“Robbie? I’ll convince the lads!” | Arjen Robben answers FC Bayern KidsClub Questions

“Robbie? I’ll convince the lads!” | Arjen Robben answers FC Bayern KidsClub Questions

That’s a good question. Arjen, you’re such an ambitious player so I wanted to ask you if you were ambitious in school too. Very. I always wanted to be the best, I wanted to be the fastest, I wanted to finish my homework first and I was very ambitious to get good marks in school. That always worked well for me and alongside football that’s always been in me. Did you visit a football academy? No I didn’t. I started playing in Holland and like most of you I simply started playing at my local club. At the age of 12 I joined a professional club called FC Groningen. I was there for four years until I turned 16 but I never stayed at a club home or at academy facilities. I lived at home with my parents while playing. I was picked up by a small bus for training every day and then dropped off again. But I did sleep at home. What would you have done if a career at Bayern hadn’t worked out for you? I think I would have done something involving sports. Maybe a P.E. teacher or something like that. I just love sports. I love tennis and all other sports really. I like to watch and play all kinds of sports. Therefore, I think it would have been something involving sports. Is there anything you miss from Holland? I miss my family and my friends. When you live in a foreign country your family and friends are the only thing you can’t take along. When did you start playing on the Dutch national team? Let me think. I was 19 years old when I played my first game for Holland in a friendly against Portugal. I am a left-footed player like you. Which side should I play on? That’s a good question. When I was young I played in the middle most of the time and I think it’s good to try several positions. Later I went to the left wing and now I’ve been playing on the right for ten, eleven years and I love it. What’s your favorite spot in Munich? I love being at home. We travel so much and play so many games, we spend a lot of time in hotels so I love to be at home with my family. I always wanted to know what your nickname in the team is? As far as I know I don’t have one. I think it’s tough to abbreviate Arjen. We call Manuel Neuer “Manu” but in my case it’s more difficult. How about Robbie? Robbie, yes. That would work. I’ll try to convince the lads. How did it feel to play for Bayern Munich for the first time? That was a very special game for me. I think you always feel that way when you play for a new club. It’s your first game, it was at home in the Allianz Arena and I joined Bayern really late. The Bundesliga had already started when I joined and Bayern had played two or three games already. I came here two or three days before the end of the transfer period in August. I only trained once with my new team mates, I started on the bench but I came on at halftime and scored two goals. Obviously that felt really special and the atmosphere in the stadium was fantastic. In which season did you score the most goals? How many did you score? I think it was a season under Pep Guardiola. For a while I was the league’s top scorer but unfortunately I sustained injury so I wasn’t able to battle for the top-scoring trophy until the end. I think I scored 18 goals but due to the injury I missed six or seven games. It could have been more. Who knows what Arjen’s most important goal was? That was in the Champions League final against Dortmund. Well done! How does it feel to be in the tunnel in the Allianz Arena? That feels great. You’re looking forward to playing, you’re a little anxious too and you just want to get out. You know the stadium is full, you’re looking forward to the game and sometimes you are a little nervous but that’s all part of the game. I always enjoy going up the steps. What was the best goal you scored? I scored a good one against Manchester United in the Champions League once. That was after a corner and I volleyed it in from just inside the box. That was a good goal and then I scored another good one against Schalke in the DFB Cup semifinal. The goalie gave me the ball in our own half and I just ran all the way to the opposition’s goal and scored. Those were probably my two best goals here. Do you want to end your career here or will you transfer to another club in future? Maybe I’ll stay here for another year or I might go somewhere else. I honestly don’t know. It’s all in the open and in football things can happen so quickly so all you can do is wait. Which club did you play for before Bayern? I started to play in Holland for a small club in my hometown. Then I went to Groningen, that’s a professional team that plays in the first league in Holland. Then I transferred to PSV Eindhoven, Chelsea in England, Madrid in Spain and finally I joined Bayern. What do you like best at Bayern? Here at Säbener Street we have everything we need and we can train very well. If you look behind you you’ll see pictures of a very beautiful stadium which I also like a lot. It’s fantastic to be able to play there all the time. I honestly have to say I like very many things.

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  1. Arjen ist ein toller Typ .Würde mir wünschen wenn er mal zurück stecken würde . Ohne gleich immer Theater zu machen .

  2. Hallo Arjen. Ich wollte Sie schon immer mal fragen: Was war Ihre schönste Schwalbe?
    Zum Spitznamen würde dann auch "flying dutchman" passen

  3. Robben is the best winger in the world. Such a pity he would quit after some years. I hope bayern will renew his contract again next year because he still is the best player of the team.

  4. Robben's German seems very precise and comfortable – is this fairly normal for Nederlands speakers, or is Arjen better than most?

  5. Bin kein Bayernfan aber Robben fand ich immer Spitzenklasse…auch selbst nach unzähligen Verletzungen immer wieder aufgestanden und so oft den entscheidenen Unterschied ausgemacht!
    Meine Hochachtung Arjen Robben

  6. He is one the best in the world sport and very humbled GUY and deserve something nobody had received in football – at lease i have a 1000 euros for him for a last goal against Leipzig,with more 1000s to be continued as a credit in the foundation of me. hope Arjen will continue being coach in fc Bayern too for Youth club at least

  7. Arjen Robben eres una leyenda en el mejor club fc Bayern de München Mia San Mia Saludos desde peru soy un hincha mas del club

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