our level of student satisfaction, the
most recent national student satisfaction survey the University of Kent was ranked third, and in terms of employability we are ranked in the top 10 in terms of
the number of our graduates that move straight into employment
post-graduation. The atmosphere in the classroom between students and also the lecturers it really good. It is unbelievable the stuff that you learn here compared to what you learn in, like, college and school. If you’re tempted to come and study here then please do come and have a look around for yourself.
Alternatively if you can’t make it here then by all means get in touch give us a phone call, or visit us via the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences website. We would love to hear from you.

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  1. Undergraduate courses taught at the University of Kent's School of Sport and Exercise Science are:
    – BSc Sport and Exercise Science
    – BSc Sport and Therapy 
    – BSc Sport and Exercise Management
    – BSc Sport for Exercise and Health
    Postgraduate courses taught at the University of Kent's School of Sport and Exercise Science are:
    – MSc Sport Therapy and Rehabilitation
    – MSc Sports Science for Optimal Performance
    Postgraduate research courses at the University of Kent's School of – Sport and Exercise Science are: 
    – Professional Doctorate Sport, Exercise and Health Science
    – MPhil Sports and Exercise Science
    – MPhil Sports Therapy
    – PhD Sports and Exercise Science 
    – PhD Sports Therapy

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