Ride and Seek: BMX Barspins and Burnouts | S1E8

Ride and Seek: BMX Barspins and Burnouts | S1E8

My name is Cory Martinez and
I am a professional BMX rider. I’m bringing my friends on this
trip to go film and ride motorcycles, go camping, and just enjoy the open air. [Red Bull Ride & Seek] So we went to the super famous
Atlanta four block and within seconds Garrett manned up first and really
did a dope line, like really fast and it was just like sweet. ♪[Hip Hop music]♪ I can’t jump down the four block
because my shoulder injury is still recovering and I just can’t
take that kind of impact yet. The best part to me was jumping
off the four block into the grass hill. It’s just one of those sessions that
you don’t expect to happen and then just made me feel like a little kid. You get me doing something for
long enough, I’m going to wreck eventually and I had jumped it
like ten times already. I came burning around the corner
with a few more pedals than I think he was grabbing and felt like I was
gonna jump on him so I pulled my bars into my stomach
and just rode it out. -Guy ate shit.
-I’m glad I left you that space. -I could do that all day.
-So much fun! This is fun. It honestly didn’t surprise me.
It was actually one of the things I expected Van to do whenever
I saw him looking at it, I just put it together. Like, “Okay Van jumps
the gap and he likes tail whip gaps, Van is going to tail whip this gap.” This is definitely the moments I live for.
Seeing Van Homan go beast. Yeah Van! Insane. Van Homan just tailwhipped
the biggest gap in the world. I witnessed it with my two eyes.
That was awesome. Professionals on professionals.
Two professionals put together makes one dope tailwhip photo. Setting up the burnout wasn’t even
really that scary. I knew Garrett was gonna do it, I have confidence
in my burnout. Within minutes Corey had the bike
out there underneath the four set and Corey got the burnout going
and Corey just looked at Garrett like, “Get it.” [Cheering] – What a beast. The 180 bar over Corey doing a
burnout on the motorcycle was just a good time. The whole trip
has just been a laid back atmosphere and it’s been that
relaxed that Garrett’s doing an insane 180 bar super high over
Corey doing a burnout on the motorcycle but it still was just
laid back and fun. I can’t believe you 180 barred it,
out of all things you could have done dude, that’s the hardest
one you could have done. That’s sick. ♪[Guitar playing]♪ Sitting around the campfires at the
campsites were awesome. It was kind of those moments where
everyone just starts hanging out and talking, you know, who knows what. I love my s’more maker.
It’s the best camping tool I have. – You want s’mores? – Corey’s over here ruining everybody’s
dinner. Spoiling dinner. I love this thing. [The Next Day] [Fort Valley: Georgia’s Peach City] ♪[Rock playing]♪ We are seriously in the middle of nowhere
Georgia. It’s nice to get a day where you just start out just chilling and
relaxing a little bit. It’s good to do stuff like this during the day because
you gotta beat the heat somehow, I mean it’s like really hot to ride.
So swimming seems like the perfect option. ♪ ♪ It’s awesome to break up trips
with stuff like this. I get really stiff on it after like an hour, hour and a half
of riding. By the time you get back on you kind of want to ride
it again, you know? Let’s ride, Clyde. ♪[Rock Music]♪ We roll into Gainesville and we’re
just kind of looking around and we ended up finding some really
awesome rail and within seconds Ben, Garrett, and Corey
are all ‘eyeing’ it up. ♪[Trip hop music]♪ Kachinsky wound up pointing out
this wall ride for me, it’s just like the perfect set up and
wound up doing it. That was fun as hell. It’s like jumping into a wall ride. ♪ ♪ In this heat, no way. [On the next Ride & Seek] We rode in pretty late, so they had
it all set up for us to come check out the skate park in Tampa,
but we ended up coming across some ledge, fountain thing. Miami’s a pretty awesome city.
I’m always looking forward to riding all these spots.

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  2. yes , 3.09 is definitely a dope move, a huge 180 bar, but i think at 0.24 is another huge move, that bunny hop 180 over the table, is so fucking dificult. i think i only seen dakota and garrett do moves like these…

  3. Bob Scerbo has done them before and a Rob Wise has a Volume Bikes edit where he 180's over a huge concrete bench at a school, definitely take a look at that one.

  4. God all my fav riders shredding i cant wait to see them in my home town of tampa!!:) gonna be sick im deff. Gonna be checking every day for the next

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  6. man I think some people don't appreciate these series enough. One of the best things out in bmx for me. i wish I could unsee and rediscover.

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