RIDE 3 Review Impressions PS4 Racing Game

RIDE 3 Review Impressions PS4 Racing Game

What’s up YouTube BengeJ Uknowit here, and here is my impressions review for ride 3 well, I’ve been playing this for Probably two three hours, and I’ve got to say I’m enjoying it more than TT isle of man. It’s definitely a lot better for casual players of racing games I know it’s a sim but what I said about Isle of Man TT, is that its catered just for the hardcore Motorcycle enthusiasts and people that like motorbike games in general just didn’t really get a look in! What biggest gripe of that game was the sliding crashes, turning corners, and you didn’t really know Why you were coming off, and with this game… Ride 3 seems to have corrected that! There’s more to it, to help you out if you don’t know everything about motorbikes. let’s face it you don’t have to know about everything to enjoy game in a certain genre people just want to play games that are fun… But this works for the hardcore Sim player and this works for the arcade I want to pick up and play audience, I’m in between! I do like Sims & arcade racing games My gripe with the game is the loading times, the loading takes ages when you boot up the game it takes a while and alright! if you played red dead redemption recently you’ll realize that that takes a while to load up but This isn’t in the same sort of scope as that. It’s not as big a game as Red Dead and I Think really with a patch they can sort of iron that out a bit, but even when you’d load the game up Loading from SP race to online and all that it does seem to take quite a while to load up the game, a bit of an annoyance, but Positives like I say that the gameplay itself. It’s blooming good III think it’s really exciting You’ve got really good Customizable bikes. You’ve got your liverys. You can change your character, you’ve got the typical not many faces and stuff like that for your character online these days you don’t get that much choice, but You can customize so much stuff. And the best thing in this game is the bikes. It’s the bikes themselves They’re they’re the hero of this game They look bloomin brilliant. They just look snazzy Smart well-defined graphically, they’re fantastic, but when you look at the track The tracks not too bad. It’s the trackside! It’s the stuff in the background like the foilage ,the grass, the audience, the stands & the buildings. It’s on certain tracks. It don’t look nothing great, but you can tell that They’ve done their best with the budget. They’ve got! it’s not gran turismo graphics So if you can’t handle that then that’s up to you But the end of the day, if you’ve played games for years you can you can give a little bit of an edge to some developers and say okay…… you couldn’t stretch that far! At least the games fun & this is what, compared to TT Isle of Man, is better! Graphically TT, was a better in my eyes. TT Isle of Man was a better graphical game but…. Fun wise, I much prefer ride 3…. Hands down! HANDS DOWN!!!. I played it online the lobby was full compared to TT Isle of Man on launch day. R3 lobby was full up. I had a great laugh Some people came flying off. They just didn’t have a clue how to ride the bikes at all. It was hilarious and There was some glitches but the glitches didn’t happen during the race The glitches happened when I joined a random race, and it Did crash after the first race online! I was waiting for the next race to load up and BOOM, you got that C 5/8 crash error on ps4 you know…… We’ve all had, I reported it like you do & I loaded it back up loading screens & loading screens…… Back to where I was Straight into this online race which had already started. What the heck’s this? But I could watch it and you can go and make a cup of tea etc…. But to be honest, most of us, we haven’t got the patience for waiting around for 10 mins to start a race! We want to race within the next minute, sort of thing, but you know, it’s good! It’s good fun this game! And if you like motorbike games, I think you’ll enjoy it. Everyone says its a Hardcore sim, it’s not, play TT Isle of Man if you want a real hardcore sim! That is hard as nails and on easy like I said it in my review, its bloomin hard! If you put it on easy for people who are not sure, you’re gonna see the sliders to adjust… You’re gonna have the help there that you need, the AI, you can Decrease it”s power to give yourself a chance You can turn off assists if you want more of a hardcore experience. It’s brilliant This is the game that I wanted TT to be! If TT had this, I would rate TT above this game, slightly! But the tracks that I’ve played….. I’ve not played the whole thing yet, and I just want to put this out there, because you know…. There’s a lot of games come out recently and this might get lost under all that, but you gotta give this a chance if I was to be totally honest, really be honest, I’d say, maybe hold off with your money and get this after crimbo (xmas). I Can deal with Triple A games not having perfect HD 4k graphics, I can deal with that, as long as it’s fun & it looks alright & This is good! Yeah, I recommend this game!

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  1. subbed nice review, i have been playing it and i agree its super fun and addictive, im no hardcore gamer so its good for me

  2. Love the game.pure fun.also got tt isle,motogp18 but this beat them games easy,if you ask me….helmet cam gives you the cool speed and wind feel 🙂 a must buy if you like mbikes. xbox x

  3. You're riding is so jerky and bad That was my criticism of the Isle of Man game it was a total joke This looks no better they have to reduce the sensitivity and stop the lefty righty lefty righty It appears there is no weight to the steering whatsoever And you must ride only in first person Thanks for your review I shall not touch this game

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