Roman Reigns’ unexpected teammates: WWE Top 10, Sept. 28, 2019

Roman Reigns’ unexpected teammates: WWE Top 10, Sept. 28, 2019

>>Uh-oh, uh-oh, Big Show looking for
a chokeslam on Reigns!>>Merry Christmas, Roman!>>Spear!>>[APPLAUSE]
[SOUND]>>Get out of the corner.>>Get out of the corner.>>Roman Reigns seems like he’s just
getting warmed up here on Bobby Lashley.>>Miz will tag himself into the match. Miz of course will be locked inside
a steel cage with Shane McMahon on Sunday. This has been much different Miz
than we’ve become accustomed to.>>You heard Miz earlier tonight. It’s the first time he’s ever even been
on the same side as the WWE Universe. [SOUND]
>>Look at Owens, Kevin Owens is into it. Now he makes the tag.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Well, no, no.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Guys, you were so close to making a great team.>>Brogue kick!>>Come on.>>Spear!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Remember, Owens is legal. And Roman reigns is gonna be a good
teammate, and help out the champion.>>One, two, three!>>And Reigns and Owens with the win.>>How about that? [SOUND]
>>Hey!>>And now Woods, RKO to Woods!>>That’s one!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Reigns with the Spear Woods, and I believe inadvertently it speared Orton. And now the cover. Kofi Kingston [SOUND] covers Orton for
the win!>>Heads up, spear!>>[NOISE]
>>Cover!>>One, two, three!>>Reigns and R truth wins.>>Here are your winners,
R-Truth and Roman Reigns! [MUSIC]>>[INAUDIBLE] wait a minute. The match is over,
the 24/7 Championship rules was on effect. Cover R-Truth!>>One, two.>>Truth has won the title back! He did it again!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Can Roman make the tag? Dolph gets to McIntyre. Here comes the monster!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Wait a minute, Strowman’s legal with Ziggler,
and beat up Reigns.>>It’s a mugging. What is going on? My God.
>>This was a brilliant play.>>I told you, I’m not finished with you!>>Talk about playing the long
game if you’re Braun Strowman. [SOUND]
>>Charlotte looking to steal one here on Sasha. Sasha with the Bank Statement.>>The Bank statement!>>Shades of last week!>>Spear!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Charlotte attacks again! [SOUND]
>>[NOISE]>>Here are your winners, the team of
the United States Champion Roman Reigns, and the Raw Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks!>>[APPLAUSE] [SOUND]
>>Shane gonna go for the ride, choke slam!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>An unbelievable resurrection for the Undertaker. Undertaker saying it’s over,
though MacIntyre in the background, Undertaker doesn’t realize he’s there. And a spear! Big dog strong. Roman Reigns with a spear to MacIntyre. [SOUND] Superman punch!>>That did it. Superman punch, Cena!>>Look at this!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Looking straight at Reigns.>>Cena stealing Roman’s thunder.>>Spear!>>No,
actually they work together momentarily.>>Here’s the cover by Reigns!>>One, two, three! [SOUND]
>>Cena is trying to steal Roman’s thunder, and he just did it.>>Here are your winners,
John Cena and Roman Reigns! [MUSIC]>>Now Del Rio looking for the cross
arm bar, caught in Sister Abigail.>>Cover. Spear! [SOUND] And Bray wins! Bray and Roman win.>>Here are your winners,
Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt!>>Can you believe we just said Bray and
Roman win?>>Absolutely not. [MUSIC]

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