Saab 96 T Sport

Saab 96 T Sport

Do you hear anything?
-Hahaha, yes hardly. Motornörd=Engine geek literally
but petrolhead is probably more correct. SAAB 96 T Sport
T=Reliability. -Hi, what’s up?
Hello. My name is Yngve.
-Douglas. – What a nice car you have in the background. Yes it is, but if I move over it will be even nicer. -What is it? I’ll guess that everyone sees it’s a Saab. It is a special version.
It’s called T Sport. It has been a racing car from 1965 until now. The T Sport model, licensed rally drivers
could buy cheaper than Saab Sport. The car was delivered without underbody coating. It had Saab 96 standard interior with ordinary seats
Since the Saab Sport seats were too heavy. Then there were some other details that differ. -Why Saab? I was born in 1954 and my father had one
Saab 92A a green without trunk. Dad was not interested in cars.
I could name all the car models when I was 7-8 years old. I read a lot of car magazines and
were looking at cars evenly. So it was given when I got my
driving license that it would be a Saab. -When did you buy this?
I bought it in the fall of 1983. It was a tip from a guy who had a Saab register. He called around and said there was a Saab
Sport for sale and it was unusual already then. I called straight away and said that
I will come and get it. I brought my brother-in-law Jonny with me. Before I even greeted the seller, I paid him. He wanted 1,000 Swedish kroner. (100 USD)
-OH! The owner did not like the fuel consumption. There is a special carburetor on the car.
The fuel consumption is 3-4 liters. (a gallon) -You’re joking!
It’s true. When I drive to the motor club in Haninge
Then it goes a quarter-tank of fuel. I get to use the credit card diligently. He had done a lot of rust repair.
He gave up when he found more rust in the floor. He said there is no engine in it
but you may want this one. And in his garage there was a Saab Sport engine. And then my brother-in-law almost got a heart attack. I was very lucky, many other buyers
called while I was there. But he said it was sold
because I had already paid. It was a trip home in triumph
with this car on the trailer. My wife was not as impressed
when I came home with junk. The first owner was a girl who drove
rally cars but not with this car. She used this as a daily driver for a year. After that it became a real rally car. It went over 100 races told another owner. I got pictures from Krister Pettersson as he is called. He owned the car between 1966-68. You see that it has A-license plate which
means that it is a Stockholm car. It is a cool picture with full skid. The picture is taken from Snösvängen 3rd February 1968. Skandia trophy, is it Norrköping? He drove a lot of rallys. All these pictures I got from him. -How much do you use this car?
It’s not much. I drove some races and was also Co-driver
for my brother-in-law Jonny 1989 and 1991. In 1994, I drove some races myself,
but after that I have only used the car for various Saab meets. Been out and driving with friends. -Should we look closer at the car?
This is a “long nose” in Saab language. -What is the difference between a “long nose” and a “short nose”? The radiator was moved to the front as a regular car. The “short nose” has the radiator in the middle and it gave worse cooling.
This is why the “short nose” has a rounder bonnet. The “long nose” was in this
the appearance between 1965-1968. In 1969, the elongated light appeared. That was when the V4 had its best period. This model was available with both V4 and two stroke engine. In 1965 it was just two strokes.
In 1966, the V4 began to drop in. In 1967, there were almost only V4s
but it also sold two strokes. In 1968 some two strokes were also made. There was no market for two-stroke
when v4an was such a success. Should we look closer at the engine?
-Yes. There is not much to brag about. -A stupid question.
Why is it a strap on the hood? That’s why it’s a rally car.
It is because when they jump when rallying. The head lock was not that good.
It was mostly “short nose” that had problems. The hood does not open in the usual way. The hood opens and swings. Then the hood can fall off. It is not good to get to the finish line without a bonnet. Then you can be black flaged for
disobeying the rules and not drive on. Therefore, I have the belt as extra safety. Because it is the first “long nose”, it is a bit special. There is a quick opening in the front. There are no wires in the cabin, but you open here. Then you have to remove the belt. Pull the hood slightly backwards and loosen the next latch. It must be slightly lubricated. Stick your fingers in here where there is the last latch. This bonnet has 4 different locks. -It is theft and burglary safe. Well, it’s not because everything you can open it from the outside.
-Yeah, but the no one who’s gonna get it open. It you need to opened the hood quickly, it could be tricky. This little latch had only the 1965 version. It just became to complicated with all the locks. From 1966 it was only two latch and this one was on V4an in all years. -What’s the engine is it?
Normally it is 850cc but this one is at 900cc. Then it is tuned according to all the rules of art. It is a special cone in the front muffler. I have a 2″ exhaust system so it breathes better. -What separates a Saab Sport from a
regular Saab engine? This one has a triple carburetor and
a regular had a single carburetor. There was a special triple carburetor on the 1966 model. It was the last move to get more
effect before the V4 took over. It is 55 hp original.
-You mean Saab Sport, right? It was 42 hp on the standard model. It was carburetor and cylinder head that differed. This has 43 kW on the wheels. And what can it be? 60 hp maybe.
It’s pretty good. -Is it just the sport that has its own oil supply? It was the news that was introduced
1962 with Saab Sport. That the car had separate lubrication
and you didn’t have to mix yourself. There were probably many who were
well dressed who drove Saab. Then stand to mix oil
with nice clothes is not so fun. Special channels were made in the engine
and a pump that pumped in the oil. The oil tank holds 3 liters
And it should be enough for a while. Saab was criticized for oil consumption
was high and one had to fill up all the time. I think it worked well. There are triple carburetors
under this special air box. It pours large amounts of petrol into the engine. Normally it is a round air box. The sound of this air box is special. Have you driven a moped without air box?
-Absolutely! It’s the whhooh sound.
In this car it will be x 6 times. No tachometer is needed
since you hear how much it revs. -Why are there four headlights on this one? Normally you have extra headlights on the bumper. When Saab was Rallying with
Erik Karlsson & Co in the Safari rally. They drove in to an animal or out into the forest
then the extra headlight will break. So they realize that we put them a in the front instead. Together with the other lights. I have Bosch knick 150 lights but that
should be Hella or something similar. But they are hard to find so I took
what was on the shelf in the garage. It is reinforced a little here and there
and then it is welded by previous owners. There is plenty to do here
but I think it is ok with this vintage look. Then you don’t have to be terrified of using the car.
And one can take it to a Saab meeting or track days. -What is it that reveals that it is a Saab Sport?
It’s not that much really. A couple of things on the outside.
It’s the stripes on the side. The strips were already on the model
before that was called Gran Turismo 750. (GT 750) It was so everybody else would know what model they had.
If it was a GT or a Sport. It was the stripes on the side that reveal it. Then they had openable windows at the rear
and emblem it says Saab Sport. Here I have been sitting a few times… I just put the old carpet here.
I don’t have that when we are driving. It is from a V4 and it has an air duct in the middle. I just put it in for that
protect the rubber mats underneath. It doesn’t look great but it works. These are old Recaro seats. These were not used in the 60s.
Then there was a glass fiber seats. They were not so comfortable.
These seats I had in stock so I’ll used it. The gravity should low therefore
the passenger seat is very low. When I drove the rally I had one
co-driver that was 1.65 cm. (64 in) He had trouble see outside.
-Hahahaha. I had to remove the wiper blade so he could se anything. It helps when he can see the road ahead. -The parking break lever looks funny.
Looks like a driving car. Haha, yes many who drove the rally
know how to left brake. It’s a special technique. Two strokes engines need high revs. It is not possible to be soft on the accelerator and
believe it that it responds directly to full throttle. You drive with full throttle and pumps on the brake. Pump on the brake pedel so the rear starts to
skid and you could keep going with full throttle. If you need an extra skid can
to use the parking brake lever. This parking brake lever is made
so it stays here. Normal parking brake lever lie down on the floor. It is possible to insert a screw here. Then the parking brake lever will not lock. Then you don’t have to keep your thumb up here. Now it is like a parking brake. If you put a screw in the hole, it is just that
pull the parking brake without locking it. This is the original dashboard.
I have put the tray back as it is not needed. It’s a bit of a home carpentry even original. I have an extra start button here. If the engine stops then it is
harder to locate the key. The ignition is on so it is just pressing the button so start Here is a button for extra lights and fuel pump. Fan, choke button,
instrument lighting, reversing lights, etc. Two-stroke sports tachometer is difficult to obtain. The speedometer is the same
who sat in the Sonett with V4a engine. The speedometer is easier
to get hold of, That’s my opinion. The clock was special on this the 1965 model. It has a second hand and it didn’t other clock have. Now it is broken but it is special anyway. It’s not that complicated.
Gear lever are the same as the one lying down here. It is 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th
but it sits up here. What is a bit awkward is the reverse gear… Then you pull out the lever and
down then you get the reverse gear. -I think most people want to hear is how it sounds.
Is it possible to start? Yes, otherwise we may have to push it. Well it’ll probably start.
Should I try? Now the neighbors are eating
dinner but they are used to sound. Gas pump on and press the start button. Wow!! It runs great, I can push it
hard then it goes down to idle. Now it’s cold so it’s a bit tricky. Personally, I think it is
the best engine sound ever. I’m glad to hear. Then you should hear when it goes clean.
I used the choke before it started. When it sings out completely you can unwind
up to 7000 revs without any problems. But it does not give and more effect. Then you often have a switch gear if you are not driving on 4th gear. It’s pretty strong. There is a tunnel at Stuvsta where I live. There it is quite fun to drive through
to keep the whole Stuvsta awake. Then you will have poor hearing
for a week but it will be worth it. Now we’ll see when the 3rd cylinder will join us. It only runs on for 2 cylinders so far. -What a fantastic sound!
Yes, but it only runs on 2 cylinders. With a little luck, the 3rd cylinder will come along. 2 of 3 cylinders. Come on! It’s on is way.. It runs pretty well though it is only on 2 cylinders. We’ll see if we can get life in the 3rd. Come on.. …now! There was little difference.
-It has great brakes! They are bad…
No, I’m just joking. I forgot to say that there are disc brakes
at the front and it differs from the standard model. There is a lot of smoke behind the car… Do you hear anything?
Haha, hardly. You usually get a little half dead after a short trip. It was good that it run on all
cylinders for that are a big difference. Everything vibrates throughout Stuvsta when driving like this. -What a Fantastic car!
Yes, it’s nice. -I love the smell and the sound. You weren’t afraid?
Nope, but I’m stuck in seats. You can sit there.
-Hahaha Now I have to drive it into the garage. Okey, thank you very much! Thanks, it was fun. Maybe we see another time?
-Yes we do. Good bye everyone! A playlist with all episodes with
English subtitles are created. More episodes will be translated to
English in the near future. Thanks for watching!
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