Royal Challenge Sports Drink Bold League Season 2 | EP 4 | Road To The finals

Royal Challenge Sports Drink Bold League Season 2 | EP 4 | Road To The finals

Everyone’s cricket
career starts from the streets. This year the gully
cricket sensation was big.. because there is a
chance to challenge RCB. This is Royal Challenge
Sports Drink Bold League Season 2. India’s largest gully cricket league
which will be hosted by Naveen Kasturia. In this season, we
have team commanders with us to cheer and support their teams. Be it gully cricket
or panchayat elections, uncle has taught his
child only one thing to win. Every person who has not trusted you… from the sulky neighbor
who has always given you problems… …snatch your 70 balls from them. And we will meet
a few renowned gully cricket people. This is our studio
not your sweet shop. They have included
my son Sunny in their team. In the name of cricket,
they make him a wicket. I want today’s kids to move freely and they should be allowed
to play without any obstructions. Hey! From 53 states, 7000 plus teams played fierce street
cricket and grabbed the… …opportunity to play RCB in the final. So come let’s witness the madness and
powerful cricket. Now play and show! Hey guys,
I’m Naveen Kasturia and this is… ..Royal Challenge Sports
Drink Bold League, season 2. I have no time to say anything more… …because in this gully cricket league.. …stress levels are higher. We’ve found our top 5 teams from top 10. Before we go into the semi-finals,.. ..we’ll have to eliminate
one more team…. ..which will either
be Punjab or Madhya Pradesh. To know more, over to the grounds. This match is no less than
world cup for both the teams. Where the stress levels of the teams.. …was soaring like the heat in Punjab,… ..both teams had one goal in mind. To grab a spot in the list of top 4. To achieve that,… …both played their games. But as they say, you win some.. lose some. And this match was won by Team Punjab. With the winning team… …we found the top 4 teams of.. ..Royal Challenge Sports
Drink Bold League, season 2. Haryana, Karnataka, West Bengal.. ..and Punjab. But the big question is.. …which teams will play… …the semi-finals. Haryana Vs Karnataka.. In the semi-finals between
Haryana and Karnataka… …Haryana gave Karnataka a tough fight. And the winner of this match was.. ..Team Haryana. West Bengal Vs Punjab. After a close semi-final match… ..Punjab’s team Ludhiana Cheetahs.. …defeated Team West Bengal. Hello, friends. Our guest of honour today… ..has come from Lucknow. He has carved a niche in the world
of Indian poetry. He was associated with politics. But the topic of discussion today… cricket. To discuss this matter… ..Mr Anwar Lucknowi
has barged into our studios. He considers himself a big fan of Jawed. Mr.Anwar… ..welcome. I don’t know… …which quality of mine
led you to inviting me… Okay. – But I’ll tell you this. If you refer to cricket… ..I’m eager to hear my praises. Anwar, you barged in to the studio… ..but have you ever played cricket? You see, cricket… …is the extreme version of ‘gili danda’. I see. And our segregated society.. …has suffered a tragedy. They re-invent all the games… …that are forgotten. Earlier this was called
‘gili’ cricket not gully cricket. Times changed… …and the name was
changed to gully cricket. And everybody knows that. I’s no secret. Wow, Mr.Anwar.
What an observation! In your opinion… old is gully cricket? When did it come into being? Do tell our audience. You see, gully cricket.. …is being played since the 17th century. What are you saying?
– I’ll tell you this. Gully cricket… …was played by Mir and Ghalib too. There’s evidence to prove that. What are you saying? Yes. Once Mir said after batting… ..listen carefully. ‘Mir leaves for now’.. …’we’ll meet again god willing.’ Do you know what that implies? No. – It implied… ..Mir’s leaving with the bat. He’ll meet soon… ..if you get your own bat. I see. Wow! Awesome, Anwar. We learnt something
about Mir and Galib today… ..thanks to you. What do you think, Anwar? What position does gully cricket enjoy.. this country? Well,… …this is the second tragedy
of our segregated society. Our boys… …have only seen international
matches from afar. When you see them from afar… …it’s obvious… …the rules won’t make sense. When that happens… ..boys make their own rules. Believe me. Mr. Anwar, you mean … …gully cricket is a revolution of sorts. There have always been constraints. If you swing the bat
fast in gully cricket,.. …the ball lands on rooftops. So, they devised a rule… …the one who hits will fetch the ball. Listen carefully.
– Yes. When the batsman would hit,.. ..the ball would land on rooftops… …but that wasn’t a six. It was considered out. There are many more constraints. For example… …there was no wide
ball in gully cricket. The crease would be marked by slippers. They never had enough players. Always short of players. So, they came up with another concept. ‘Bich ka Bichu’ That was the player… …who played for both sides. Pay attention. Gully cricket was a revolution of sorts. We’ll think on his theory when we return. It’s now time to meet
the national finalists of.. ..of Royal Challenge Sports
Drink Bold League, season 2. Go for it. And finally… …the suspense is over. We now have… …the two best teams… ..who will battle it out… the grand finale. Those brave teams are… …Punjab and Haryana. So, go for it. Punjab have won the toss
and have elected to bat first. I took this decision
after winning the toss… …to build pressure on
them and not the other way around. That’s our strategy. No matter who wins… …the trophy will come to the north. We anyway wanted to field
and we got that chance. We have no strategy. We’ll play like we do. No point of building pressure. Bowl! Hit straight. Go, cheetahs! Whoa! That’s the loss of a wicket. Out!
Oh no. No! Bowled. – 17 runs on the board. That’s another wicket. Six! What a finish! Welcome back to the studios. We have with us Anwar. We’re discussing gully cricket. Mr.Anwar, tell us… …don’t you think cricket is
considered as religion in our country… ..and cricketers are like gods? This is the third problem of our.. ..segregated society. The problem is.. …people believe anything. People play considering stones as wickets! True. – But the point is… …you consider cricket religion… …but do you follow it like religion? True. – Tell me this. Do you carry a bat everyday… you pray? I’m sure you don’t. RCBL made a nice move.. …by promoting gully cricket. Anwar, some time ago… …you mentioned about
the under ‘Bich ka Bichu’ What do you think about that? Well… …this is another problem
of our segregated society. Nobody wants to be
the ‘Bich ka Bichu’ these days. The reason is the guard of the society.. …who doesn’t let kids play. But Anwar,
it’s you who asked him to do that. So what? Well… …when kids don’t take me seriously… …why should the guard do that? I want the children to be free. They should be allowed
to play without constraints. You! Anwar! That’s ridiculous! Ask them to play in a civil manner… ..or they’ll have it from me. Nonsense! Forget it, Mr.Anwar.
– Who let them out? Forget it.
Recite something instead. Recite?
Yes, I’ll do that. Well… …it’s poetic that
I worry about the ‘Bich ka Bichu’ For the audience please. Fine. – Tell them. It’s poetic that I
worry about the under dog. Wow! He plays for both teams… …but nobody wants him. Nice! I worry about the under dog. Hear the next line.
– Yes. I worry about the under dog.
– Let’s cut to the match. Cut it.
– The toss is done. The batting line is ready. But he’s also in the fielding party. So, he’ll field as well. He bats in the hope … …and bowls too. Nice. After he bowls once more… …no party takes him. ..I worry about the ‘Bich ka Bichu’ The poor thing always loses out. I worry about the ‘Bich ka Bichu’ Feels great. The boys’ efforts paid off. It’s a great combination
of batting and bowling. Everything’s okay. Everyone’s giving their best. To win the coveted trophy… ..and Punjab won’t let it go easily. 45 runs required. Get it… Watch the ball… And that’s the first break for Punjab. Hey! You should’ve thrown it.
– He said no… No problem. Go ahead. What a come back! Punjab rocked.. ..Haryana in the first over
with three wickets down but.. …Haryana has… The boys are playing in haste. If we win, after the match… I have faith on my boys. Yeah! Is that a catch? Is that a catch? The umpire is not very sure? Can we go to the third umpire please? Once again a severe way of… ..frustrating the Punjab guys.. ..with the singles.
That’s 3 more runs. Then we’ll have a winner. That’s hard. Run! That’s hard batting. And with that batting… …Haryana has won. ”Dhoom dhadak dhoom”.. We did it!
– Live like king size. We did. I’ll quit cricket after this tournament. Sir, this is the truth. 3 out in one over. I was dejected… ..and cursed myself. Because I did nothing for my team. Bowling gave away runs. I got out batting. But my heroes… ..made me proud. Love you, buddy.
– Likewise! RCB Gully Cricket. Play bold and beat everyone. RCB Play cricket, play bold. What a wonderful match! Team Punjab had an awesome opening. And Team Haryana’s opening… ..well it was the opposite
of awesome for sure. 3 wickets in the first over. But in gully cricket… …anything is possible. Manish and Sachin’s
partnership in the last over… …did wonders… ..and turned the tables completely. So, India’s national
gully cricket champions are.. …Team Haryana. A big congratulations to Haryana.. …but the league doesn’t end here… ..because now begins.. …the big battle for the
gully crickets stars of Haryana. They now have to play… …against the superstars of Team RCB. That’s Kohli, Chahal.. Team Haryana will play against them. Guys, it’s not the end yet. You keep watching this space. Play cricket, play bold. Beat everyone, RCB. Play cricket, play bold. Now they’ll play… ..against Team RCB. – You won’t fight. You tore his clothes outside. We have a video. If you do that again… ..the costume department
doesn’t have an extra coat

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