Road to Rampage – Training & Injuries – Ep. 2

Road to Rampage – Training & Injuries – Ep. 2

you are looking at the leader Andre Lacondeguy Landry was definitely contented when rampage I’m sure there’s plenty of people that shocked it Andrea does well rampage all this first stuff you saw of him was slopestyle under jumping I mean he crushed all that stuff he is blazing nice big backflip but I mean the kid came from racing golf of him and his brother came from downhill racing originally 53 foot drop so it makes complete sense wise he’s a badass at rampage throughout Andre of Kentucky’s career one rider has had more influence than any other sharply you’ll need an open shut them open and I’ve seen that old-school sabra around the beginning of the beginning yeah I’ve been riding with my brother seems pretty much the first day I rode a bike that’s me and it’s it cause you’re always building with someone and you’re always sharing like stories there’s some funny photos some hardtail action in there manual action in there my brother with both arms broken that’s the first Superman’s when we start racing I was beating him always because I was of course two years older when he came about to free stuff from the beginning he already start life on another leveling off the brothers would get their big break in 2008 at 26 tricks a dirt jump competition in Leo gang Austria I was 16 and my brother was 18 the first big trip out of the country like out of Spain and everything was slow then and we ended up filming for New World Disorder that weekend we were just super stoked we are like we didn’t even speak any English like that hey mr. Schmidt mano en avión he several weeks he monta and want a mic I’d never got hurt before and I was just sending it I did it a whip and then I did a double whip and then I thought that I could do a triple whip and I tried but my cable wasn’t long enough cuz I didn’t even check so I ended up landing on my face and like that the Lacondeguy brothers became some of the biggest names in the sport we were pretty pretty stoked about it about that new life and we just keep following it traveling the world being us and providers it was probably the best thing about being a pro rider you know being on one of the seeker stables filming with the Seekers filming crews and we were just loving it and that was like the first years and I remember those like that’s nothing eventually the dream faded for Louise and he took a step back out of the limelight he’s just gonna go over the whole hunted scene and hang the month of Mike for a little bit and there’s bmxing a bunch and just riding for fun and that’s what he’s doing now all the time I mean it’s still sick you know aundrea would spend many more years in the public eyes standing on top of many of slope styles most prestigious podiums but this season he has decided to redirect his writing I write for fun I always been writing for fun and I just don’t have fun going to the calms anymore I’d like to go to a parking lot and write someone else’s idea I just want to go to a six spot that I found build a seat line build a drum and write it although both riders are known for writing slope style their roots are in racing yeah we were writing on our pedal bikes and we just saw these dulo trail and we start following it I never seen anything like that before is just like bangs and wolves and dirt it’s pretty crazy to follow my brother and it’s good to have someone to ride all the time and it’s like 10 years ago on the other side of the world Kyle prepares for busy season on the road and he heads to angelfire New Mexico for a national downhill race Kyle’s career started in racing and he’s never lost his passion for it kind of funny getting back to racing again it’s more of a mental game I think then than anything really I love racing it kind of helps you breed into what kind of rampage Ryder you’re gonna be anytime on your bike is gonna help you rip rampage while Kyle’s years of experience allow him to focus on certain styles of riding up in Canada Toms choice of disciplines is less clear it’s weird cuz like you either focus on slope style and just get all your tricks super dialed or steering big bike stuff I like both five years ago we had the two little Dutch kids come into the shop together the curb was quick man like we see him doing some no hand race here and there and then he’s doing like 65 foot front flip bar spins right so my goal for this year was to kind of get a good overall in the FMB and worked my way maybe up into the diamond series but these days reaching the diamond series means you have to collect points in the smaller FMB of all right welcome everyone this is a silver style slope style here in Sylvan star action boom bang ding break time here so stars Club it off the level of riding at these events is higher than ever there is so many kids that I didn’t know about they were just killing it even like the amateur contest was insane like some crazy tricks with rampage quickly approaching tom has to start strategizing for the new venue and the first thing you’ll need is a build crew so Ozzie is a friend of mine from Bernie super-sick bill they’re just a funny guy Tom invited me to dig at rampage and I could not turn on an option like that like that’s my dream it’s gonna be a lot of digging at the new rampage site to dig till I fainted fort all around page like stoked to be out there a good builder not only has to know how to dig but they have to know how to ride as well we got them all fired up at the start and it worked he hugged a seven head run we put together an insane run somehow one with my first run taking the top spot and kill those attacks Oh God come on out dog first place it’s silver style is a good start but there are lots of points to collect if he wants to get in the diamond series so next up I’m flying to Munich for Crimeline just for the weekend well Tom heads to Europe Kyle continues his tour at highland mountain bike park to focus on the sports future this week I have a whole week at camps I have 27 kids I’ll sit down then come in like this and put your foot out I just really enjoy coaching and you know I get lots of ride time on the bike I like to ride the mountain all day and then soon as that gets about five six o’clock I jump in the truck take the boat out and go fishing in one of the ponds here yeah hopefully we catch some fish today well that’s one oh you yeah yeah rampage is not really them I think Kyle just needs to be himself whenever he is happy he rides pretty good as Kyle enjoys the opportunity to relax Tom’s trip to Europe has made downtime a bit more mandatory and those scratches are so gnarly so I went over to the swatch crime line slopestyle contests in in Europe this is for a before I crashed just smash back into this lip here I just hurt my shoulder and separated it and was out for the next two or three contests I guess as the days to rampage countdown tom is eager to find out when he can continue training and get back on his bike but to find out if I can set riding again soon so let’s find out you you

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  1. Andreu is the best!!!!! But at Red Bull Rampage, he is never on the podium because of the judges!!! He deserves to win!!!!!!!!!!! Go for it ANDREUUUUUUUU. From France

  2. there is always more and more monster advertising in red bull's videos… I dont mind, I dont even drink red bull. but still strange

  3. J'adore road rampage j'ai regardé tout les épisodes mon préféré est le 1il est super je vous le conseille

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