Let’s get Ronaldo! Let’s get Ronaldo! No, not you Ronaldo. I am talking about Ronaldo in FIFA. Agh! Nani? Ain’t nobody want Nani! Well, now that you are here, do you want to play some FIFA? I have a better idea. Why don’t you two play a game and I will watch. Yeah! Go ahead guys, have a seat! I will be watching from right here! This is going to be good…. Agh! So close! So close! Come on guys! Step up the pace! Let’s go! Oohhhh!!!! That’s a penalty! That’s a penalty! Those are dirty tricks right here. Dirty! Don’t listen to him, Messi, take the penalty. Goal! Wow! Good half, guys, good half! Where are you going, man? Alright, take some time. You go this man. In the second half, you are going to come back. Naw, he is not. There he is, man of the hour. Man of the hour. Did you do your hair or something? Get your eyebrows tweezed? It’s all good, let’s get into the second half, guys. Agh! Come on Ronaldo! Let’s tie this up! Goal! Nice! Nice! Wow! Good game guys, very good game! Let’s take this straight into penalties! Whoever wins this game is better at FIFA. Come on guys, straight to penalties! What are you doing? Of course, Messi is an unbelievable player. And maybe at the end, he push me harder to be better and better Wait? What are you even saying? This does not sound like you! Where are you guys going? I thought you hated each other. You are going to end this game in a tie? I did not expect this at all….

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