RIO Olympics LIVE STREAM 2016 ◄ Watch the Olympics LIVE !!!

RIO Olympics LIVE STREAM 2016 ◄ Watch the Olympics LIVE !!!

– [Man] Today
– How to watch the Olympics – for free! Hi, I’m the YouTube guy, Matt Granite. – And I’m his intern, Amy. – Have you ever noticed
that after we start I’m still holding whatever
it is like an idiot for an extended period of time? – Yes.
– [Matt] I’m doing it again. In my hands right now, your key to free Olympic viewing. As we join you, from our
Olympic temporary set. Amy, how do you feel about the set? – I really like it and I
really love the Olympics. I watch them every time they’re on, all day, every day, all
the time, I’m telling you. – And Amy inspired today’s segment as have many of you cord cutters. I think it was last
week where I showed you how to watch TV for free. We did a demo of two amazing resources, which you can still access
by clicking up here, but the issue was no
one knew how to access free Olympic coverage. – And that, you don’t want to miss. – And the issue with the
Olympics is obviously NBC, I may or may not work for them, has the exclusive broadcast rights. So you can’t just find any
clip and a lot of the ones where people are searching for
Olympic broken leg online– – Oh I watched that, it just
makes me cringe, I feel so bad. You’re scrolling through your
newsfeed and you’re like, “Oh an Olympic video” and then
all of a sudden you’re like, “Ahh!” when you see his
leg is like, to the side. – I chose not to watch that, but for those of you searching for that a lot of the clips that go
up are immediately taken down and there is an amazing free resource that many of you will be able to access because you’re watching us right now. I also want to mention
before we get to that we’re giving away free Apple watches. Did you know they came packaged like this? – No, it kind of looks like– – Did you get a whole wrist in there? – Yeah, it kind of looks like
it’s like a stick inside. – Yeah, if you’re not yet subscribed, the iPad Air giveaway followed
by the Apple watch giveaway within the next few weeks, subscribe, turn your notifications
on, we will hook you up. Now speaking of
subscribing, there is a 100% official Olympic channel on YouTube. YouTube is partnered with
BBC and all of the footage that you probably want
to see is accessible at the click of a button. Here’s the official
Olympic YouTube channel. If you subscribe you’ll
get access to this. Or you can just browse. You’ll get recommended clips
based on your viewing habits. You also get the guides,
which is fantastic if you’re following a specific sport. As you can see like the Olympic
guide to rugby is right here and for those clips that have gone viral, the ones that everyone
is searching for online, you’ll also see those
show up in your feed, which is great, as well as a directory of what happened today at the game. In addition to interviews with
specific Olympic team members and a really good USA
category for those of you that are following. All of the iconic moments. – I love how easy this is. It’s super easy to access on a smart phone or a tablet or whatever electronic device you wanna watch it from. So you can’t miss- oh!
She sticks the landing! – I believe you’re talking
about the Olympics. – Talking about Simone Biles. – That’s great. I should also mention that
if you are a fire TV user, and I know we’ve had a couple
of fire TV deals right here. You can watch the Olympics
for free on fire TV. Intern Amy, what’s your
favorite Olympic sport? – Oh gosh, I like swimming and gymnastics. I was a former swimmer
so I like watching it, but I just love watching all the gymnasts. – I actually was a
track person in college, but I have no stamina so
I could never go beyond like 100 meters. – So you were just a sprinter. – Yeah, for a very short period of time, a very fast rate, a very short period and then I shut down. – We have more deals
coming your way this week: smart watch savings, other cool stuff. – You sound really
enthusiastic about that, Amy. – I’m always enthusiastic
about deals but like, we have so many I can’t remember them all. – Amazing deals, bluetooth speakers, all sorts of other crazy savings. Amy and I are gonna be
back at the YouTube studios to up our game a little bit. And if there’s anything
else you wanna save money on let us know. – Thank you guys so much for watching. Thank you for being here and go USA! – Yeah! Wanna win an awesome item I test for free? It’s simple, subscribe,
turn your notifications on. On a desktop it looks like this. Once your notifications are turned on for your desktop or on a mobile platform where it looks like this, if
you here me call your name, you get that item
delivered to you for free. For those of you who want
to buy any of my hot deals, expand the description box
right under the video window. All the links you need are right there.

100 Replies to “RIO Olympics LIVE STREAM 2016 ◄ Watch the Olympics LIVE !!!”

  1. LOL… this video was funny…. Amy did not seem so excited about the olympics… but then I am use to your high energy Matt…. have a great day!

  2. Just cut the cable and replaced it with a fire tv box. Unfortunately, it had a manufacturer defect which Amazon refunded me for, but they were out of stock until September on a replacement! My son and I have been bummed about not being able to watch the Olympics. This is awesome! Thank you all! Knowing NBC's take on YouTube availability, I never thought to check there unless I wanted to watch someone's smart phone recording their TVs broadcast. Thanks again! Time to binge watch tonight!

  3. I am excited for the Olympic Race Walking events…best events of the whole games. It actually looks like the are dancing when walking…like the way Matt dances at least.

  4. Awesome! I am such an Olympic-aholic (seriously, I think my hubby is going to put me in a 12-step program every couple years when the Olympics roll around!!) … I watch every chance I get. I appreciate knowing this info because it's such a hassle to watch when I'm not at home! Thank you, Matt and Amy, for improving my Olympic experience! 🙂

  5. This is great, thank you! NBC's coverage sucks, they spend too much time talking and not enough time showing the sports.

  6. I love watching the Olympics this is great. My sister tried to show me the guy breaking his leg but I just couldn't force myself to watch it.

  7. Thank you Matt and Intern Amy for sharing this very useful information.  I utilize  Over The Air TV and because of where my house sits I can't get my local NBC channel most of the time. So, I was wondering how I could watch the Olympics. Thanks again guys 🙂

  8. Great info and Olympics enthusiasm on display today, Matt and Amy! YouTube is a great way to catch up on the Olympics and I am finding that it is becoming more popular for companies or providers to feature LIVE content. I am finding companies like Samsung streaming live product launch events and I even found the Canadian Curling championships being live streamed several months ago. In my opinion, YouTube seems to be maturing in content from the general stereotype of just being a viral video source.
    I am hooked on the Olympics too! For cordcutters, NBC OTA has been providing good coverage and Sling TV has all the NBC family of channels for full content. But as for my beloved Sling TV… A new competitor has popped up on the radar and I am researching it (perhaps giving a trial) right now. PlayStation Vue? The service is promoted through our recently purchased PS4 system. Know anything about it, Matt? Initial check of pricing and channel offerings looks pretty competitive so far. I will be investigating further… Thanks again guys!

  9. I sincerely love you guys!!! I had been looking for an Olympic app. or YouTube Channel for days! So happy you made this video! Happy Olympic watching to us!! ??

  10. Between Youtube and Amazon Fire TV my wife has been getting her fix of Olympic watching, especially the gymnastics like Amy. Thanks for the info look forward to the coming weeks. Have a great evening!

  11. I personally use an antenna I got from my local store to watch NBC, best spent $15. I've been looking for ways to find such content recorded so I can revisit them, thank you Matt, great as usual!

  12. Thank you Matt and AMY. This is good information to know. Amy almost looks like she is one of the athletes except she does not have USA plastered all over her clothes.  How about a "Deal Dance Olympics" for you fine people.

  13. Can you tech me how to do that please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I'm confused; when I go to the link for the YouTube Olympic channel, it's telling me that the live streaming won't start until 8/21, the day the Olympics ends. I can watch clips until then. How do I access the actual live streaming now?

  15. WOW, what a GREAT resource to get all of the coverage of this years Olympics! I can't watch it most of the time but to be able to access it later is certainly on my to do list.
    When I was in was in grade school I ran cross country, so you would have left me in the dust when it came to short distance in track.
    Keep running those Olympic deals and you'll always receive the gold from us!

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