RT Life – Rooster Teeth Olympics: Rio Rifles

RT Life – Rooster Teeth Olympics: Rio Rifles

Welcome to the 2nd Event of the Rooster Teeth Summer Games Many people don’t know that shooting is legitimately an Olympic sport So… We’re riffing on it. With human targets Uh… My strategy is that I’m a bred Texan. Been shooting guns since I was like – before I could walk or talk So, like. No, it ain’t no thing. I’ve been a paintball enthusiast for 5 years, so. They’re gonna get fucked. So, part of me really wants to just to aim for Caleb’s body more than the targets. So, I’m trying to weigh my options: if I wanna actually try to compete in this… … Or just bring pain to Caleb. So each shooter will get 1 minute to shoot as many of these guys as they can. They’ll get points based upon the value on the target. The more points they get; the better they have a chance at winning! We’ll see who wins in the end! Alright! We’re gonna count down from 3! On your marks! 3…2…1… Blastoff! I’m sorry Caleb! …. Uh-Oh. Oh, shit! 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 – – I’m out – 3, 2, 1… That went well. That one is my proudest! On Stan That one’s still coming… Mariel’s a meanie. A complete meanie! Mica has 105! Yeah! (Whispered) I’m not sorry for shooting Caleb 84 for Mariel Y’know… It’s alright… Alright, looks like it’s 121. Fuck yeah! See? It’s good strategy! 119, Mr Gus! … Good job. Yeah it was like… 198… …ish? (Caleb, off screen) 198?? Yeah! Alright! Canada! Canada! Alright! And with that: We have wrapped up the shooting competition! Now for the awards: The Gold: Goes to Canada! Silver is Adam! Woah! Woah! Barbara: Get it over the beard…
Adam: Thanks! And the Bronze: is Gus! (Booing (Goddammit Barb!))
Gus: Hey, that’s not very Olympic… (Singing in Canadian)
Oh, Beavertales, My home and native poutine, True Major Hockey With all our Tim Horton’s, That we drink… … That it?
Adam: It’s good!
Gus: It’s a very stereotypical… Gus: … uh National Anthem…

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  1. i love rooster teeth as much as anyone else. but could they not shoot this on another day that..idk lets say wasnt horridly windy >.> could barely make out anything anyone was saying for half the vid.

  2. I pretty much only watch AH videos and some of the rt podcasts, so i dont know who half the people in the video are, actually i think the only ones who i knew where Gus and Barbara…. lol sorry

  3. can you please make more red vs blue not like seson 14 anything blow that would be nice please consiter what i sead

  4. That was the most beautiful version of "Oh Canada" I've ever heard. As a Canadian I say, thank you barb.

  5. So many people hate on Mica for absolutely no reason. She wasn't even in the video for over 5 seconds and all I see are comments about disliking it because Mica was in it. Grow up, people. If you don't like her, just click away, it's as simple as that. Mica doesn't deserve anywhere near the amount of hate she gets on a daily basis and I support her all the way.

  6. How is this RT life? Thought RT life was more unedited tid bits of behind the scenes shenanigans of 'wait wait, we should film this'

  7. This looks like a stunt the boys from Jackass would do, except instead of target boards, they would paint the targets on themselves and the crotch would be the bulls eye.

  8. i'm sorta surprised barb got gold. she didn't exactly show confidence in winning. honestly thought mariel or gus would have been the winner

  9. To people who want to know, Becca was the voice of Sister in the early seasons of red vs blue, But she recently(a month or so) began working at roosterteeth

  10. You don't hold the Rifle out away from you, you dig the stock into your shoulder. I feel so bad for her shoulder when she shatters it if she ever decided to go shooting.

  11. Pride of Canada my ass. As a born and bred Canadian I refuse to accept Barbara as representation. At least get Elyse Willems to shoot for Canada.

  12. Are we sure Gus isn't Korean?
    Also, I have a friend named Caleb and we make fun of his last name bc its German, but his family doesn't know how to pronounce it, so they pronounce it like body

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