Royal Challenge Sports Drink Bold League Season 2 | EP 5 | The Grand Finale with RCB

Royal Challenge Sports Drink Bold League Season 2 | EP 5 | The Grand Finale with RCB

Everyone’s cricket
career starts from the streets. This year the gully
cricket sensation was big.. because there is a
chance to challenge RCB. This is Royal Challenge
Sports Drink Bold League Season 2. India’s largest gully cricket league
which will be hosted by Naveen Kasturia. In this season, we
have team commanders with us to cheer and support their teams. Be it gully cricket
or panchayat elections, uncle has taught his
child only one thing to win. Every person who has not trusted you… from the sulky neighbor
who has always given you problems… …snatch your 70 balls from them. And we will meet
a few renowned gully cricket people. This is our studio
not your sweet shop. They have included
my son Sunny in their team. In the name of cricket,
they make him a wicket. I want today’s kids to move freely and they should be allowed
to play without any obstructions. Hey! From 53 states, 7000 plus teams played fierce street
cricket and grabbed the… …opportunity to play RCB in the final. So come let’s witness the madness and
powerful cricket. Now play and show! What an exciting day!
Yes, I’m super-duper excited. And why not? After all the
moment that I’d eagerly awaiting.. ..that moment has finally arrived. No. I don’t understand it. But people like you and me,
coming from the streets of India.. ..from the grassroots,
six ordinary people.. ..common cricket crazy people
are getting an opportunity.. challenge Royal
Challengers Bangalore. Who are these six players? Well, it is Haryana’s street cricket
team which emerged as the best team.. ..out of the 7000 plus teams. They won the Nationals
against Punjab and now.. ..they’re bracing for the
biggest moment of their lives. Imagine. This is such a big thing. And now they will
play against Team RCB. Although there’s a little
time before the match begins. So, why don’t we meet with them? So, come. Let’s meet the boys first. My name is Ashish.
I come from Yamuna nagar Haryana. Our team is called Yamuna super king. We have six members in our team. My name is Ashish.
I am Captain of the team. Our journey of the RCB bold
league started in Yamuna nagar. Yamuna nagar is a
small city in Haryana. We used to play together. I told them I have registered
our team, so we have to go. We were sitting together and
deliberating about the plan ahead. We were excited. I was leisurely watching
the match on TV that night. I received a call then.
The caller says, Ashish. I said yes.
He says I am calling from RCB. Your finals will
take place in Bangalore. My first question to him
was who will pay for our tickets. He says to me, we are calling you,
so we will make the arrangements. I asked him the mode of
transport and he said by air. I can’t express to
you how happy we were. All of us are very excited. Mr. Sachin. – Mr. Jaunty.
– Hello. – Mr. Ganguly.
– Hello. Mr. Beeru. And I am Captain of the team. Ashish. We took our boarding
passes and we stood far away. There was still 60 to
90 minutes for the flight. We took photos.
Selfie here, there and everywhere. We were busy with that. Finally the phone’s
memory told us to spare it. Please leave me alone. When our flight landed in
Bangalore we were very excited.. ..that we were playing
against the RCB team.. ..and we wanted to defeat them. Because right from
the start we have had a.. There is a little time.. ..before the Royal Challenge
Sports Drink Bold League season 2.. match begins. Amidst us today are two.. Pardon me. I am in the midst. We have two people
in our studio today.. ..who have made a significant
contribution to street cricket. Let me first introduce you to Mr.
Raju Gentleman.. ..who is the chairman
of Kasai Mohalla Committee. – So, welcome Mr. Raju Gentleman.
– Thank you. And the second is a
prospective street cricketer.. ..who was not selected in
a street or Mohalla cricket team. Mr. Tara Singh, before welcoming
you I wish to tell you both.. ..that you two are not
going to fight over here. You ripped his clothes outside.
We have made a video of it. If you do anything of the sort again.. ..our costume department
does not have an extra coat. His behavior draws
people to tear his clothes. Easy, brother. Look, Mr.
Tara Singh, mind your language. Is a family show for
the single boys of TSP… So, please. – If the mood is set, shall we begin?
– Yes. In any case we are one hour late – because of this dishonest agent.
– Enough! Okay. – So, Mr. Gentleman.
– Yes. Our first question is.. It is not a question but
an allegation by Mr. Tara Singh. You deliberately didn’t
take him in your team. Tell our viewers why you did that? He did not qualify. He is underage. Look, we are professionals. We play
with a leather ball. A seamed one. He gets hurt and he brings
his mother to the ground. You don’t say. He is underage?
He has a beard. Proper. It is real. Look, I grew it myself. In fact, you look underage to me. Mr. Navin, looks can be deceptive. This man is lying. He is lying.
As him the criteria for selection. On what basis have
you done the selection? – What is your criterion?
– We have a criterion. What is the criterion?
Tell the viewers. We have a criterion.
We have a very good criterion. – I see. You have a criterion.
– Yes. The criteria file
is in the drawer, right? – Yes, it is in the drawer.
– Yes. Why don’t you go home,
bring the file and show the viewers.. ..the basis on which
you made the selection. I’m sure you remember. Yes, I’ll bring the file.
It is in the drawer. Go and bring it now. – I’ll bring it.
– At least now tell the truth! Look, Mr. Tara Singh, I told you
before to mind your language. Please. Why should I mind my language?
My language can mind itself. I shall mind myself.
That’s why I didn’t tell him. Else I would have told him until now. Alright. Please. Tell the viewers about the criteria. Look, our criterion is
a very good criterion. Okay. The way you put it one would think
we charged 150 rupees per player.. select them on the team. We did a yoyo test. – Yoyo test?
– Yoyo test. That’s wonderful! Let me tell our viewers that the yoyo
test is an international level test. But how come you have
the international level test? Isn’t our Kasai Mohalla international? We did the yoyo test and he failed. Ask him. Does he know even
one of Honey Singh’s songs? So many boys came
and sang very good songs. Someone sang 4 bottles of vodka.
Someone sang Angrezi beat. One sang blue eyes. Let me tell
you about this one chap, Mr. Navin. He was so talented.
He performed cute volume one. Where was he that day?
Where was he on selection day? He was absent on the selection day. You don’t say! You did
not appear on the selection day? I left home to go there but my mummy
asked me to go and buy groceries. Oh! I see. Anyway, moving on. So, Mr. Tara Singh,
tell us which groceries. Jackfruit. – Jackfruit?
– Yes. How does your mummy prepare jackfruit? Mummy chops it fine. – Yes. She fries it in spices
and serves it with rice. My mummy turns it into
pulp and makes gravy of it. What? I can’t tell you
how tasty it turns out. – I wish you’d invite me.
– Mr. Tara Singh, you should.. I have an idea. Turn it into pulp and prepare gravy.. ..and you bring the
finely chopped jackfruit. I shall roll out some bread. Production, bring some flour. We shall end this show
and start a cookery show. Look, all the talk about
food has made us hungry. Very exciting!
Here we are excited about food.. ..and on the ground there
is excitement about the final match. The toss is about to take place
between RCB and the Haryana team. – Let’s go and watch the toss.
– Yes. What is going on? Why doesn’t
anyone understand sarcasm here? If you have anything here
besides jackfruit, give it to me. Team Haryana and the players
of RCB entered the ground. So, RCB wins the toss
and they elect to bowl first. They won the toss.
They decided to bowl. We are batting first. Seasoned players on both sides. We have never played on this wicket.
We are checking it out. What is the batting like
because there’s no grass her. So, we have to see
how the ball will go. I spoke to the team and
we came to a unanimous decision. We agreed Jaunty and I should open. First class cricket champions versus
street cricket national winners. It was decided we will..
We will put pressure on them. Guys, they have tossed. RCB has won
the toss and decided to bowl first. But before the match starts.. ..let’s quickly finish
our discussion with our guests. So, Mr. Tara Singh, you have been
practicing street cricket for 1 year. He hasn’t been practicing.
I shall tell you. You know Mr. Tyagi’s sister-in-law
came to stay at his house for 1 month. – Mr. Tyagi.
– Mr. Tyagi, who? Tell our viewers. Mr. Tyagi, who bought house
number 12/24 behind Mr. Sharma. He shifted to Kamlanagar last month. Okay. Okay. His sister-in-law came
to stay at his house. He used to come to
the ground to watch her. He has no passion for cricket. He is telling lies, sir.
It is a complete lie. It was his brother-in-law’s daughter. She was not his sister-in-law. Mr. Navin, listen to me.
I know. It was his sister-in-law. Alright. Let’s come to the point. I want to ask you if you
were interested in cricket or not. No! I mean, of course, I was interested.
That makes no sense. Sure, it is true I used
to go to play because of Nimmi.. ..but I used to perform
better than all his players. I used to score the most runs. The pitch in street cricket is small. All the players would hit hard. The
ball would go into people’s homes.. ..and they would get out. I was the only player who hit gently. I would hit all the shots gently. Now what do I do with this talent?
Shall I kill him gently? No. Look. Look, Mr. Gentleman.
Mr. Tara Singh has raised a question. You must tell me if you
were doing your job properly. You used to go to the
ground to observe the players. Tell us. Our viewers want to know. Mr. Navin,
I was doing my job correctly. I was observing everyone
with a watchful eye. He wasn’t observing anything.
This man is telling lies. He would arrive there in the morning
and ask that we play a trial ball. This would go on until evening.
We never got to bat. I did not do it for myself.
I did it for you. So you would learn.
To teach you from my experience. Why are you telling lies? You should
fear God. Why are you telling lies? Even you came there just for Nimmi.
Tell the viewers. Mind your manners.
I did not come for Nimmi. Nimmi came there for me. Viewers, this is not an argument,
it is a sentiment.. ..but we should not get sentimental.. ..because the match between Haryana
and RCB has started over there. Let’s finally watch the finals. Tell me this.
What did you say Nimmi’s full name is? Kasturia. Bloody..! Team Haryana’s motives were
clear from the very first ball. Get a run out of every
ball in any which way possible. And it’s out! Greed for one extra run made
Team Haryana lose their first wicket. After taking one wicket
Team RCB too were emboldened. The outcome of tight fielding. Got a second wicket. And it’s out! A catch! And that’s out! Another wicket. And that’s out! And Team Haryana Yamuna nagar
super kings is all out for 19 runs. That means Team RCB
needs 20 runs to win. The score appears to be small.. ..but it won’t be all that
easy to win against Team Haryana. On strike. The target is 20. Six overs. Beeru. Four deliveries. One run. Third ball of this over. At the end of two overs. So excited. Team Haryana got their first wicket. And that’s a six. And their score, 20 runs. RCB wins. The grand finale
of Royal Challenge.. This league came to a very
interesting end with a grand match. Virat Kohli came to celebrate it. Play cricket. Play bold. Fabulous! Miraculous! Stupendous! Prodigious! And all other adjectives
that I googled just now.. ..because honestly,
guys, I am short of words. I never imagined that
a street cricket team.. ..would present such a challenge
to such established players. Alright. So, Team Haryana
could not win. That is another story. But, you know, what this proves? This proves there are infinite
Virat Kohlis in the streets of India. Lord knows how much
Yuzvendra Chahals there are.. ..who only need training
and an opportunity. The opportunity.. ..that Royal Challenge Sports
Drink Bold League season 2 gave them. They deserve the same
adjectives again, guys. Fabulous! Miraculous! Stupendous! I must say the boys played
really well. Hats off! This spirit reminds
me of one more thing. We have countless
stereotypes in our mind.. ..wherein if we talk about cricket.. ..many people believe that boys
play cricket well while girls can’t. In my opinion, if you have
talent and you trust your game.. does not matter whether
you are a boy or a girl. And I am pleased that there is a new
beginning to break this stereotype.. ..where Royal Challenge
Sports Drink is bringing to you.. ..the World’s first
mixed gender T20 match.. ..featuring elite men and women
cricketers from across the world. So, guys, I think the
time has come for me to go.. ..and I’ll sign off
but we promise to be back.. ..with the next edition
of this league.. ..which will only be bigger,
better and bolder. Ciao. Play cricket. Play bold. RCB. Play cricket. Play bold.

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