Royal Challenge Sports Drink Bold League Season 2 | EP 1 | India Plays Gully Cricket

Royal Challenge Sports Drink Bold League Season 2 | EP 1 | India Plays Gully Cricket

Everyone’s cricket
career starts from the streets. This year the gully
cricket sensation was big.. because there is a
chance to challenge RCB. This is Royal Challenge
Sports Drink Bold League Season 2. India’s largest gully cricket league
which will be hosted by Naveen Kasturia. In this season, we
have team commanders with us to cheer and support their teams. Be it gully cricket
or panchayat elections, uncle has taught his
child only one thing to win. Every person who has not trusted you… from the sulky neighbor
who has always given you problems… …snatch your 70 balls from them. And we will meet
a few renowned gully cricket people. This is our studio
not your sweet shop. They have included
my son Sunny in their team. In the name of cricket,
they make him a wicket. I want today’s kids to move freely and they should be allowed
to play without any obstructions. Hey! From 53 states, 7000 plus teams played fierce street
cricket and grabbed the… …opportunity to play RCB in the final. So come let’s witness the madness and
powerful cricket. Now play and show! Did you ever hit a six
and break someone’s window? Did you ever pick up
the stump and run away.. ..under the pretext of stumping? Were you not out the whole day.. ..because it was your bat? Hey, guys! I am Naveen Kasturia. Obviously, I have done all this. And I am quite sure so have you. Because hey! These are hashtag
just gully cricket things. But now, there is a din in each gully. What is the din? That gully cricket has
now become bigger and better. Because Royal Challenge sports drink.. ..Bold League,
season 2 is about to begin. India’s biggest gully cricket league. Everybody has seen us play. Now we will see. If you are bold, try to play with RCB. There is a lot of
noise in India’s gullies. But now, let’s bring
in a method to this madness. We will first have district matches. Followed by interstate matches. Which will give us
our national champion. And this national
champion team will play.. ..with none other than
Royal Challengers Bangalore. So India, now play and show us. The temperature in India’s
gullies has shot up. Because cricket fever has spread. 53 cities. More than 7000 teams. Thousands of players. From Varanasi to Vishakhapatnam. From Gurugram to Bhopal,
Jaipur and Lucknow. Teams from all over the country.. ..gave tough competition
on the ground. As such,
gully cricket has its own rules. Whether the gullies
are in Punjab or Pune.. ..our players were
well aware of the rules. In fact, they gave their
own twist to these rules. Speed, swiftness and presence of mind. This is the ultimate
mantra to win gully cricket. Following this mantra
are more than 7000 teams.. Royal Challenge sports
drink Bold League, season 2. Now play and show us. Now play and show us. Now play and show us. So these were district level matches. Friends, we received
more than 7000 entries for.. ..Royal Challenge sports
drink Bold League, season 2. But there were some teams
that didn’t qualify even in 7000. The owner of such a great
team is in our studio today. Come. Let’s welcome him. Mr. Badri Prasad, heartiest welcome. First of all, I would like
to tell you to please sit properly. This is our studio,
not your sweet shop. Please. Behave yourself. Thank you. Mr. Badri,
it’s disheartening to know that.. ..your team didn’t
even reach district level. What do you think?
What was the reason for this? Envy. Look, Mr. Naveen. Everybody is envious of me. Actually, we have all world-class
cricketers in our team. That’s why they made
a conspiracy and got us banned. Otherwise we only would have won. What are you saying? We heard you made your
sweetshop workers become players. You don’t know, Mr. Naveen. But the talent of sweet making.. ..was going to make us win. What puzzle is this?
Will you please tell our viewers? How? Why not? Mr. Naveen, Mr.
Subodh, a batsman in our team.. ..makes ‘Samosa’ (Fried
snack) in my shop. – Is that so?
– Would you like to have some? No. I have an upset tummy. Yes. Why not? So basically,
his hands are so strong.. ..that he transfers
50 ‘Samosas’ together.. ..from the wok onto the tray. Wow! Very good! He has been doing this
work for past ten years. Till date not a single ‘Samosa’
has slipped from his hands. Yes. But what has it
got to do with the team.. I am coming to that.
I am coming to that. So look, Mr. Naveen. Suppose. Just suppose that
the speed with which he flips.. ..the ladle, if he spins
the bat with the same speed.. far will the ball go. Tell me? How far?
It will go outside the stadium. – No. It’s right. You have a point.
– Yes. And bowlers? How will men who make ‘Samosa’
and ‘Jalebi’ do bowling? – See how smart I am.
– Yes. There is a guy named Kundan in
my shop who makes ‘Jalebi’ (Pretzel). Okay. If you don’t mind,
shall I ask you something? Yes.
Go ahead. Ask away. How do you make ‘Jalebi’? No. I.. I have never made ‘Jalebi’.
So I don’t know. I mean, you must have watched it. – How do you put it in the oil?
– Yes. Something like this. Exactly. Kundan is an expert in this. – No.
– Using the wrist. – Spinning. Spin ball, Mr. Naveen.
– Okay. Wow! Assessor. I have an assessor’s eye. I can easily assess a gem. These were my world-class players. Friends, Mr.
Badri Prasad has stumped me a little. It will take me some time
to understand his strategies. For now,
let’s get back to the ground.. ..for the state level matches. My name is Ajay Pandey. We have come from Kanpur. Our team is Landmark 11. This is Satyam Utha
I am representing the Pune team. Pune Go-Getters. Wicket! Wicket! Wicket! Wicket! Yeah! And we won the Pune championship. And now, we are representing
the state championship. Our team is called KC Club. We have experienced
players in our team. We play with unity. We play like an army. On the field everybody
tries to give their best. We all are all-rounders. All players can bat as well as bowl. So we have a plus point. Because every team has
only batsmen or bowlers. Or one or two all-rounders. But all six of us are all-rounders. Batsmen, bowling, fielding. Everybody is putting team effort. It’s not that one player is weak. Everybody is a team work. So all of us are united. If we get a chance to play with RCB.. ..we will give them a tough fight. I want to tell Virat
that we have good bowlers.. Pinny and Ajit. We have good bowlers. So I think they should
practice more using tennis balls. But this is just the beginning. The real game will begin now. Because now these ten teams
will have a cutthroat competition. Welcome back to our show. Unfortunately,
Mr. Badri is still with us. Let’s continue with the questions,
Mr. Badri. So tell me.
What did you name your team? I had named it Shiv Puri Sabudanas. Shiv Puri Sabudanas. Yes. Actually, it’s the most
famous dish in our shop. So I thought I will
keep that name for the team. – Shiv Puri.
– Sabudana. – Sabudana.
– Yes. So tell us something
about Shiv Puri Sabudana. Why not? Actually, it’s a type of sweet. – Since it’s a sweet shop..
– Yes. ..we are bound to sell sweet. It contains thickened milk, coconut. And obviously, sugar. It’s a special dish. But there is no ‘Sabudana’ (Sago). How come it’s Shiv Puri Sabudana? Mr. Naveen,
you haven’t understood me yet. No. Not at all. I didn’t understand. The name of the cook
who prepares it is Sabu. Okay. Sabudana. Yes. That’s why. Is Sabu from Jupiter? No. He is from Brihaspatipur. – Okay.
– I brought him from there to make sweet. So tell me, Mr. Sabu. – I mean, Mr. Badri.
– Yes. Why is there no girl in your team? Why? Don’t laugh. Viewers are watching. Girl? I mean, why? Why not? – We will hire someone.
– Okay. No. If a girl had been there.. ..perhaps you would
have been playing nationals. Let it be. As of now,
let’s go on to the next question. Tell me something. Yes. Your talks are so interesting. You are so jolly.
You make tasty snacks. You are such an interesting person. You are smart. – You are strong.
– Yes. You are rich. Why didn’t you buy a T20 team? Why did you show interest
in gully cricket? System, Mr. Naveen. System. By system you mean government. No. No. Mr.
Naveen, system means computer. – Computer system.
– Okay. – Computer system.
– Yes. – You know how to use computer?
– Yes. – Okay.
– I have played a lot on that. – Oh!
– So, actually.. ..we started playing
cricket on the computer. Okay. But one day the system crashed. Okay. So we had to venture
out on the streets. We saw children playing
cricket in gullies. That’s when I realized
that this is more interesting.. ..than computer game. Do you understand? – So you became the owner of your team.
– Yes. Why didn’t you play?
You should have become a player. What are you saying, Mr. Naveen? What are you trying to say? I should forget my family’s
200-year-old tradition. I should spoil my
body which I have built.. eating sweet. I should play cricket
and become fit and.. ..tarnish my ancestors’ name. What are you saying? – Mr. Badri..
– It requires hard work. It requires dedication. It..
– Mr. Badri, I am very sorry. I didn’t want to hurt you.
That’s not what I meant. I am very sorry. I am very sorry. I am very sorry. Eat. Eat ‘Samosa’. Water. Water. Anybody. Water please. It’s very tasty. – You also eat it someday.
– Yes. Yes. I am very sorry. It’s alright. It’s become a little serious here. Which is not in the DNA of our show. See, gully cricket
is all about entertainment. And besides talented cricketers.. ..we have Badshah,
Diljit, Amit Trivedi.. ..and many,
many more to entertain you. So I think we should
just go and have some fun. Okay. Mr.
Badri, will you have popsicle? Don’t cry.
Come. I will get you popsicle. Do you have ‘Kala Khatta’? We have everything,
leave alone ‘Kala Khatta’. Come on. Look. Do you know how to make this? No. I don’t know. Do you know? After action,
emotion and lots of drama.. ..there was a rocking
musical performance.. Royal Challenge sports
drink Bold League, season 2. Some outstanding cricket
and some great entertainment. Such amazing talent, man. And out of more than 7000 teams.. ..from 53 districts,
we have ten state teams.. ..that will face intense competition. Which teams are these?
Who are the captains? What are their age,
sex and location? And who is finally going to make it? For all these questions
I have just one thing to say. Now play and show us. Gully cricket has reached
a revolutionary level. So come on.
Let’s have a quick meeting. Our final teams. And three commanders who
will represent every state team. I want to challenge the other teams.
Beware of Punjabis. We haven’t learnt to lose. We are brave like lion. So all the best.

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