S.O.N – Official Gameplay Trailer #4 | PS4

S.O.N – Official Gameplay Trailer #4 | PS4

Hi. It’s about 5:15.
I was just wondering what you’re doing. Maybe you’re already gone. Desmond is listening, and she thought the answering machine was
you ,so she wants to talk. Say, “Hi, Daddy.” Hi, Daddy. Say, “Bye-bye.” Bye-bye. [SLOW AMBIENT NOISE] [HEART BEATING] [SOUNDS OF RAIN] [STATIC] [STATIC] You’re going to die.

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  1. I truthful didnt look away from the preview and didn't even understand anything ("like what the heck was going on? and what kind story line back ground the game is based on… look like Playing for hours of get lost ??!!!

  2. If you are here and don't see S.O.N on the PS Store it was delayed until further notice on our twitter about 2 weeks ago. We had bug issues and things to repair. We want a full fleshed out and fun game for all of you to enjoy. We apologize for the delay! – RedG

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