Richard Wolff and Harriet Fraad on Sports in Capitalism

Richard Wolff and Harriet Fraad on Sports in Capitalism

FRAAD: So, it’s one area where Americans can
watch people compete who are qualified not by their parents money, or theirs, but
actually by their own skill, by their own determination, and by their own ability
to play as a team. And they have emphasized over and over again that they
are a team. People don’t make goals by themselves. They’re shot the ball and
then they get it through. And the goalie stops the other people. You know, it’s amazing.
WOLFF: There’s a long line of criticism in capitalism, of capitalism, that makes
this point in another way, but I see you referring to it. And that [is], one of the
reasons capitalist societies idolize sports, why sports are so important
(whether it’s on television or in the lives of people), is this point; that it’s
one of the few areas where there’s actually some truth to the notion the individuals
skill, the individual’s capability (not who you know, not where you went to
school, not how much money your folks have and all of that) but your real skill
makes a difference. And then the double irony that it’s all about the team. It’s
not all about the individual player. The teamwork which is so not the case in the
rest of the capitalist system is central in these sports events. It’s kind of
remarkable that this all comes together. And so my next question is why now? What
what’s going on that would make this group of athletes bring that important
role of sports, to where it really talks about the economic issues, and the
political issues, and the priority given to men, and all the rest.
FRAAD: Well, 2017 was the beginning year of MeToo. And MeToo is “everybody too” and gives the
idea “everyone too.” And TimesUp gives money not only to the people have the money to
sue, but allocates money for everyone, like the 30,000 campesinos who are
farmworkers who have organized their own “times up.” That women have the
initiative right now, because we have gone from being the most egalitarian
income country in 1972 the least of all the developed nations, according to the
OECD statistics. And so it’s galling on every level. And their impulse right now,
this team, to say we’re in it together, and we’re gonna win, and we’re not going
away, and we don’t care if we refuse the invitation to Trump (she said I’m not
going to the “blank” White House, followed by Alexandria Ocasio
Cortez’s invitation to the team, which they all accepted to tour Congress with
AOC) it says we will not be squashed and that’s a message to everyone who needs
to rise up in America.

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  1. It’s not all about skill. It’s also about genetics.

    Also , someone who throws a ball for a living shouldn’t make more than people who sacrifice their life for us (Firefighters, soldiers, etc).

  2. So, if you don't like depopulation. The planet earth must balance its ecosystem and that means Depopulation. Reduction is gain in its non existance state.

  3. Its funny how we hear more about the Japanese people rising up against their gov. and the Gov. shooting its citizens, NOT ONE WORD ABOUT IT IS SPOKEN ABOUT IT BY KARDASHIAN WOLF, NOT ONE WORD. you would think such great event would at least get 1 second from Kardashian wolf, but I guess he has more important things to talk about than individual freedoms

  4. For ONE moment, I thought a Kardashian Wolf video would be made without the mention of TRUMP, but I was mistaken close to the end, at 2:48 TRUMP was mentioned. Shucks so close.

  5. We can't talk about sports & not talk about class. Proffesional athletics is almost exclusively represented by the poor & working class, not because of demographic but because of lack of alternative option. If education is under valued or the conditions inferior & extra curricular activities unavailable children will spend more time mastering sport than kids in other circumstances. Everywhere in the world the demographics of professional athletes reflect the demographics of the poor. It is essentially a reflection of the exploitative nature of capitalism.

  6. I don't think this is fully true about success in sport all coming down to individual achievement. Surely kids born to rich families who want to become athletes will have an easier time at it that kids born into poor families. Though I guess it might depend on the sport since some cost more than others.

  7. Hahaha. they do not agree on the meaning of sport. Within the Roman empire was the fighting of gladiatores the conformation of the meritocratic Roman classsystem. The plebejan could get free meat if they visited the colloseum and cheared the elites. In modern times is sport the confirmation of the illusion of free capitalism.(as open, true competition) THE FACT THAT WITHIN CAPITALISM SOCIAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL COOPERATION IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE INDIVIDUAL ACTIVITY IS TOTALLY NEGLECTED. SPORT, NOT RELIGION, IS THE TRUE OPIUM OF THE CAPITALIST SYSTEM.

  8. Chomsky has expressed the view that the popularity of sports, vis-a-vis the media, is promulgated as a distraction to the masses to keep them from thinking to much about the oligarchy we live under.

  9. Punters make about $100,000. Quarterbacks make millions.

    It's a team sport, as is business, but everyone contributes differently and has different skill sets for which they are paid.

    Kids don't buy jerseys of linemen and special teams.

    They buy the jerseys of the "superstars" like receivers and running backs.

  10. Playing or watching professional sports is not on code..

    NFL is a waste of your time. Professional Sports "Bread & Circus" (Alan Watt)

    Keep following the logic and staying on code..

  11. How about you scumbags give the Viewers the big long list of Socialist success stories. After 100 years of Communism ( Soviet Union, Cuba, Pol Pot in Cambodia, Venezuela etc ..) there must be an example of a Socialist Paradise that didn't end in Starvation & Death ? Right ? Enlighten us you Marxist scumbags ?

    Capitalism has given the world Everything ! Every major world changing contribution has come from the economic & political system of " Freedom " known as Capitalism.

    Capitalism's contributions to the world – ( The internet, airplane, car, cell phone, computer on and on and on ! Literally everything you have and will come in contact with throughout your entire Life.

    Socialists contribution to the World. its a short but distinguished list.

    1 ) The AK-47 – ( the most effective killing machine of all time and is still going strong )

    where would every Terrorists be without their Socialist automatic rifle ?

    2 ) The concentration camps – Stalin did a really good job but it was the National Socialists in Germany that really perfected them

    3) The Gas Chambers – Again .. another Marxist Special

    4 ) the Secret police – many countries have had them but nobody did it better than the Socialists. the famous " knock on the door in the dead of night " never to be seen again


  12. This is also exactly what happens at the dinner table. Also
    Oh yes Richard fuck me like capitalism!!

    Sorry i couldn't resist i am such a lumpen-proletarian!

  13. Wish we could try and accumulate a few possessions – DPRK comrade. Food would be nice. If we could just kill a few more socialism will work.

  14. America , Freedom , Capitalism all are Racist greedy imperialist – Colin Kaepernick. Earned millions $$$ playing a game. Darn that Capitalism.

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