– Samsung just launched
the new Gear Sport, and I got a little hands on time with it, and I think I’ve figured
it out at this point. So, here’s my complete
walk through of the device for anyone curious. The watch is aimed at fitness,
hence the sport in the name. And it looks the part, fitting somewhere between the bulkier
smart watches I’ve seen but not quite as slim and
sleek as the analog watches that I would normally wear out. It comes in two colors, black and blue, which are the color of the metal casing but also the band that
comes with the device. You can change these easily, though, with any number of bands
from Samsung and others that have them available for purchase so long as they are 20 millimeter bands. Also as a fitness device, it has all of the sensors
you could ever need. We have a heart rate sensor that can measure heart rate
continuously if you want it to, accelerometer, gyro, barometer,
ambient light sensor, and it also is rated to be
used in water down to 50 meters so you can swim with it no problem. One of the benefits it has over the more expensive
Gear S3, by the way, the OS that is running on
the watch is Tizen as usual, and as someone who usually
goes for Android Wear watches, I have to say that this
newest version of Tizen has me not really missing Android Wear, so that was at least a welcome surprise. To use the watch, you need to download and
install the Galaxy Gear app from the Play or App store. Yes, the watch works with iOS as well, sans being able to reply to iMessages and a few other things that Apple just won’t let third parties touch ever. Once installed, you can turn on Bluetooth and connect to the watch, or Android, it’ll make you download a few other helper Samsung apps, allow notification access so it can show your
notifications from your phone, et cetera. After that, the interface is
comprised of your watch face as your home screen, we’ll call it. Then you have widgets to the right of that and notifications to the left. You can swipe through these, or you can navigate them by turning the oddly
satisfying mechanical dial around the face of the watch. The widgets on the watch show
things like calories burned, steps, floors, heart rate,
a shortcut to an exercise, weather, music controls,
calendar events, et cetera. You can tap them to get more info about that particular data set. You can add new widgets by tapping the icon all
the way to the right and delete them by tapping
and holding on any of them and then tapping the minus
symbol to remove them. To go back on any screen, you tap the right button of
only two buttons on the watch, and the left button is
basically a home button, but it can also be
tapped on the home screen to open the app drawer. Now in here, you’ll find pages of all of your installed apps
on the watch in a circle, with the last icon bringing
you to the next page and tapping any of the icons bringing you into that app, of course. You can also hold down on the home button to turn off the watch, hold down on the back button
to get Samsung Pay to launch, and double tap the home button
to get S Voice to launch. The last main part of the UI
is the notification center, which you can access by swiping down from
the top of the screen, and it can be used to
control various settings, like brightness, power saver, et cetera, as well as get a quick look at connectivity and battery life. And you have all of your
normal Tizen apps on here, but there are a few additions
that the watch Sport has. Firstly, and something
I’ve been waiting for on a watch for a long time, Spotify and Samsung worked together to make this the first ever smart watch that can download your Spotify playlist directly to the device, just
like you would on your phone. You simply install the Spotify app, log in with your Spotify Premium account, and go to any of your
playlists and toggle Download, again, just like you would on your phone. Otherwise, so long as the
device is connected to WiFi, you can stream Spotify as normal. You can also transfer music to the four gigs of internal
storage on the watch through the Samsung Gear app on your phone if it’s installed on your device or through their desktop app, as well. The second unique software on here is from a partnership with Under Armour. You get a free 12 months of premium access to
UA Record, Map My Run, Endomondo, and an app I use
a lot called My Fitness Pal, all of which are great apps and have watch specific counterparts to help you track
calories, runs, et cetera. And lastly, Samsung also
partnered with Speedo to add the pretty detailed Speedo On app for tracking your swimming, as well. There, you guys, what I’d like to think is a detailed walk through
of all the features on the Gear Sport. This is a type of video that
I used to do a long time ago, where I just went through
all of the features like we just did. And you guys seemed to like it, but I haven’t done one in a long time, so I figured I would try it out. So let me know in the comments below what you thought of the Gear Sport, what you think of this type of video, these walk throughs, I guess, complete walk throughs I call them. Let me know if you wanted
to see me do more of those. But if you like this video,
please thumbs up it or share it. It’s greatly appreciated. And if you want more videos like this, please check out my channel, and if you like what you
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  2. Thanks for the walk through. How well does it work if you have the Google Pixel? I always thought Samsung watches were best with Samsung phones

  3. I'm frustrated so much so I ditched samsung health. Map my run is logging my work outs as desired for the most part. As for features and faces it seems less than the S3. A big ug to that and the tracking.

  4. Thank you, I have been through dozens of tutorials trying to decipher the best wearable gear for me, and none have been that informative. ???

  5. Good video overall, but nowhere near a complete walkthrough. And should not say so in all caps, unless it was meant as click bait!

  6. As soon as I saw this smart watch I fell in love with it; don't get me wrong, I still love my Samsung Gear S2. I should have waited until Gear Sports came out. What happen was, because gear S2 was Samsung and I have Samsung Tab S2 IOS, I assumed that Gear S2 was going to connect with my tablet cause at the time, I did not have the pleasure of owning an Android smartphone; so in a way, my tablet served as a substitute for a smartphone; little did I realize that Gear S2 was only going to work with android smartphones. For a while I was disappointed at first when I got it at its 1st showing; but after a while, I enjoyed its basic functions of a watch as well as a fitness monitor without the aid of an android smartphone. Over all, Gear S2 was not a bad smartwatch.

  7. How come you have samsung pay on ur gear watch. I dont have mine on my gear app on the phone. Can you tell me how do i download samsung pay and use it on my gear watch? Thx

  8. waiting for note 9 and I'm having LG urbane 2 LTE, the only drawback is Spotify as a premium I don't want to install songs and add storage to the watch instead if android wear could improve like the gear sport's Spotify would be nice or else I must change my smartwatch…

  9. Great quick video of Sport. I have one question, I see you had the Armour Record in the widgets on the watch. How did you get it there? I used this app on my previous Gear Fit2 pro and love it, but cannot figure how to get it ion the Sport???

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  12. this is not a complete walk through. You didnt mention about notification whether it can notify us from facebook or messenger or whatsapp etc.

  13. Read this before buy this , I bought this gear sport and using for swimming , only 8 months , it's gone , service guy ask me for more buck which it's around 80% of its price , no way !, I'm in Thailand , the samsung service ticket ID is 4265825719

  14. Thanks for all that info, I have not been able to figure out how to get a) photos from watch to IPhone or b) how to get a history of my workouts either on the watch or phone.

  15. Thank you for this video. I have had my eye on a Samsung watch for a while now. Being that this has the Spotify capabilities as well as everything else, I found my new watch!

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  17. This video sucks. Finding what you want on this watch is not as straight forward as he insinuates. I was hoping for a real in-depth explanation of the how-tos. It has a lot of features but get ready for a few hours of a learning curve.

  18. Wasn't a very good walk thru of this piece of shit glad i didn't buy that one almost did till i found out it didn't do what i was looking for

  19. Can this watch be used by a child, with a parent having the ability to track it via live GPS, and call each other?

  20. Im deciding either this or the new galaxy active. But to be honest im loving its 4day battery life. Can u add other radio apps like iheartradio on this?

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