Rick Ohle What Attracted You to Sport Clips

– My name is Rick Ohle. I’m a team leader from Michigan. I just opened up my third
store, literally two weeks ago. So I’ve been kind of an active team leader where stores open for a little bit over three years now. So when I began to explore
different business opportunities and looked at franchises, specifically, one of the things that
attracted me to SportClips right away was the product and the service and, quite frankly, the
connection to sports. I’m kind of a sports fanatic and I kind of always hoped
that there’d be a SportClips, kind of, haircut store
in my home community. And so when I began to look at it, not only was the product and the service something I developed a
passion for very quickly, but I really love the team environment. As I learned and met people, there was very much a culture of teamwork. And my mantra, my own personal leadership and communication style, is
“It’s All About the Team” and SportClips kinda hooked
me in that right away. And of course I love
the business model of it because I wanted a semi-absentee
ownership business model, but then I also wanted
to find an opportunity that would align with my skills,
my interests, my passion. And, quite frankly, the things
that make you successful in SportClips as a team leader
are some of those qualities that I kind of always aspire to and thought that I was good at. And I think that probably,
maybe the most important thing is values and mission are
really important to me. And as I learned about the values and the mission of SportClips, I found a really strong alignment. I love to give back to the community. I live to help others, support others. SportClips was all about that and I don’t think you can
ever minimize the value of teamwork and the culture of team. And everybody I met at SportClips from the franchise development
folks to other team leaders to ultimately the executive
team of SportClips, it was all about the team and that’s kind of what I’m all about.

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