Road to Rampage – The Final Destination – Ep. 6

Road to Rampage – The Final Destination – Ep. 6

I don’t want to get for them and that’s it like I’m gonna go big I’m gonna go fast I’m gonna do tricks and I hope I can put it together and get what I’ve been looking for it’s Thursday the evening before rampage qualifying and Tom still has some unfinished business to attend to last day before qualifying I have to hit everything today that’s gonna be a pretty scary day you have no room to mess up on anything you just have to really know everything and then you come down here and things just get bigger and bigger as you go he’s practiced most of his life but it leads into the 73 foot canyon gap which remains to be hit by any of the riders we’ve built the run-in for the canyon gap at the very top and that should be even earlier than the can he got itself you can go from there yeah buddy you got it no win do that exact same thing and they just went oh just hit the last drop in front of the can you got which was my biggest worry kind of so now all I have to do is hit the canyon gap and I’m at the bottom [Music] [Applause] for the second year in a row Tom guinea-pigs the biggest gap on the course Oh super chill overshot this thing they then feed or something so that definitely hurt my shoulder every hard impact hurts guess I’ll just have to have a smooth brush no choice with the final piece of the puzzle in place it’s time for Friday’s qualifying well this year is definitely I’m a bit more nervous just because my shoulder and exactly ready yep but I’m just stoked to be out of here and be riding see what happens at the start of the season Tom had a simple goal to qualify at rampage but facing off with 25 of the world’s top riders for 10 spots and rampage finals you can make this goal a difficult one pretty nervous for qualifying I’m the next person up gonna be such a good feeling being at the bottom [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I feel super good to get down to the bottom your first run hopefully that’s enough to take me to finals Tom’s first run puts it into first place but there are many more top riders to come to seem do that and I hope that I can do the same [Music] [Applause] Brett readers run bump see Amanda first petting Tom into second 31 ramp Agassi [Music] little trouble day looks like here we go short where the bars I can’t see much but it’s time for Run 2 of qualifiers although both Tom and Brett are confident enough that their scores will take them through to finals some of the other riders first runs left room for improvement it’s getting later in the day we knew it there’s maybe some wind pick up now it’s here and super exposed on the ridge didn’t really put that into consideration when building my line halfway through round 2 a thunderstorm approaches the rampage venue run two of qualifiers has put on hold for safety it hopes that they will be able to continue on senator day but the forecast looks far from ideal all I wanted to do is qualify and I’m in second right now I hope the other guys can get a run in just so guys like Aggie and stuff can be in finals eggie has the most insane line ever if he makes it down to the bottom he’ll be in first no matter what Saturday’s weather is worse than expected and the riders can’t do anything but wait on mother nature I’ve even got to practice much on on the course or on my line or anything this rain coming in but uh I’ll come everything and just get out there and be ready when we have to sit on the bag there you go 2014 rampage custom-painted sagebrush design qualities I guess got moved to tomorrow a lot of riders looking good out there hopefully Aggie can get his run he’s just got to get a solid running and gonna be in finally rung two of qualifiers is able to continue got second chance here so let’s make this one count [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] coming down like I wanna see the way in the backflip here and somehow hung on and I could see people running towards me before I even got to the finish line and I was I pretty much to start crying in first in tears and everyone was just so stoked [Applause] [Music] like I just wanna rampage but I just got through the finals first off welcome to finals rampage okay I just want to make sure everybody is healthy and competing as well fair call your hair Tom’s here Andre readers here’s inks here straight summoning Aggies here correct so last night I thought I’d get a little bit extra practice in and it spun the ramp jump at the bottom and I was over rotating so I let go tweaked my MCL and so I’m down this one out I’m just glad I got on my second run yesterday so what could have been and it’s gonna be a 94 as August II will go into first place in the qualifier sub see all the boy just come down healthy and do their runs and ya lookin for you see the show it’s finally time for finals a year’s training will come down to two runs nervous as always nervous hopefully that we instill calm and I can top to bottom this thing [Music] ready it’s a big day and gonna hammer yeah good luck man starting in like five minutes and just wrote a little bit this morning it’s not windy at all it looks perfect dirts tacky you just send it run number one than Steenburgen on course set up for a big drop oh that’s a huge drop kept a lot of speed as he heads to the canyon [Music] [Music] words cannot describe how heavy the trick was it he just any little mistake in making that jump it’s just gonna you’re just gonna crash hard happy to be walking right now can’t see [Music] [Music] [Applause] is 9/9 rampage although both Tom and Andre you have guinea pig doll of their lines Kyle is safe testing the 73 foot drop for his first run of finals [Music] [Applause] [Music] first runs done I’m sitting in third right now we’ll see I got to clean up the run a little bit more and after that I guess just go for the throat I could say I just want to ride get to the bottom and top breakfast start a day he’s not the day yet he’s part of the dream his first run give it up for Brandon stamina big drop now he’s got a lot of speed to carry into scrub to 360 big baby connects over the Blazer here and that’s it like I’m gonna go big I’m gonna go fast I’m gonna do Triggs and and I hope I can put it together and put on a show and get what I’ve been looking for Lokhande key set to drop in on rut number one we talked about him Kenneth this guy is gonna go big or he is probably gonna end up in the medical tent [Music] and he connects perfectly you speak deputy carrying it all the way through baby what’s believing so smooth the 25 year old from Barcelona Spain on trail Lokhande he has made it very clear he does not want to finish it for he does not want to finishes third he wants the victory here at Bailey [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] for the tamil writers and I know Oh pleasing forgets it man higher again sickest line I’ve seen of the day looking at me drops into this vertical portion [Music] so an 89 on the second west so he’s gonna keep the 89 five he’s gonna remain in second place but let him hear you Cameron sequel Morgana now straight is sitting on 80 5.50 which has him in the top five you see how he gets a little shaken there but not stirred he is still charging 89 for Kyle straight into third place that’s a podium position sit back and hold up it’s the words that can be G’s not forth but I want to go for first to see what Brandon’s got nervous that’s not the guy you want to see up there just let go two breaks and drop right down here huge [Music] ice floes and pulls that one footer back in big 360 fully connect yes he does they’re not cooking tools right [Music] okay just about everything is it enough to knock off Lokhande he in the ninety five point two five so what’s your plan you’re gonna hear the score if I hear the score and I’m first I’m gonna he’s right down so waiting for the score score coming in eighty nine two five in the third place they’re gonna hate these no dude what I should do so we need Oh whoopsie score can happen to our mouths man done I done what I came here to do he’s making his way down not gonna be picking out sack around so in drei Allah Gandhi coming down sitting in the hot seat where he belongs time to crown your Red Bull Rampage sham let’s hear it for aunt Raya [Applause] and like that it’s over each of the riders has done what they came here to do that was my goal for this year it’s just good to be in the finals finally I’m happy and everything else was just a bonus really tom is qualified he’s showed the world he is more than an up-and-comer he has arrived it was cool to watch him build his line ride it and ride it like a man kyle has proved to rampage champions curse to be a missed somebody asked me earlier they were like oh well we’re to think about the rampage Chris I’m like I just made it down and I’m made here so I think it’s motivational I’ve been fortunate enough to make it here once again for my ninth rampage which is no one else has done that along with no one else’s one two so pretty suck beer you get a run down and Andre who is standing exactly where he set out to I just want to keep boy I made these like the beginning of a new road just what I we just wanted to keep and just keep doing it super-soak another rampage is in the history books these rather wrote handsome it’s good he’s a good road ender and the long road begins towards next year’s Red Bull Rampage you you

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  2. The narrator trys to make it look like there is strong competition and tension between the riders. But they are such chill dudes, I think everybody wants the others to succeed.

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  5. As someone who feels super proud every time I successfully complete a blue square single track trail, I can’t even begin to describe how much respect I have for the ability of these athletes.

  6. I think they should wear more protective gear then just a helmet. Like at least some motorcycle off-road chest gear, neck brace, leather padded gloves, etc

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