Rio 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

What’s up, everybody? We’re the Vagabrothers. And right now we are in Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympic games. We’re down here with LA 2024, the committee pushing for Los Angeles to host the 2024 Olympics. Our mission is to experience not just the games, but everything that happens in the city around them. Today is the opening ceremonies, and it’s time to get started. You ready? Let the games begin! All right, guys. Right now we are on Selaron Steps, which is a pretty famous spot here in Rio, named after the artist Selaron who used to live right on these steps. One of the reasons we started here is this really symbolizes the diversity that the Olympics embody. There are all these different tiles from around the world. The Olympics are all about bringing the world together. There’s over a million people coming here for the Olympics, and we’re going to head to the main square in downtown to watch the opening ceremonies. But first we’re going to hop a lift on a pretty cool transportation system To get to the tram that we’re going to take down, we have to hike some pretty steep hills, but it’s worth it. This neighborhood is called Santa Teresa, and in our opinion, it’s one of the chillest neighborhoods in Rio. For for the Olympics Rio has built brand new infrastructure, new buildings. This is one of the oldest parts of the city. And even though they have a new tram, we’re going to take the old-school one. Best part about his tram…. is that it’s free. Rio All right guys. So now to the main square. Downtown. We’re going to watch the opening ceremony. All right guys. Right now we are in downtown Rio on our way to the Olympic Boulevard, and we’re basically going to break down the events for the next two weeks here. For the next two weeks, there are going to be 11,000 athletes from 206 countries, competing for 301 Gold Metals in twenty eight Olympic sports. There are over 28 venues happening all across the city, including beach volleyball in Copacabana, Maracana Stadium and the entire Olympic Village in Barra da Tijuca Right now we’re on our way to the Praça Mauá in the redeveloped port area. It’s basically a live sight. These huge, open spaces where anyone from the public can watch the games on the big screen for free. We’re heading there now to catch the opening ceremonies. Let’s go! We’ve just arrived here in Praça Mauá and we’re on the Olympic Boulevard This whole area has been constructed to host the Olympics. Pretty cool, though. There are people everywhere. Judging from the flags and all the different colors, we’ve got people here from around the world. What is the story behind this place, Bro? This is a five square kilometer area. Biggest attractions are the Museum of Tomorrow right behind me, which was designed by the Spanish architect [Santiago] Calatrava Then you have the modern musem and also the largest piece of art in the world, of mural, by Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra called “Ethnicities.” Just around the corner, we’re going to go check it out. So, Bro. What is the story behind this incredible piece of art work? Behind this is the largest piece of art work in the world: it’s a street mural by Eduardo Kobra a Sao Paulo artist. It’s called Ethnicities, and it basically represents the diversity of the world. There are five indigenous faces from five different continents. It’s pretty cool. It’s definitely super colorful and representative of the spirit that the Olympics are trying to convey. This is my first time ever at the Olympics. We’re going to go take a look and see where people are from. Enough of us talking. Let’s ask the other people here. Azerbaijan! Puerto Rico Namibia! Argentina Australia! Colombia! New Zealand! Canada! Come on, like you mean it. Canada! Now we’re trying to get a little bit of food. Food trucks all along the boulevard, and we’re going to get some veggie burgers Well the sun is setting in the sky. It’s about an hour and a half until the opening ceremony. We’re sitting here people watching. We’re in front of the Brazilian Culture House. I guess one of the cool things that happens at the Olympics is that each country has its own house. They’re located all over the city, and they’re kind of like an open, museum / party area where each country gets to show case its culture. We’re sitting in front of the Brazilian House. There’s a lot of Brazilian people going in there. A lot of people from round the world going in there. A lot of people photo-bombing us. Good vibes all around. The opening ceremony is going to serve a similar purpose: the first half will be about Brazil’s cultural heritage. Then we’re going to have all the athletes from different countries in big procession. One of the interesting things about this year’s Olympics is that there is actually a delegation of refugees from people who have been displaced by primarily the series of war and other conflicts. Should be an interesting twist. Plus two new countries….two of the newest countries, right? You know who those two countries are? Put it in the comment box below. Well guys, opening ceremony have been really amazing. A full historical recap of the history of Brazil, from the indigenous to the Portuguese, to the enslavement of the Africans, to the diversity of modern Brazil, and a really pointed message about climate change. Right now we’re in the midst of pageantry. They’re bringing out all the different nations, one by one, introducing all the countries that are going to be competing in the Olympics. It’s really cool. There are thousands of people here right now. There are millions more watching on television. It’s very cool to see the whole globe tuning into this one event. We’re right here in the center of it all. I feel super honored to be here, Bro. Oh yeah. For sure. We’re going to keep exploring. Stay tuned, guys. We’re going to finish off watching the ceremony from a street-side restaurant. There’s a lot of people here. Good vibes. Good atmosphere. It’s just the first night of many. And we will be vlogging the rest of the Olympics. So in the meantime remember: stay curious, keep exploring, and we will see you guys on the road…. more specifically… at the Olympics. Peace. Boa noite!

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  1. have u guys hung out with Ben Brown there in Brazil? im asking because he's there right now as I've seen in his latest videos… i guess you guys know each other 🙂

  2. Absolutely brilliant! That was some first class A grade travel porn. Keep up the good work.

    PS: Kosovo and South Sudan are the two newest nations competing

  3. these peeps know how to vlog!

    btw, r u guys form Brazil or traveled there for the games
    and if yes, then where are u guys originally from?

  4. I'm Brazilian but living in Japan for a while. It's nice to see you in Brazil! I wish you have a good time! Peace!

  5. You two put out some seriously quality content! You deserve 1M subscribers! And it will happen. Impressive.

  6. i read somewhere that each event/ceremony was around 30 US dollars or less? is that right?! seems surprisingly affordable lol

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  11. Amigo, recomendo que conheça a região dos lagos e costa verde, aqui no rio de janeiro lá estão os maiores paraíso do Brasil.

  12. I unbelievable, the opening of the Olympics placed an Arab representation as if this group was as important as the Indian, Portuguese, African, Dutch and Japanese and forgot the rest of Brazil as the South Region colonized by large groups of Germans, Italians, Poles , Ukrainians, Japanese. It seems that even in Brazil are still trying to exalt the Arab culture and religion, which had little influence here, why is it that the media continues exalting the guys when in fact they have shown all its fury against all that is different from them?

  13. just love it. as a brazilian, i feel super pride about the olympics here, in rio. and super happy for you, guys, to be here. enjoy the city, the games and the country! hope you feel super welcome.

  14. Hello, thanks for the video! My boyfriend and I will be flying from to Chicago to Rio next month for my 30th birthday. I was just wondering if you guys got vaccinated prior to travelling. Do you think that it's that important? And if so, which vaccines? Thanks in advance!

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  18. Um dos melhores vídeos que vi das Olimpiadas moro no Estado do Espírito Santo, Brasil, só fui no Rio quando criança, fiquei até animado em visitar novamente, mudou muita coisa nos últimos anos, ganhou mais um inscrito no canal.

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