Ride and Seek: Open Air | S1E1

My name is Corey Martinez,
and I am a professional BMX rider. I’m bringing my friends on
this trip to go film, and ride motorcyles, go camping
and just enjoy the open air. [Red Bull
RIDE & SEEK] My name is Corey Martinez,
I was born in Texas. My parents traveled a lot
when I was younger, I ended up moving
to Alabama with them. And then I grew up there,
and then I moved to Nashville about three years ago. ♪[Blues Music]♪ The Nashville scene
is really strong, moving here allowed me
to ride with new people. All the locals here rip it,
I enjoy it every time I come out here, I always have someone
fun to ride with. ♪ ♪ – Hey man
– Sick – When I’m at home
and I’m not travelling I pretty much just enjoy
hanging out with Rachelle Whether we come out
into the back yard, and play with the dogs.
Throw the ball and sticks with him. It’s just something
that we love to do. Our dogs are pretty
much like our kids really. With owning a house there’s a
lot of maintenance that needs to be done.
So I try and take care of stuff around the house. I was in the 2nd grade when my
dad came home with that bike, and that’s pretty much
how I got started, and when I got started. From there it just grew.
I was riding with all the neighborhood kids,
just riding all the ditches and curb cuts in
the neighborhood. This one girl, that was
a sister of a friend that I always used
to ride with said, “you should meet my friend, he rides also, and he
lives twenty minutes away.” And that friend just so
happened to be Seth Kimbrough. From that moment on,
I basically started going to his house
every weekend. – We hit it off right away,
we were at the roller skate rink, that was kind of the thing
we did every Friday night. He was 11 and I was 12,
so we were young kids. He was at my house
every weekend, we were sneaking out
to ride our bikes in the middle of the night,
and all that. So that just became the
number one passion, and all that we
could think about. – Seth loves riding,
he loves to push himself and be creative,
and he looks good riding. – For myself, contests do not
give me enough time to ride the way that I want to ride.
I’m not that perfect rider, I can’t do everything first go. I wish I could sometimes,
because it’s really frustrating trying something time after time
for a couple of hours. That’s why I enjoy filming
and trying to put more work into filming a video part.
You don’t feel pressured into being perfect.
You can mess up and keep trying again
over and over. If I am trying to trick for
an hour and a half, two hours, and you pull that trick,
there is nothing more gratifying than sitting there and feeling
that you accomplished this. ♪[Rock music]♪ – My favorite video part that
definitely influenced me, as far as street riding goes,
has got to be the same as everyone elses: Van Homan, Criminal Mischief. I’d never seen anything
like that before. – We had no idea that Criminal Mischief,
would have the impact that it has. It was a crew of dudes that were having
a good time going on road trips together. – Video parts like that,
when they came out, they stuck around for a long time. That’s what people talked
about for two or three years. And people are still talking
about that video part. [Van Homan in “Criminal Mischief” (2001)
Courtesy of Little Devil Brand] – My first video part was
“Square One: Wide Awake Nightmare” For me the Square One video part,
was definitely something that helped me see riding
in a different way. And that was also due to the friends
I was hanging out with at the time. Brian Wizmerski, Van Homan
and Bob Scerbo. Those guys were a huge
influence on me. – Everyday it was like
the Corey demo, what crazy thing is Corey going
to do today that we’ve never seen before? It was a lot of fun just
travelling around with him, and watching the progression.
But it was in such an organic way, it wasn’t forced,
or in a competitive way at all. It was just Corey pushing himself,
and helping us push ourselves. – They traveled all the time,
and I just tagged along. They had cameras already,
I didn’t know anything about this. I’m just riding my bike
at the time. Those guys took me under their wing
for sure, with helping me out, showing me the direction
of a different side of riding, besides contest. My personal favourite
video part that I filmed, and that I feel like kind of made
me who I am as a rider would be: The Federal “Trafaelio” video [2004]
[Courtesy of Federal Bikes] That’s was when I first
started travelling outside of the US,
I went to England, Germany, a couple of different
places to film for this video. And that opened up a whole
new range of riding for me. – Interest in motorcycles for me,
basically started when I was 14, 15 years old. My dad always rode motorcycles.
He used to ride me around when I was a little kid.
And I enjoy the open air feel, the freedom you get
on a motorcycle. For this trip, what makes this
exciting for me is pretty much I’m bring all aspects of the things
I’m into together in one trip. I’m bringing my friends on this trip,
to go film, ride motorcycles, go camping. And just enjoy the open air. [On the next
Ride & Seek] Going out to California right now,
really looking forward to hanging out with the guys out there,
that I don’t get to see a whole lot. Beautiful weather, Southern California weather.
It’s going to be fun. – Corey is like the season veteran when
it comes to motorcyles and BMX and life. – Motorcycle tricks sound sick as fuck.
I’m definitely down 100% down. [purring sound]

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