Robot Olympics (with Bec Hill)

Robot Olympics (with Bec Hill)

In South Korea they held a Robot Olympics They’re getting stronger, faster, and more clever Robots from around the world took part in the contest And this year they performed better than ever One of them almost posted a letter One nearly climbed a stair One of them managed to stir a teacup And it went everywhere
*whizz!* I’ve spent all day watching the Robot Olympics And now I’m really scared If things go on like this they’ll turn on their masters We’d better be prepared Make sure your house is robot-proof by sprinkling gravel Doors keep them at bay. And if you ever find yourself chased by a robot Start walking calmly away. So keep an eye out for the robot invaders They might come to your home town And maybe next year when they’re much more advanced As few as only 80 percent will fall down. Hi, thank you very much for watching my name is Bec Hill I made this video, you were just listening to the wonderful Jay Foreman, as always. If you like this Please check out my channel and there’s links and if you’d like to come and see me live check out my website, details are in the description I’m performing live this August in Soho Theatre. It’s a show all about the future So you can come see this live and some other stuff. Have a nice day. Byeeeee!

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  1. Am I the first to point out that the artist/comedian's name can be read as "be chill"? Excellent work from both Bec and Jay!

  2. The description says there's more Unfinished London and Map Men coming in October, so don't keep asking for them.

  3. This video is too unrealistic. Skutters could never pick up a letter, useless little goits they are, let aone take it to the mailbox.

  4. Please active community captions on your videos. I want put Spanish subtitles for the Hispanic community. Thanks

  5. I literally watched a bunch of your videos this morning, then an hour later you uploaded a new vid! Wooooo!

  6. You're laughing at them now, but let's see who'll be laughing in 10 years when your autonomous car decides to go full Malthus on you.

  7. I for one welcome our new robot companions, and hope that this video doesn't embarrass any AI, as walking takes us a while to learn as well. 😉

  8. Promote a friend… Fair enough… but come on lets see you doing a proper Brexit episode and get you on Question Time as a guest!? P.S. What's your day job?

  9. WWWooooaahhhh what's with the robot hate? Machines are 50 times better than humans. I can think of 25 reasons off the top of my head when I'm pissed up as to why robots are better. Who the fuck wants more humans? They're' the WORST! Even the robot machine spellchecker assisted me in detecting errors in this comment, there's another good reason. Bring on AI, got to be better than talking to twats all day.

  10. Jaaaaay? How have you made a video explaining the Northern Heights without any other failed extensions? Like the other Jubilee Line route, the Bakerloo Extension or maybe even the Central Line to Denham?

  11. Don't pay any mind to people complaining about not enough uploads or asking for certain types of videos. Keep doing what you love 🙂 Map Men might be how I found your channel, but you're a tremendously creative guy so ten thumbs up. Love the animation!!!

  12. "By the way, there's new 'Unfinished London' and 'Map Men' coming in October… stay tuned….." Well where are they Jay? I've been waiting for 2 months now m8.

  13. Ok Jay, ready for a long message?
    I think u r incredible and by far my favourite comedian, let alone youtuber, in school they ask me what I would do if I had a make a wish wish and I always say meet you. You are one of the best independent and personality based channels on YouTube. Your music is complexity inspiring, I want to be a musician as it is, u include many ideas into my growing young mind. Thank you for being there always, I can always come to your page and just chill and forget everything that makes things black and white in life. Currently I am going throw a bad stage, even tho I am only 14 but I am staying positive because I know I can always fall back into you genius. Once again thanks for the memories, you will always have a fan.
    From your life long fan,

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