Ride and Seek: San Diego BMX w/ Garrett Reynolds | S1E3

Ride and Seek: San Diego BMX w/ Garrett Reynolds | S1E3

My name is Corey Martinez and
I am a professional BMX rider. I’m bringing my friends on this trip
to go film and ride motorcycles, go camping, and just enjoy the open air. [ Red Bull
Ride & Seek ] [ San Diego, CA ] [ Garrett Reynolds
@reynoldsfiend [ Corey ] Garrett can do anything he wants. Whatever he puts his mind
to he can do it. Pretty much a machine, he can do it
really easily somehow. I rarely see him try super
hard to pull something. – Oh, this kid’s a joke. [Corey] Garrett is so humble when he rides, I feel like he knows he can
do anything he wants and he’s better than everyone, but he doesn’t show that. He doesn’t display that attitude at all. He basically rides and enjoys
riding with everyone, and then when it comes time to filming it’s usually when everyone else is done and then he’ll do what he wants,
and shut the place down. I feel like has that much respect
for his friends when he’s riding. [Garrett} My favorite part of BMX is getting on the bike in the morning. Days you don’t have that are not as fun as the days you have it. [Garrett] Corey Martinez, to me, is a
really badass street rider that I looked up to growing up. I think he’s probably responsible for
a lot of the way kids ride today. [Corey] Anytime Garrett puts out
any kind of footage, whether it’s an edit or a video part, it’s definitely something that’s gonna
change people’s view on how to ride a bike. Garrett runs the game. There’s no one on Garrett’s level at all. Garrett runs this joint. [ unintelligible ] I’ve known Tony since I was 13. He was one of the older dudes who
was actually pretty cool to me. I have known since I met him that this kid was, like,
something ridiculous. You could just tell how good he was,
how down he was. When it comes to riding and getting down,
dude, that kid just blows minds. [Garrett] I like being able to cruise
down the city blocks and just being comfortable
to jump or rail hop, or, like, hit a rail especially in San Diego, too,
because it’s such a bust. Fiend is a bike company I decided
to start with a friend of mine two years ago. We pretty much base everything
on just our crew, our fans, and just kind of trying to make quality stuff. [ JJ Palmere
@palmerey With Deadline, I want to keep it raw, help it relate to kids in a sense. And, hopefully motivate those kids
to start filming videos and get more crews together in BMX. Now we’re actually out filming.
I’m filming Ty, I get to film JJ, Steve-o and Augie and all these dudes. When our crew’s together,
when we’re actually riding, everyone’s so motivated. We really are like this crazy,
dysfunctional family. – [expletive] you!
[expletive]! As steezy as it gets. And he’s fucking
having days all day. I want to do a motorcycle trip
from Nashville to Florida. I want to get a bunch of
my friends involved and then just do some
camping and riding. Along the way stop in spots. Tony Neyers’ already involved and then
I wanted to hit up you see if you’d be down. – Sounds like a good crew. I think
I’d be interested in trying it. – Anything with Tony involved is [inaudible] – Tony, you, streets, camping,
sounds pretty good. I haven’t been camping in a while. – Yeah, I was gonna ask about that.
Do you like camping? – I did when I was a kid I haven’t been
in forever. I’m down. – Alright. [Garrett] For me it’s pretty cool cause
this is gonna be my first opportunity to really
kick it with Corey and chill with him. Whether he knows it and not,
he’s a big reason for making street riding look cool. [Mike “Hucker” Clark
@mikehucker ] -Who’s a good boy? [ Steve Croteau
@stevecroteau ] – Makin’ friends, baby! [Garrett] I think the reason I want
to try to get kids into BMX because it’s been such a
big part of my life and it’s pretty much to me has been the thing that’s made me the happiest. [Corey] Anytime you’re out riding
with your friends and you’re having a good time
and someone gets hurt it ruins the mood for sure. – Felt it right here, just, fold under.
– Yeah, shit happens. You’ve been there, you know
how it feels, and it sucks. – Yeeeahhh! – Oh, my shoulder… -Oh, my gosh…
-Did it just go back in right there? – I don’t know. I can’t tell. – Grrrr!!! Sorry, guys. [On the next Ride and Seek ] -Definitely want to go and
do something crazy for you, but let’s do it to where it’s clean,
tasteful, not over-the-top. -I like where you’re at, where your head’s at
-Yeah, subtle. When it comes to motorcycles
and this trip that we’re doing, Tony’s pretty much going
into this thing blind. [Corey] Everyone comes to this and they
want to show off everything they have. You’re gonna get some
interesting characters for sure.

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  1. my home park mission beach!!! man all the bones I broke there and I always wanted someone to do a video here

  2. It's hilarious seeing these guys bmx in places that i've walked. That was my highschool they filmed at! That small stairset Garrett grinded up, me and my friends rode a cardboard box down a month ago.

  3. @Corey Martinez!!!! This is Nathan from 256* It almost sounded like you were about to cuss at the end there on the smith to feeble to whip……..whew,,,, were did all anger come from? What has Nashville done to you son!!!

  4. Someday, I will get a group of friends together who enjoy bmx as much as I do. And when I do, this ride and seek business is what we're going to do. You don't have to be a pro to live the lifestyle.

  5. killer love remebers me of the old dyaz u should reanimate it <3  it just feels like love and i love it´the third time writing this but who care´S <3  thank u !

  6. I know it is obvious to everyone at this point but that kid Garrett is freaking SICK!!  Rolling backwards and throws a tailwhip??!   haha, what?!!  He is so good and so much fun to watch at the same time.  Some of these kids pull crazy shit but watching it gets boring.

  7. I enjoy red bulls events, sponsorships, signature series races. 
    It shows that marketing can be an awesome, it can be inspiring allowing others to see, ride whatever it is they ride in this beautiful playground. Good Stuff enjoy yourselves 

  8. Hey guys i want to get into bmx what are the right dimensions for me I'm 6 feet tall or 183 cm and I want to ride bmx so I could get from point a to point b asap

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