Russian movies about SPORTS – Hockey, basketball, soccer??⚽️

Hello everyone! Daria here, and welcome to the Real Russian Club. Today I want to share 3 new Russian movies about sports. As usual the lesson will be in slow Russian. You can use English subtitles if you don’t understand something. Here we go:) The first movie is called “Legend #17” Hockey fans will like it for sure. For example, I like hockey very much. The movie “Legend 17” tells about one of the most famous Soviet hockey players, about Valery Kharlamov. This is a piece of his biography since childhood through youth and to the peak of his career – the legendary game with Canadian team. If you like hockey, be sure to watch “Legend 17”. The second movie is “Going vertical”. Basketball fans will certainly like “Going vertical”. This is a 2018 movie, a new one. In the movie they tell the story about the Soviet basketball team preparing for the Olympic games. And of course for the game against the team of the United States of America. If you like basketball, watch “Going vertical”. And the third movie is for soccer fans. As you know, in 2018 the World Cup took place in Russia. And for this event they produced the “Coach” movie. “Coach” is a story of a former player of a popular Moscow team, who was kicked out due to some circumstances to a provincial and unknown team as a coach. And the movie will tell you about how this team under his command goes from the bottom to the big success. If you like soccer, watch the movie “Coach”. So that was it. I hope you enjoyed. And as usual don’t forget that the full text in Russian is in the description box of this video. Also I will put there some links to the trailers so you can check out if you like the movie or not, if you want to watch it or not. So go to the description box of the video. well that’s it. Thank you very much for watching. I hope to see you in the next lesson. Bye-bye!

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