RT Life – Geek vs. Sports!

RT Life – Geek vs. Sports!

*Piano Tune* Burnie: Are subject for today is Kara and we will be discussing… Is Kara here? Where’s Kara? Crew Member: She couldn’t make it. B: Oh, Chris why don’t you have a seat. And come talk to us B: Welcome Thanks for joining us Chris So Chris, I understand that in addition to being a very intelligent person on the staff You are also very athletically inclined as well, is that correct? C: I am B: Played sports throughout highschool, C: Varsity B: Varsity, Just make a note of that here, “Varsity” Uh, You know the super bowl is coming up C: Mhmm B: Uh, Do you know what teams are in the super bowl this year? C: No B: Do you want to take a guess? C: Giants? B: Giants, that is correct And who else? C: I don’t know B: Can you name another football team? C: Well like, I feel like i could name some, uh, quidditch teams B: Quidditch, C: Um… B: You familiar with the NCAA? C: Uh, national… B: Go ahead C: National… B: It’s based on colleges, so maybe… C: National College!… America? B: America C: Yeah, National… B: College of America C: It’s football B: There ya go, National College of American Football NCAF…A…ish Can you tell me, uh, what sport has a welterweight? C: A what? B: A welterweight C: Weight lifting? B: That’s correct B: What sport has a shuttlecock? C: Is it like, uh… B: Like if somebody said “Hey I really scored with that shuttlecock”. B: What would they be talking about? C: I would assume something with a woman B: What is curling? C: That’s lifting, like B: That is correct. B: Lifting Who is the winner of the last world cup? C: The thing I remember most, are the loud things, the loud horns B: The loud things B: What were those called? C: Wal… like, Walapaloozas? B: Wal-a-pa-loo-za B: Okay, let’s do a little rapid fire session I’m gonna name some popular sports teams and you just tell me, what city, these sports teams play in C: Alright B: Ya Ready? B: It’s a lightning round New England Patriots C: Boston? B: Arsenal C: Buffalo B: What about The Jazz? Where do they play? C: The Jazz? B: The Jazz B: Basketball team C: Is it really a basketball team? B: Where do the Browns play? C: Somehow I feel like this is going to sound racist or something B: And what about the New Jersey Nets? C: I’m gonna guess New Jersey B: What city? B: That is correct Okay, lightning round, you did great, why don’t we move on to some non-professional sports C: Okay B: Just some more traditional sports B: Are you familiar with the Decathlon? C: I know of Academic Decathlon B: The Academic Decathlon? B: What about the Athletic Decathlon? C: I’m sure there’s running B: There’s running C: Is there a weight lifting component? B: That’s correct C: Sit-ups? B: Sit-ups C: Like a Shockput B: Sh, a what? C: Shockput B: Shockput? B: Can you demonstrate the Shockput, uh C: Isn’t like a… Or is that? That’s Softball It’s a spin B: I’m gonna tell you a sport, you tell me how many games are in a typical season of that sport C: Okay B: Kay? Basketball C: Twelve? B: What about Hockey? C: I would say twelve B: Baseball C: Eight B: Eight What song is traditionally sung, during the seventh inning stretch C: We Will Rock You? B: We Will Rock You And who sings that song? C: um… C: It’s a… B: Who is the major league baseball reigning single season home run leader? B: Most home runs in a single season, all eight games C: At one time it was Babe Ruth B: Babe Ruth, do you remember how many home runs it was? C: Was it like 106… 48, er 60? 160. 148 maybe B: So he hit 148 home runs in an eight game season B: Let me just do quick math here, that is….. 18 home runs a game C: Yeah, that doesn’t add up B: Wanna do another lightning round? C: Yeah B: I’m just gonna name an athlete, or someone associated with sports and then I just want you to tell me, what organization they’re normally associated with you can even tell me the sport too C: Alright B: Peyton Manning C: Baseball B: Jeff Gordon C: Golf B: Cristiano Ronaldo C: Baseball B: Danica Patrick C: Basketball B: Wayne Rooney C: uh… C: Hockey B: Nailed it, Alright, Are you familiar with the athlete David Beckham? C: Mhmm, soccer B: You’ve heard the name before, Soccer, so he plays soccer or, European Football, so we don’t offend people B: who are watching C: Yeah, European football B: Can you name a team that he has played for? C: Great Britain B: Do you know who he’s married to? C: A Spice Girl B: He’s married to a Spice Girl, do you know her name? C: It’s not Scary, it’s not Sporty, it’s not Baby Spice B: So you have Baby Spice, Scary Spice, Sporty Spice, what was the other one? C: Ginger Spice, she was the ginger B: That’s correct! Ginger Spice, Sporty Spice, Scary Spice, Baby Spice C: Was it Posh Spice? B: And Posh Spice C: Was that it? B: You got all of those correct B: Well we wanna thank Chris for coming on the show and joining us to talk about sports you did an excellent job Chris if this was a baseball season your team would be 8 and 0, perfect season with like 148 home runs *Outro Theme*

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  1. It's funny cause I'm actually like this. I literally know nothing about any type of sport nor do I know how to play very many of them. The only athlete I know is Michael Jordan because I watched the shit out of Space Jam as a kid.

  2. I can't even make fun of him for getting most of these wrong I only know a few facts about sports lol and pretty much only watch hockey from time to time

  3. I'm going to sound like a really stereotypical girl here and say, I literally couldn't answer any of these questions! I watch football, and all I know are the placements and what team I am rooting for, other than that, sports just don't compute with me. XD

  4. It's funny because I'm the complete opposite. I know so much about sports but if ask me something about science or politics I would get it wrong 😀

  5. This is so painful to watch haha. I know all of these questions! NCAA is National College (or collegiate) Athletic Association right? And then most HRs is debatable. Though I'd go with Maris of course. Screw those frauds.

  6. Just came across this video again, would many Americans knew who Wayne Rooney is? (He plays for Man U, is fat, known as shriek and made fun having a hair transplant. Just in case you don't know who he is) He also earns £300k a week.

  7. I didn't know any of these just like him but when Chris didn't know queen sings we will rock you I wanted to slap him in the face

  8. I'm sorry but this is a comment for the next episode about America vs England and I love rooster teeth so much and all their shows but at the end burnie says "well I think we've learned a lot about the English school system" but at the end of the day they arnt going to teach their kids hardly anything about another countries history, as their is just too much of it ! And where things cross over like world war 2, kids never listen in class everyone knows that most people hate school so yeah I don't think you can judge English people via that.

  9. good Lord. I hope he's joking too. you would have to know almost nothing about sports to do this terribly. please, just be joking, please! I have faith in you roster teeth!

  10. IT'S ARSENAL FC AND WE'RE BY FAR THE GREATEST TEAM THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN. Though I'm guessing Chris hasn't seen us yet.

  11. That finn and Jake shirt is awesome. They should ask Bernie cartoon / card game questions.

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