Russia’s BMX Olympian who trains in parking lots | Original Fuel

Russia’s BMX Olympian who trains in parking lots | Original Fuel

So after 4 weeks
we came back home. We’re alive,
arrived by ourselves. – Home!
– Home! Maryino. My favourite
and native district… ..where I always go back to. It feels good, as if
you are really back home. (ORIGINAL FUEL) I do not know about the rest,
but I struggle with myself. My name is Yaroslava
Bondarenko and I do BMX cycling.
It seems to me that I have been a sportsman
since I was born, as if somewhere it
was already written, “This person will be
a sportsman.” In school, everyone
was scared of me. I used to beat boys,
break my bones. I did not want
to stay home at all. At the first physical
education lesson, my coach put my energy
to the right direction. (1ST PLACE RUSSIAN CHAMPIONSHIP
MOSCOW 2016) This is racing. Come on! Come on! Just do not crash! There were no trails, and coaches had to
constantly invent something. But we were children, we always
needed a lot of action. We used to go to parking lots. You don’t have to be some kind
of a super-duper racer, you can be
an ordinary cyclist. You can easily
go and dig springboards, have a ride,
you just need to try. Parking lots helped us a lot, but we were often kicked out. Usually it took 10 or 15
minutes before security comes. We have a funny game
for practising coordination. We draw a square. When you enter a turn
and the track is narrowed, many people get lost. Our game helps you
somehow to feel comfortable. You are surrounded by people,
you mustn’t fall, you must stay on your bike
and you still want to win. And how to win?
Well, let me go, my turn! Who cross the line, who fall
off the bike – go home! Ladies and gentlemen,
here is trouble. That’s right, in the right
corner she torn a ligament. Ksenia,
where are you going today? To the hospital. In general, BMX cycling
is a very traumatic sport. Before I thought that trauma
is the end of my life. I failed. Now I understand that trauma happens often
in the life of sportsman. It’s just a period of time
that you need to overcome. As long as everything
depends on me, as long as my head is working,
and the body doesn’t give up, I will make every effort,
do anything I can so that together
with our coaches we could raise our hands
and the Russian flag and that medal and say,
“Yes, we did it!” I do not know about the rest,
but I struggle with myself. Overcoming fear,
overcoming uncertainty. My dream is… show others
that the world is not so bad. That everything depends on you. If someone else does something,
then you can do it for sure. (YAROSLAVA IS NOW TRAINING FOR

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  1. It's a tragedy that Russia are going to be excluded yet again from the Olympics. Lots of athletes from other countries dope, but their countries will never be excluded

  2. Как красиво сняли дворы! Прям смотришь и чувствуешь что то родное

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