Roman Reigns’ WWE Debut

Roman Reigns’ WWE Debut

highly-regarded a potential star on the
rise CJ Parker a tough assignment as Roman Reigns has gotten a lot of the
attention leading into this matchup but he is a worthy competitor in his old
right a great opportunity for CJ Parker tonight because we’ve heard such a lot
on with the build-up for Roman Reigns it is incredible the league could beat
Roman Reigns that would be a feather in his cap believe the hype Roman Reigns
has tremendous potential the anticipation of his debut has been
building and building to a crescendo tonight that happens right here on NXT
news opponents from Pensacola Florida 265 pounds Roman Reigns! this young man just has a presence about
a star quality to the NXT arena you see everybody just
staring at all medical specimen you’ve been in sports
entertainment for decades the great ones have that it factor and Roman Reigns has
that innovative in factor the whole package
and looking rollin rain raining over the ring with the boys and calm of a veteran
this just his debut we’ll be talking about this for years to come the focused intensity of CJ Parker out
of Joliet Illinois wearing off with the tremendous anticipated debut of Roman
reigns out of Pensacola Florida straight away we could see his skill level at
Roman reigns sounds just the way that he was able to to roll CJ Parker out of
that headlock and just his strengthened ability showing us that tackle look the
way he’s just caught him out of midair Roman reigns with tremendous power
there’s the first strike on an arm to the neck area big and athletic 6-3 265
pounds and light on his feet oh nothing light about that strike to the jaw
listen brains someone who’s been competing in this wonderful business of
Oz fit for as you say decades I noticed a lot of things that a lot of people
don’t and they often don’t notice more than anything is incredible footwork and
agility and Roman reigns has just exceptional footwork and it will tell
him a long way with being the size of these and the ability that he hasn’t the
strength this is a man that’s gonna be a huge star a huge star not only in NXT
but a huge star in the WWE we are witnessing a memorable debut sometimes
the build-up the height exceeds the actual talent that’s not the case here
because it’s a worthy opponent CJ Parker is a talented competitor
yes ledge which in a great deal hour CJ Parker always impresses at Parker
battling his way back into this one could have Lucic move there by reigns
reigns as you mentioned terrific athletic ability going for the pin right
away range with a strike to the forehead
he is so complete that one thing as he works on the left arm continuing to
apply punishment and locking in the left arm now when you talk to the other
competitors in the locker room they rave about how versatile roman reigns in such
a thorough and complete weapon offensively defensively in the air on
the ground seemingly no vulnerabilities for a young guy that’s impressive phrase
coming from Spears the WWE officials know what they have when they stay they
see Roman reigns they know they have a potential mega superstar in their midst
and that’s what we see and that’s what you can just tell looking at it I mean I
can tell just looking at him the way he carries himself I mean this young man’s
always dressed in beautiful three-piece suits he knows he has that star quality
knows that people look at him that he knows here’s a cover quick turn around
he knows the ability fighters go that CJ Parker able to turn the tide and now a
knee to the chin Roman reigns is gonna have to work to make this a victorious
debut he just took a boot to the chin and now Parker on the move and knees up
we’re talking we’re actually not giving CJ Parker fair you know showing here
because CJ Parker could easily defeat Roman reigns and all this talk that we
did in Roman reigns to go to nothing because CJ Parker’s a skill could cut
his injured arm is being pinpointed by a savvy Roman reigns taking advantage of
the injured arm and now reigns lines them up for a powerful throwdown Roman
race remember the first time we saw Roman
reigns NXT universe that’s a star right there Roman reigns is special Roman
reigns has it Roman reigns he’s going to be a huge
superstar it’s as simple as that we’ve got a look at this finish what’s
strength by reigns to end it in M panic fashion easily covering and securing the
win Roman reigns with a dramatic an emphatic statement in his debut by
pinning CJ Parker at Parker is devastated still laying in the center of
the Ring up next

100 Replies to “Roman Reigns’ WWE Debut”

  1. When we never had an idea that he fought against leukemia once.
    No matter the hate, the over push, the boring character development and stupid vince McMahon creative stupidity, roman reigns proved his worth.
    And look at him now, the biggest inspiration for everyone.
    And now with eric bischoff running smackdown, i wish he makes roman reigns the most ruthless HEEL we've ever seen. The best of Roman Reigns is yet to arrive????

  2. Roman reigns Believe that best Superstar all time great my favorite hero Roman reigns the big dog my hero I love you

  3. Roman Reigns defeated CJ Parker in his NXT debut
    Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose) defeated Juice Robinson in his NJPW debut

  4. The second wrestler become the most bonafide wrestler in the world now and most improved wrestler his name is cj parker aka Juice robinson

  5. William Regal sucking his balls and that other commentary sucking his balls talk about Roman Reigns motherfukers still suck

  6. i want to meet my favorite handsome wrestler roman reigns someday ? ?☺️☺️☺️☺️???☀️????️??☘️??️☃️⛄❄️??⚡?⭐??✨☀️?☄️?

  7. a heel Roman reigns is way better then a face. Besides if wwe wasn’t trying to push this guy to be the top superstar and giving him endless opportunities over more deserving talent, then maybe I would’ve liked his character. I’m just saying.

  8. I never seen his first entrance, thanks for this upload because I'll be damned if I give WWE my money they got enough blood money to last them.

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