39 Replies to “Rolling Thunder Kick Viral Video 2019 (Official slow motion) Fastest Kick in the World 2019 UFC MMA”

  1. And i thought the scissors goal in soccer was impressive! No doubt this is the MMA version.

    Just…. like……that!

  2. This video is ducking trash all people wanted to see is the damn knockout and you have skipped it like 5 times in the beginning of the video how low is ur IQ?

  3. He just lucky because his opponent is at the same height as him. He won't stand a chance fighting with a taller guy.

  4. I hope that goes all right great video great music you’re going somewhere with this come on man keep us in the loop awesome come on man ?

  5. Hope your Happy with video I shortened it so it's smoother to watch

    ( The Position of all camera's was very hard to capture in this instance but I did my best for you Please Thumbs up )

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