Ride and Seek: Legendary Spots & Wet Socks | S1E9

Ride and Seek: Legendary Spots & Wet Socks | S1E9

My name is Corey Martinez, and
I am a professional BMX rider. I’m bringing my friends on this trip
to go film and ride motorcycles, go camping, and just enjoy the open air. Red Bull Ride & Seek When we go there it’s pretty late
so they had it all set up for us to come check out the skateboarding tampa
like, I have never been there, I don’t know if any of the dudes
on this trip have ever been there, but you’ve seen and hear about
the state-of-art tampa all the time. Corey Martinez, @BAMATNEZ Garrett Reynolds, @REYNOLDSFIEND Brian Kachinsky, @BKACHINSKY [Van Homan] I was fortunate enough to join
the Ride and Seek crew for the past four days. I am honored they had me on this trip,
and to hang out with this crew, and, you know, heading home tomorrow,
but it was an awesome time. Wish I didn’t have to go so soon. TAMPA, FL ORLANDO, FL We made it to Orlando, but unfortunately
with these racks it kind of, took a little beat on them. It’s sort of cracking.
Right behind one of these main braces. When you ride around with twenty
to twenty-five pounds of weight on here, on the racks, it’s going to eventually
take some of use. We’re going to have a plate, brace onto
the bottom of this to, kind of, help support them, the whole bottom again.
Yeah, should be good enough to hold it for the rest of the trip.
We’re on our way. We’re cruising around the famous
training banks in Orlando. Might be the only spot in Orlando
that we would get to hit. [Chad Degroot] You’re under arrest. You guys have to leave, alright? Pretty dope, get to meet up with
Chad Degroot for a little bit. He’s a legend, he’s been around forever. [Chad] My name is Chad Degroot,
I’m 39 years old, and I’ve lived in Orlando, Florida for about thirteen years.
I stayed because I started a skate park. Well that golfed into another skate park,
and then, I don’t know, the scene here, I’m just, drawn in. It’s pretty rad that Ride & Seek crew
came to Orlando, glad to have them by, and wish them the best in Miami,
and on the road. ORLANDO, FL MIAMI, FL In our way from Orlando to Miami,
weather was looking a bit dodgy for camping, so we decided to get a hotel,
at the Clevelander, so we’re going to try and ride some streets in Miami.
Before the weather rolls in. You know a faster way to get there? We just did some research on Google,
and found two schools in pretty much the same area. Came over here and
too perfect to go anywhere else. What we came home without. We ran across a ledge, fountain thing,
and one thing led to another I was like, well, you know, it’s really really hot out,
I wouldn’t hurt so much that I get wet and it wouldn’t bother me that bad, so.
I was just like, “I’ll try grinding it.” It was actually really fun.
I’ve never ridden an edge like that, so even if I get wet it doesn’t matter.
It’s so hot out here it actually feels good. -It was really fun to ride.
-I almost want to lay in that fountain. That was fun. I don’t think I need to
go swimming anymore. Miami’s a pretty awesome city,
I’m always looking forward to riding all these spots. If you go in the city there is that, like,
famous triangle spot, which is basically Euro Gap, it’s like
the coolest street Euro Gap you could ever find. I was just hanging on until I didn’t fall off. On the next Ride And Seek Stopping at Robbie’s to feed the fish
and to tease them is awesome. You know, you tease them for a little bit
and then they get kind of angry, and they get you. We’re hanging out in Key West right now,
it seems like the rain’s coming back in. We’re sick to go ride right now,
but can’t do anything about the weather.

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  1. Holy shit @:45 I thought garret did a double peg to nose manny to tailwhip lol. I almost shit my pants. Still dope nonetheless.

  2. OMFG GARRET JUST STOP RIDING youve accomplished every thing you need to  your done haha lol but he is an amazing rider one of the best for real

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