RUDE RACERS Gameplay – Casual Racing Game for iOS & Android

RUDE RACERS Gameplay – Casual Racing Game for iOS & Android

Welcome everyone to Big Paw Gaming! Rude Racers is a top-down racing game for iOS and Android with some beat em up mechanics. You control a racing race and your goal is to reach the finish line first. Once you do that, you get rewarded with some experience and coins. These allows you to unlock new cars, game modes and new drivers with unique personality. Each of the car can be upgraded further for things like speed, body armor, damage, etc. The game features different seasons and game modes. You start with normal race, but you can later choose a knock-out stage where each lap the current last driver is eliminated. Play the game longer and you get to play beat em up mode or fun modes, such as pizza challenge. The game difficulty is a little hard and a tiniest mistake almost guarantee you losing the race. While it is okay at later stages, for initial few gameplays, I believe it should be adjusted for new players to get a new grip of game mechanics. There is not much to say about game graphics and music. It is there, but it doesn’t really blow my mind of. Maybe that is good if the game is done so it can be played on lower-spec mobile devices. Overall, will I play it again? Most likely not. The game is not innovative but it is not done badly. My final score is 4+/10. I hope you enjoy this video and watch it to the end. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below. Please remember to subscribe. Thanks for watching!

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