Rich Eisen Talks Sports With Don Rickles | Dinner with Don

Rich Eisen Talks Sports With Don Rickles | Dinner with Don

Mr. Rickles. I’m not ready for you yet. [Laughing] What a pleasure to meet you. I’ve seen you many times. Is that right? Yeah, when the Dodgers lost. And then you blamed it on me, essentially.>>I get that all the time.
>>Yeah. How long you been on, on the show? I’ve been with, uh, national TV sports for 20 years now.>>Really?
>>Yeah. Twenty years. How long have you been a Dodger fan? Since they didn’t have uniforms. [Laughing] Well, I was a Giant fan in New York.>>My folks lived in Brooklyn.
>>Yeah. And they grew up Dodger fans, went to Ebbets Field. Yeah, well, I started out as a Giants fan and then Tommy Lasorda became a good friend. Lasorda was the man. Here’s our new entertainment coach, Don Rickles. It’s all in the jog. Uh, Tubs, would you get down on the end? But Tommy, one time he had me put on the uniform, and he said, “Go out and take the pitcher out of the game.” And I walked out to the mound. “Well, you can’t take me outta the game.” “You’re not even a player.” “Who are you?” I said, “Don’t be a smart-ass.” “Just give me the ball.” “You’re coming out of the game.” Vin was probably at the mic calling the game. Probably so. I don’t know. “Here comes Tommy to the mound. Hold on a minute.” “That’s not Tommy.” “That looks a lot like Don Rickles taking the pitcher out.” With that Harry Wendelstedt, big umpire, great umpire. Oh, I remember him. He used to run out to the mound, ripped off the mask, and said, “What’s going on here?” And he saw me, he said, “Don, can you get me two tickets for ‘The Dean Martin Show’?” [Laughing] It’s true. Did you ever go to a Super Bowl? Oh, yeah, with the Philadelphia Eagles. They got in a circle before the game in the locker room. “Give us a break, let us win.” They got all through with the service in the circle and I said, “What about the Jews?” And I got in the middle of the circle and I put on a yarmulke and I went, “Baruch atah” and I started making prayers. And all these guys were on their knees with, with this crap and… Is that why they lost the Super Bowl do you think? I don’t know. Leave me alone, Rich. [Laughing] I’m a Jew.>>Are you Jewish?
>>Yes. Sit here. [Laughing] What college you go to? I went to Michigan, University of Michigan. Oh, yeah, good school. Born in Brooklyn, raised in Staten Island. Oh, so your father must be a gangster. [Laughing] Well, uh, New York City public school educator, retired. Same with my mom. And we always watched you.>>Really? Thank you.
>>Yes, always. I’ve said no to women before. [Laughing] You, you learn how to do that when you’ve got a body like mine. [Laughing] That was a big hit in the Eisen household. Big hit in your house, but the rest of America wasn’t watching. As an actor and, you know, as a sports person, you can’t please everybody.>>No.
>>But I would say 100 percent of America loved me. How did you become friends with Frank? I threw myself in front of his car. [Laughing]>>He was appearing at the, uh, Fontainebleau.
>>In Miami. Yeah, and I was working at a place called Murray Franklin’s, a little joint. And my mother said, uh, she was very aggressive. She said, “I’m gonna go see Dolly.” That was Frank’s mother. “Get him to come and see you.” I said, “Ma, don’t. “Just keep quiet.” “I’ll handle it.” She said, “Dolly, darling, if you could get Frank to come and see my sonny boy…” Done, done, done. Next thing you know, Frank walked in with three of his guys, all scientists. [Laughing] They all came in and sat down and went, “What time does it go on?” “What time?” And we became friends. What in the world is it like walking around Italy with Frank Sinatra? It was, it, he was great with the people. He was, you know. And I used to be the one that walked in front of him and said, “Don’t bother Frank.” “He’s got a lot of money on him and he’s pissed off if you bother him.” You know… I used to kid around. But he liked that. Marco Monganonzo was hurt. [Laughing] Marco Monganonzo? Fambino Bambazzo… two bullets in the head Thursday. [Laughing] We had some good times together, yeah. We did. I miss him. I sang “I’ve Got the World on a String” at my wedding.>>Oh, really?
>>Oh, yes. Oh, so you know. I’ve got, I’ve, I’ve, I’ve got it in me. Not to take away from Frank, but the other day we were at, uh, Kirk Douglas’ house and he turned 100. Yeah, right. And Kirk and I go back maybe 40, 50 years. Every time I see him I go, “You know, Kirk, it’s, it’s great to be together.” You know, and he laughs, you know. And he, he’s a great man, and 100 years old. A hundred. Yeah, so I got up and spoke. Oh, people love when you speak, Don. You never heard me so, you know. I saw you at the Orleans a couple of times in Las Vegas. Oh, really? I’ve seen, yes. And you were tremendous. But I’ll tell you this, That’s the main thing. I know what people are, I swear to God. That’s what I say from my heart. I know what people are. And you’re German, right, my friend? What is your heritage, my friend? English? What? That’s better? I’ll tell you what. No, we need you people for the muffins. I’ll tell you this. How did you stay relevant so long? Being different. What I do is very unusual. I mean, I don’t think there’s a comedian in the world that can do, and I don’t say this egotistically, that can do what I do. Because there’s a way of saying, “You sweater’s ridiculous.” Do you not like my sweater? I don’t wanna say nothin’, but have you ever thought of being a clown? [Laughing] It’s got patches on it. I thought I’d make myself as presentable as possible for you. I could care less. [Laughing] Remember the words of a great negro. I say that honestly. All peoples are alike. We are all working. You live in my neighborhood, I live in yours, right, Sam? Right. Are you crazy? [Laughing] Did you ever have to run for your life based off of something you said? Oh, no, I was protected by Guido Mongananzo, Tony Tutututu. And they all said the same thing. Anybody bothering ya? No, I had some good friends in Brooklyn. Sirs, you save some room for desserts? Now, where are you from? Milano. Oh, my cousin was robbed there. [Laughing]
It wasn’t, it wasn’t, it wasn’t me, I swear. That was the other… Thank you, my friend. The big kick I got just recently, uh, in sports, Bob Arum is a friend of mine.>>You know Bob.
>>Sure.>>Boxing promoter.
>>Yeah. And he invited me to Manny Pacquiao’s training camp. Oh, against Floyd Mayweather, that fight. Yeah, yeah. I said, “Manny, it’s good to see you.” “I tell you something.” “You’re gonna learn to fight and then why. “And you come box and that’s good.” “But learn how to box.” And then I, like a schmuck, I went, “Yeah.” [Laughing] “Yeah, Manny, you’re right.” Thank you so much. It’s been a pleasure. Let me get this bill. OK. [Laughing] Who had the coffee? Well, honored to meet you. It’s a pleasure. Big fan of all, of all these years. And I hope we see each other again real soon. I hope so too. You are the man. I love you. You’re very sweet. Thanks so much. You bet. Don is a legend. I mean, growing up I would watch him and just laugh, and just having a conversation with him about the difference between making fun of somebody and having fun with somebody, that’s the difference. The insult comic as he might be known, he always would finish his act with a, a heartfelt thank-you and a, a reminder that he was just kidding and it’s all in good fun. In this day and age, you just don’t get that anymore. He’s not just a throwback. He is a break-the-mold-type figure. Pop culture, comedically, just as an American, uh, entertainer. It’s just great to be around him. The fact that he actually insulted my sweater is something I’ll never forget. That’s, that’s great. I mean, everybody wishes they’d have at least one moment of their lives to be on the business end of a Don Rickles insult. It’s fantastic. What it do? It’s your boy, big Snoop Dogg. And I need y’all to go subscribe right now to the AARP Channel. You know what I’m talking about? So you can see Don Rickles and see his right-hand man, no, his left-hand man, Snoop Dogg, live and direct. Go subscribe right now. What you waitin’ on? What did he say? [Laughing]

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  1. ❤️❤️❤️😂😂Don Rickles  was and  always Will  be a  Class Act, He Was The Best Ever.❤️. RIP Mr. Rickles  .❤️ Love U .

  2. These are great but they are way too tilted to the guest and not Don. No one wants to know how a TV sports guy got started.

  3. What can you say that hasn't been? No one else can get away with what he does and be loved for it. Like the guy said, it's a privilege to be critiqued by Don and the heavier the better, great shows, great idea, keep them coming, thanks so much, j

  4. Okay, this the second one of these that I'm lost as to who this person is. I'm guessing a west coast sports broadcasting personality, yes? L.A., N.Y… that's all there is to the USA, according to the media!

  5. At 7:22, Eisen pointed out the biggest problem I had with Rickles' act, that weak wishy-washy schmaltzy he wasn't serious and it's all love, blah, blah, blah. What was Eisen talking about, he actually found it to be an attribute? You should have stuck to your guns, Don, the way you chose to end your gigs really, really sucked.

  6. Knowing about Don Rickles and understanding his ways make you love him unexpectedly. I respect the man and my admiration goes with him too. Thankful that we have you tube and can easily search for his shows and appearances. Thank you too for interviewing him. 🙂

  7. great great.. but could you maybe shoot the film as if you didnt have cerebral palsy, you're giving me a headache

  8. 2019 binge watching this series. Don was the man!! Bless his heart. Thanks for all the years of the best laughter and tears.

  9. "How did you become friends with Frank?"
    "I threw myself in front of his car."

    At 90, he had a sharper mind than anyone I know.

  10. Don always seems to pop up now and again, and it always makes me forget whether or not hes dead. dude will live forever honestly, or for a long time

  11. Genius of someone at AARP to do this. Made their brand so much better. More corporations should be more open minded doing this kind of thing. Most CEOs would think doing something like this is a waste of budget, but they caught history and created goodwill because of this. Good on whoever approved this.

  12. Go AARP…This Is Genius, This should be on Regular T.V. we need more Genuine People with Compassion Laughter and Love..

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