Ricochet vs. Drew McIntyre – King of the Ring First-Round Match: Raw, Aug. 26, 2019

Ricochet vs. Drew McIntyre – King of the Ring First-Round Match: Raw, Aug. 26, 2019

Ricochet heading up to the top rope.>>[NOISE]
>>Caught.>>What a right hand. Ricochet may be out. A straight right by McIntyre.>>McIntyre’s not gonna get any style
points for that defense, but man, was it effective.>>And Ricochet-
>>Ooh.>>Up over the steps somehow,
avoiding the collision, and now using the apron to his advantage,
McIntyre is stunned. How does Ricochet do it?>>[NOISE]
>>Crazy athleticism.>>[NOISE]
>>Both of these men better be careful not to get counted out.>>Glasgow Kiss connected.>>The head butt right to Ricochet,
knocking him down outside the ring.>>Once again, the brute force of Drew McIntyre
overpowers the finesse of Ricochet. McIntyre may have just punched
his ticket to the next round.>>I think he’s thinking
the exact same thing, Graves.>>[NOISE]
>>Drew’s gonna look for the insurance policy.>>[NOISE]
>>The devastating Claymore Kick could be on the way.>>[NOISE]
>>Ricochet caught him.>>Stopping McIntyre. McIntyre’s like a horror movie villain,
though constantly moving forward.>>Drew stuns.>>Anything Ricochet shows.>>Shot to the knees,
McIntyre down center of the ring, Ricochet just a relentless assault here.>>Foot on the gas pedal for-
>>That turns Ricochet inside out. And now McIntyre,
with a sitdown power bomb.>>That’s it.
>>For the win, to advance, Ricochet stays in it.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>McIntyre bounced off the top turnbuckle. Ricochet, man what athleticism and bounce. The Recoil, Recoil by Ricochet. He’s got McIntyre where he wants him. Ricochet gonna try to
climb to the top rope.>>Ricochet wants to make absolutely
sure that McIntyre stays down, but there’s not much time to waste.>>Ricochet to the top. Can Ricochet do it?>>[NOISE]
>>630>>Cover by Ricochet. Hooks the leg. Ricochet advances.>>Wow.
[MUSIC]>>Here is your winner, Ricochet.>>Unbelievable.>>Talk about gutsy.>>That was beyond gutsy,
that was against all odds. With Ricochet continues
to define his own path here at WWE with another impressive win. Earning his way to to the next round
of the King of The Ring tournament. [MUSIC]

100 Replies to “Ricochet vs. Drew McIntyre – King of the Ring First-Round Match: Raw, Aug. 26, 2019”

  1. Why did they change his name from galloway to mcintyre ?it reminds me of that dreaded character where Vince comes out and is like “HE IS THE NEXT BIG THING” and was a Hunter Hearst Helmsley 2.0

  2. Really wwe? U guys pushing ricochet over Drew.. Thats why we saying wwe is worst as compared to old days. It feels like guys like the rock or triple h or Goldberg is beaten by guys like chavo Guerrero or Hurikane. ? (im not saying ricochet is bad)

  3. Drew McIntyre was everyones favourite to win. No matter how much we want king McIntyre wwe are giving us king Corbin.

  4. I'm a very big big fan of Ricochet but even I gotta say that King McIntyre sounds amazing.

  5. He just lost to Ricochet clean….wow I really hope this isn't the start of some downfall of Drew…because this is rare


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  8. Another wasted great. He should have been champion—-he should be King of The Ring. WORLD WRESTLING NOT ENTERTAINING WHY DO YOU HOLD BACK AND RUIN GREAT TALENTS???????? The King of The Ring may very well be someone no one gives af about who won’t even get a push after the tournament. Honestly the tournament USED to mean something and it won’t

  9. TELL ME!! tell me in WHAT universe can this little dweeb wanna be evan bourne Can win against drew?

    Im sorry but if this isnt scripted drew should have 100% won that

    Its so disrespectful what they are doing to drew
    Making me sick to my stomach

  10. I think wwe trying to finish Drew's carrier…oo god it was very sad..he deserves better position in wwe.. but this insects are winning over him..?????

  11. Drew gains momentum, next week gets buried. happened with Roman, and will continue to happen cuz vince doesnt know how to book properly, but we already knew that

  12. With this win Ricochet becomes the 41st person in Raw history to win 20 or more matches in one calendar year. He’s also the first to do it in 2019

  13. Cm Punk was right. Now I realise That Wwe would be better after Vince McMahon's death.
    I am watching wwe after his death

  14. I'm actually relieved he lost. Drew McIntyre is too good for midcard gimmick titles like King of the Ring.

    Let Baron Corbin have it. If anyone can make something good out of it, it's him.

  15. Why are people getting mad after Drew Mcintyre losing a few matches? He lost to the talented wrestlers like Kevin Owens and Richochet. He was shown strong in those defeats.

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