[Rookie King BTS Ep 8-3] Indoors Special BTS X Man! Who is X Man within BTS?

[Rookie King BTS Ep 8-3] Indoors Special BTS X Man! Who is X Man within BTS?

Mission 4
Take off stockings Take off stockings rule
Teams must race to take off their stockings.
Before start, play rock, scissors, paper and choose a box – socks or stockings (Rock scissors paper to choose a box.) (Team RM, V vs Team Hope, Jimin) (Jimin gets the chance to choose a box first.) A man should choose pink! What?? (Jin has a theory about man choosing pink.) (Go away, light pink!) (The other box goes to team RM.) (It’s socks!) (It’s… stockings.) ROUND 1
Team Hope Team RM
Carried J-hope Carrying V
Carrying Jimin Carried Jungkook Start! (Run! V-horse!) (Carried on back wannabe J-hope.) (What a mess.) (Complete opposite.) (Jungkook is quiet like a baby.) (RM scolding V.)
(RM: From one to ten, they’re all words for you) (V: Let’s stop, let’s stop.) (Look out!! Then!!) (Stockings choose V in kendo fashion.) (Jimin took of his last sock!) (Jimin who fits stockings well, wins!) MC Suga: Hmm I think… V could have took his stockings off. (Everyone is doubting V now.) (Doubting.) (Yes, I’m X Man.) (Look at him!) (Another X Man!) (Then me too!) (X Man game like a trend!) (We’re all X Man.) MC Suga: Come back here. I saw something. Jungkook did not move at all. (Arrow of doubt goes to Jungkook!) Yes I think so too… (Jungkook is enjoying this.) (Jungkook is X Man?) ROUND 2
Team Hope Team RM
Carried Jimin Carrying RM
Carrying Jin Carried V Start! (Jimin vibration switch on.) (Learned to train a horse from J-hope.) (V, I’m older than you…) (Jin’s techniques are working!) (RM is not doing well.) (His feet are stuck.) (Jin’s skills were amazing!) (I lost to Jin…) It seems like RM is X Man. Jin has found something he can do well. (Jin is good at real life things.) It’s taking socks off! (The members are congratulating Jin with dear heart.) In 22 years of his life, he’s probably having the best time of his life. He has found something he’s good at. Jin: I’m good at taking socks off. My mom probably didn’t know this. Mom! I’m good at taking socks off. (Jin’s best moment in life.) This game is the best two out of three! (Nothing on his mind…) With Jimin and Jin’s win, team Hope wins. Real Situation
BTS X Man Mission 5
Fly Frypan! A game where a member of a team calls out the name of a member on the other team and a number. That member must say their name corresponding to the number given, following a rhythm and pattern. This continues until someone makes a mistake, and frypans “fly” and hit the heads of their team. (The last mission starts with a round of applause.) If you’re Korean, you should have played this at least once in your life. What game is it? You should know without me telling you. Ting ting ting ting tang tang tang tang ting ting tang tang fry pan game! This game is a national game! Fry pan game! (Jimin knows how to play.)
I’m good at this. If I actually hit you with a fry pan…
RM: You can die. Yoongi with a hyung-gi(weapon in Korean). (Only J-hope finds it funny.) (J-hope brings the joke back to life.) So I have this toy hammer. If you say a lame joke or if something happens that I cannot accept, Yoongi hyung-gi! (Right, right.) I will bring a weapon and hit you. So play this game with a good attitude. Ting ting ting tang tang tang tang ting ting tangtang fry pan game! Four V!
V V V V Three Jimin!
Jimin Jimin Jimin Four RM!
RM RM RM RM Three Jimin!
Jimin Jimin Jimin Four V! You missed the beat. (V lost to Jimin’s sudden attack.) I hit you gently because it’s the first round. The power will get stronger. RM will start the second round. Ting ting ting tang tang tang tang ting ting tang tang fry pan game! Four Jin!
Jin Jin Jin Jin Three V! (Confused…) X Man was here! (V lost twice in a row.) Are you a friend of X Man? (A friend of X Man? Or X Man himself?) (Round 3, Jungkook starts!) Ting ting tang tang fry pan game! Four Jin!
X Jin Jin Jin (It’s unfair.) (Jin lost way too easily.) Time for RM’s detective time. He wanted to lose because V kept on losing. (Like RM’s thoughts, Jin is X Man?) Round 4
Ting ting ting ting tang tang tang tang ting ting tang tang fry pan game! Three RM!
X RM RM RM Three Jimin!
Ji… Ah! Why are you going over there? (Getting drunk on the penalty.) Right now it’s 2:2 I’ll give you an opportunity to punish the other team. (The members will personally punish the losers for the last round.) (With good motivation, round 5 start!) Ting ting ting tang tang tang tang ting ting.. tin.. (Let’s calm down.) (Copy-cat.) Round 5 starts with Jin’s attack! Ting ting tang tang fry pan game! Three V!
V V V Four Hope!
Hope Hope Hope Hope Three RM!
RM RM RM Four Jin!
Jin Jin Jin Jin Three Jungkook!
Jungkook Jungkook Jungkook One Jimin!
Jimin! Four RM!
RM RM RM R… (Team Hope is really happy.) (Missed each others’ destiny.) Let’s hammer time! Listen well! (He has found another talent.) Thor : Jin the thunder. (Are you shaking…?) (Time to show off his talent.) V was attacking Jin. (Jin’s swing deserves a round of applause.) That was great! A national game fry pan game comes to an end. Team Hope wins! (The rain has almost stopped towards the end of the day.) The final score is 3:2 to team Hope. Thanks to the rain, our picnic got canceled. We continued the day with positive minds. We were able to do low budget Channel BTS X Man. How do you feel about winning, team Hope? Well, I think we all expected this result. Of course it’s because of the leader, J-hope. (Completely disagrees.) We were supposed to have a BBQ party but instead you made a stage with tape. You guys are so bad! But we won so I’m feeling good. MC Suga: Give us a financial report. 50 men worth of meat went to tape. There were boxes too. The boxes are the most expensive. Socks, stockings, A4 paper, toy hammer…?! The members are going back on props they used today. BTS are unhappy about not being able to eat meat. Maybe the boxes are made of 24k gold. The crew didn’t tell me who X Man is for security reasons. Let’s hear who they think X Man is before voting. Suga: Who do you think X Man is, J-hope? J-hope: I think RM is. It’s because of his frozen face. He looked like he was thinking this whole time. He was way too careful. (The members agree with J-hope’s opinion.) (The public opinion is burning hot.) (Feeling victimized.) (RM’s crossed legs, mistake or on purpose?) Suga: What about Jimin? Jimin: The one who was said even though he won… me. (Whatever.)
(Jimin accuses Jimin himself.) J-hope: That’s enough. (Is this a trick?) (What does Jin think?) Jin: I tried pushing RM on the side like when I practiced with Jungkook. He fell way too easily. (RM didn’t try very hard during pig fight.) (RM is frustrated that the members are becoming distant with tangsuyuk.)
RM: We’re stabbing our own backs.) One thing I’ve learned today is… that BTS members can’t read between the lines. Suga: Then who do you think X Man is? RM: I say Jimin. He’s way too into himself. I think all that acting was planned. (Stands up.) (His actions are very suspicious.) (Is this all planned like RM said?) (Jungkook thinks X Man is…)
Jungkook: Jimin. (Jimin is just happy to be pointed at.) Suga: What about V? V: Jin. (Jin has been acting like X Man for 22 years. He’s X Man today as well?) (The member are all ready.) Jimin: Let’s vote~ (Voting start.) (Suga is looking at something carefully.) Suga: I can tell that this show is low budget. Usually the papers are printed but the crew handmade these. RM: Is this cardboard we used to use in primary school? 600 won was it?
(It’s not 600, it’s 500 won.) (The members are focusing on voting.) (Voting complete.) Suga: Let’s start with Jin. (Who did Jin choose?) (One vote for RM.) RM: This is why you are X Man! Jin: Why am I X Man? Jin 1 vote
RM 1 vote Jin 2 votes
RM 1 vote Jin 3 votes
RM 1 vote (Mixed emotions…) (Jungkook changed his mind just before revealing.) J-hope: Why did you change? Who did you choose before? Jungkook: It’s Jimin~ (Jimin is just happy to be chosen.) Jin 4 votes
RM 1 vote (V changed from Jimin to Jin.) Jin 5 votes
RM 1 vote Suga: Voting is finished now.
(Jin is very popular today.) (Jin is chosen as the culprit through voting.) Suga: Now let’s see whether Jin is X Man. If Jin is X Man, the other members will get to eat jajangmyeon and tangsuyuk. If Jin isn’t X Man only the real X Man will get to eat jajangmyeon and tangsuyuk. Suga: This is a 21st century cutting-edge system. We will check Jin’s identity through fingerprint sensor system. The system is… MC Suga’s eyes. (Fingerprints…) (You flustered, Jin?) (V and Jungkook are impressed by the fingerprint sensor system.) Suga: I’ve checked his fingerprints. Jin is… (Breathtaking moment.) X Man or not? Ah!!!!! (MC Suga knows how to MC.) (Again)
Jin is… revealing in 60 seconds. Soon, X Man’s identity will be revealed! Coming soon,
the mystery of X Man’s identity gets more deep. The result of the twist will be revealed soon.

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    All of them look so fresh here

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  9. I became sad watching old video's of bts . Because they just doesn't stop ignoring, insulting, dissing Jin . And that baby become so sad that shows on his face . Though suga didn't stop that till now anyway maybe that's his way to show love to his Jinnie

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    Jimin and Jungkook:just gotta take my thingys off while jungkook be silent

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