Roman Reigns vs. Dolph Ziggler: Raw, Aug. 19, 2019

Roman Reigns vs. Dolph Ziggler: Raw, Aug. 19, 2019

>>Roman Reigns trying to build momentum
and fire up here against Ziggler, who’s had his own problems as of late. Not just Goldberg but Miz last week.>>Dolph’s his own worst
enemy at this point.>>And
just continues to run his mouth, king.>>I know it. He’s getting that mouth shut up tonight.>>Eight, nine, ten! [SOUND]
>>Roman in a zone now.>>[LAUGH]
>>Reigns with a big boot, down goes Ziggler.>>Look out.
>>Uh-oh.>>Dolph Ziggler locked and loaded.>>Wait a minute!>>The superman punch, Dolph from behind. Rollin’ up Roman. Two count kickout near fall for Ziggler.>>DDT.
>>That did it.>>Ziggler for the win and
what a win it would be over Reigns.>>Kicks out at two.>>That was close. [APPLAUSE]
>>Look at that face. I don’t know if you guys know this,
but Roman Reigns is a pacifist. He could pass a fist right through
his face in just about 30 seconds. [LAUGH]
>>And that’s what Roman Reigns would love to do again. [APPLAUSE] The big dog, fired up! Ziggler trying to make
it back to his feet. Roman Reigns has Ziggler in his sights.>>Uh-oh.
>>[SOUND] Roman went for the spear. Famouser by Ziggler.>>Are you kidding me?>>That’s gotta be it.
>>Countered by Dolph, hooks the leg again on Reigns,
who kicks out at two. [APPLAUSE]
>>Everyone knows I’m better than you.>>Evil thoughts going
through that head of his.>>You had your chance and you blew it. You blew it, idiot.>>Again, Dolph getting carried away.>>Do something. Do something Roman. Do something
>>One, two, three. Come on, back it up, Dolph, come on.>>Now we end this.>>Dolph signals, says, now we end this.>>Roman Reigns says, yes, we do. Cover on Ziggler.>>My gosh.>>The big dog with the win.>>Goodnight GZ.>>Roman Reigns. [MUSIC]

100 Replies to “Roman Reigns vs. Dolph Ziggler: Raw, Aug. 19, 2019”

  1. Dolph is an idiot!!! Keeps running that mouth and keeps getting his butt whipped!!! If he is so bad and better than everyone else, why isn't he going after Drew McIntire or Braun Strowman??? Dolph is getting old and annoying maybe he needs to rethink his career.

  2. How i would've booked dolph have ziggler :
    Dolph beats Goldberg in really good match cleanly. Goldberg offers to shakes his hand after the match which dolph ziggler accepts, turning dolph face. The next night on raw he has a good back and forth match with the miz but ends in the dolph winning by disqualification by ec3 attacking dolph during the afternoon dolph hit the superkick. They go on to fued until night of champions. Each week something entertaining, good, and RELEVANT happens to the build up their match at night of champions. At NAC dolph almost has the win but the light go out. And the fiend hits the mandible claw. EC3 gets his arm around dolph to get the win

  3. Roman che grande campione battere uno vestito di rosa. Potevano dargli uno un po' più scarso . È come sparare sulla croce rossa

  4. Dolph ziggler is becoming a joke. Not a great heel in his first heel run as dolph ziggler or his face run. At this rate even his nicky gimmick is better than his current heel gimmick. Dolph’s career went down hill since his lost to kofi.

  5. Is DZ doing some kinda PhD on Spears? 4 Spears in 2 matches…
    Dr. Dolph Ziggler
    Ph.D. (Spear Marking).
    That's wierd.

  6. Roman is boring people said when he beats the dead man

    But what about seth when he destroyed the carrer of sting

    So why no hate for seth. Seth is more overrated wrestler than roman… He is double champ 3rd time… So why ppl r not saying seth is overrated… He sucks really plz wwe do not destroy carrers of wrestlers

  7. Hello Guys Can you Friendship Me ❤️
    For my Instagram ID ( wwe_romanreingsofficial ) Thanks for follow ME ?

  8. I like roman regins..he is the tagline"strength,power,fast n furious n lots more…no one can beat him never ever love from pakistan may u live long

  9. 2:09 19 August 2013 This Date Roman Reigns Same Spear Hit To Dolph Ziggler Form The Post And Latter 19 August 2019 Same Spear And Same Date

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