Rust – Representing Race in Games – Extra Credits

Rust – Representing Race in Games – Extra Credits

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  1. Nudity for women shouldn't be treated as more or less taboo than nudity for men… Kinda lost me there. They had the choice to help dispell the oversexualization of female characters and females in general and they backed away from it. That's not something I find understandable or something I consider a minor flaw at all. That's something important and it's important to call it out more bluntly and really look into the effects it has on the gaming community and society as a whole.

  2. When I play games with clothing customization but no character customization I always would seek out the most feminine clothes (ex: Gourdo clothes from botw). I don't wear feminine clothes irl besides a bra and female jeans (if you consider them feminine) because I don't have time to get ready in those clothes and wear them to school. But its important to me since I can attach better to that character, especially since I am trans and when I was younger I couldn't wear really any female clothes. It was important enough I would play the crap that was dress-up games because I needed something. I think character customization is important, but if that's impossible for a story then allow for opposite gender clothing.

  3. In my experience, it didn't matter what the color of your skin was or what you have hanging off of you. The only thing that matters in Rust is what you're wearing and what you got in your hands.

  4. In skyrim if you play as a khajiit or argonian they refer to you as cats, or lizards, and guards refer to you as sneak thieves, there definitely is racial tension depending on what race you pick.

  5. its neat having pre determined characters, and it really helps you identify different people (enemies especially) I just wish the characters looked better. all of them are ugly as fuck

  6. …what? Rust player's aren't getting called the N word cause they're black in-game, they're getting called that because the community is toxic. Why are you trying to twist the toxicity of the community into some stupid fucking lesson directed towards white people?

    The lack of customization options was an "interesting" design choice (in that it was strange), but it wasn't a good one. There's a reason that games with multiple race options make them… well… options.

    You can't praise Rust for removing player choice in one moment and then lobby for player choice via character diversity in the next…

    I shouldn't even be annoyed at this point. I knew the moment I saw this title that Extra Credits was gonna say some stupid assed quasi-progressive shit about Rust's terrible decision to remove the player's choice of character customization. Extra Credits ALWAYS does this…

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