Review: Mitsubishi Xpander GLS Sport AT 2019

Review: Mitsubishi Xpander GLS Sport AT 2019

Hi guys, this is Paulo Rafael Subido, editor-in-chief
of Top Gear Philippines. Now, it’s been a while since I’ve done
a Drives review for you guys, but that’s because my wife only recently gave birth and
I’m now the dad to an adorable five-month-old daughter. And so when Mitsubishi Motors Philippines
asked me if I wanted to get behind the wheel of the Xpander, I jumped at the chance, because
not only am I curious about this particular vehicle, I also know that it’s something
worth looking at if you have a growing family. This is the Mitsubishi Xpander GLS Sport. Come on, hop in and let’s do this. 2018 was a sad year for the motoring industry. Some nameplates that had been around for a
very long time were discontinued, namely, the Mitsubishi Adventure and the Isuzu Crosswind. All these Japanese manufacturers had to come
up with replacements for those bread-and-butter models. So Isuzu came up with the MU-X RZ4E and they
made it really quite affordable to replace the Crosswind. They’re priced almost the
same. For Mitsubishi, they created the Xpander to
take the place of the Adventure. Now let me get one thing straight, the Xpander
is nothing like the utilitarian Adventure, but wow, getting behind the wheel of the Xpander
is a bit of a revelation, really. For starters, because of how it drives, and
how comfortable it is, and how well laid out the interior package is. The quality inside and the ride quality and
the NVH is really quite exceptional. There are no rattles, there are no clunks,
it feels so solidly built even when going over the typical EDSA-style roads
which…suck. Even among its peers, the Xpander is noticeably
more refined. Size slots in between the Avanza and the Innova
so it’s not a weird size, actually, it seems just right. What I love about the interior is that the
layout and everything is really quite clever. Alright, the interior surfaces are finished
nicely and I do recognize a lot of parts from the Mitsubishi parts bin, but that’s not
a bad thing because that’s a great way for car manufacturers to keep costs down and to
make the model accessible to more people. Under the hood is a 1.5-liter MIVEC engine
mated to a four-speed automatic for this particular variant. Now, newer cars would have more sophisticated
automatic transmissions but this does the job fine. Yes, Mitsubishi is trying to make this vehicle
accessible to everyone but that doesn’t mean they scrimped on the things that matter. The head unit has a touchscreen display that
has navigation, of course it has Bluetooth connectivity and all of the good stuff that’s
expected. It’s really cool that every row has it’s
own power supply, because everyone has to plug in their gadgets, and of course the multi-information
display, this is something that I cannot do without anymore because I love seeing how
many kilometers I have left before I drain the tank. The variant that we’re driving is the GLS
Sport, this is the top-of-the-line Xpander variant and what separates it from all the
rest is that it actually has stability control, traction control, and hill-start assist. Now,
I think that’s something that’s unheard of in this particular segment. Kudos to Mitsubishi for making those features
available on this variant of the Xpander. Something that I appreciate when I know that
a car is exceptionally built and designed is when I sit on the seat. What I look for are firm seats, you don’t
want a seat that is too plush and too soft because in the long run, that’s actually
not good for your lower back. The Xpander has nice and firm seats. I also like how the surfaces are quite grippy,
I’m actually glad that this variant doesn’t come with leather seats, it’s not hot when
you’re parked under the sun for too long. Mitsubishi also talks about how the Xpander’s
drive is quite sporty, and I have to agree, even the brochure says the suspension has
been tuned somewhat to mimic the legendary Evos. Although I can’t say that this Xpander drives
like an Evo, I can say that it is very solid, it has excellent ride quality in here no matter
how rough the roads are. The Xpander also has cruise control for all
variants, would you believe? So I’m doing some maneuvering right now
and I must say that the turning radius is very, very impressive, it’s very tight. For first-time car buyers, that’s an added
plus because it’s easy to maneuver this in the tight city. And look, we even have a rear-view camera,
which I don’t rely on. Actually, no driver should really trust this, always look back,
guys. Alright, now that we’re parked. Let’s do a quick walk around and take a
look at the exterior features. So up front, we have what Mitsubishi calls
the Dynamic Shield Design and it really makes the Xpander look quite imposing. There’s really nothing like it on the road right now. This, I can appreciate. 16-inch wheels. Why? Because down the road, you don’t wanna be
spending too much money on rubber. I like how the rim size is a conservative
16. Here we are again at the driver’s seat. Oh,
please note also the excellent ground clearance. When you’re behind the wheel, you have a
very commanding view of the road ahead, so it’s really quite high, so it’s very easy
to get into and out of the Xpander. Of course we have the very low, relatively
low loading floor for when you wanna put heavy stuff, it’s easy if you have a
bad back especially like me. I’ve adjusted the seats already beforehand,
to show you how, with a little compromise, you can get everyone to sit comfortably. And if they’re really big like me, you know,
they’ll fit fine. So let’s start with the front. Okay, I adjusted it so that the people behind
me will have a little bit of space, but this is excellent already. Moving on to the second row, the second row actually
slides but I’ve already adjusted it. Fantastic leg room and you can also recline
the seat back. Let’s go to the rear. I think this is one continuous shot, no trickery—wow,
and I fit back here. So if you have a smaller frame, you have lots
of room in here. That’s a review of the Mitsubishi Xpander
GLS Sport. Now, if you have a growing family like I do,
it’s really worth checking this vehicle out. So this has been Paulo Rafael T. Subido, editor-in-chief
of Top Gear Philippines. Stay driven, guys. I’m gonna go and enjoy the Xpander a bit
more. So until the next time, see you.

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  1. I'm also an Xpander GLS Sport AT user. My plate number is also DAI and starts with number 9. ?✌

    Only, there's no armrest for the driver.

  2. Ball shit car no torque & no power .. I do not know 7 passengers can happy with such engine 103 hp?!!!!
    It shall be minimum 150 hp

  3. I like this review. More of this Topgear. Showing real-life applications in terms of the knee space but, please explore the infotainment more. Try connecting your phone and use different apps and especially the navigation to see if it is easy to use or what. Keep it up! New year, New TopGear Reviews! 🙂

  4. Can Mitsubishi Motors Philippines have brand-new Mitsubishi Delica MPVs on sale to compete with the fucking Hyundai Starex?

  5. in autodeal’s comparo, they gave the Xpander some edge over the Rush and BRV, so I guess this review is still very good

  6. You know it's paid when it's all pros and no cons. It is obvious that the xpander has a lot of shortcomings but was never even pointed out or mentioned. I was eager to buy one before but the 1.5L engine mated to a 4-speed AT was a deal breaker for me.

  7. Guys come on you can do it better. We your avid viewer are looking for your preference view on this car, the PROs is there but the CONs is ???????…..

  8. You can not underestimate the 1.5 liter and 4 speed AT of the Xpander. It accelerates effortlessly to 100kph and you hardly notice the speed until you check the speedo.


  10. mitsubishi adventure is still the best than expander, tipid pa sa gas because its diesel, wrong move lang ang mitsubishi philippines dahil tinanggal nila ung adventure, sa 22o lang maraming mas gusto ang adventure dahil pang family tlga at kaya hanggang sampung katao mas madami ang bumibili ng adventure noon tinalo pa nila ung crosswind pero ngyn, crosswind na ang mabenta sa family at mlakas sa market sna ibalik ng mitsubishi ang adventure

  11. For a review, you guys should rent the cars and not allow the manufacturers to lend you the cars as it’ll show bias. Rent, borrow then say what you really want about the car. “Fantastic legroom?” Really???

  12. adventure is still legendary than expander, old skul type of design is still the best, even though the adventure is not euro 4 the gas consumption is the best and fuel efficient than the expander, kung tipid lang sa gas hindi mananalo ang expander sa adventure kahit sa malayuang ride kahit ilaban pa yang expander sa adventure

  13. Why are alot of people saying diesel would be better? Do they even know the downsides of diesel a engine?
    1.) Expensive to build, tataas base price ng kotse.
    2.) Pollution, or are you that selfish to not think about the future of the country.
    3.) Expensive maintainance (if you say you'll just sell it in 3years then the same can be said for a cheaper gasoline one)
    P.S Diesels are naturally torque heavy down in the rev range whereas the gasoline engine (also depends on the gear ratios of the trans) live at the higher end of the rev range . Most likely people that say "walang hatak ang gasolina" are ignorant of the fact that its fine to rev up a gasoline engine .
    Question: Are you better than the engineers that builds these vehicles? If so then build one better please.
    Great review Sir Congrats on the new born ?

  14. Kaka check ko lang nung ecosport puro positive din. Cmon be honest sa reviews gusto din namin malaman yung negs para alam ng mga buyers eexpect.

  15. its a value for money vehicle .its quite ok for family out of towns and city driving.but its not perpect for me bec its not diesel.tho gas engine is fine (fuel efficient)as long as your not fully loaded.but if your not looking for performance but pure practicality lesser than a pick up.ill recommend it.

  16. Great Car for low budget and small family. atleast it will brings you from point A to point B comfortably. power is not an issue for me, considering how bad the traffic everywhere you go in Philippines nowadays. ?my opinion? only budget and preference differs to others. ☺




  18. Hindi yata sa pinas ito… papakita ito sa pinoy.. aba hindi maintindihan ito.. bagay indi naman niya maintindihan sasabihin ko.. siya ay bugok..

  19. Kaibigan sana nagpost ka na lng ng brochure, ang Review may likes ang dislike. Hindi puro ung narration ng specs. Better yet apply ka na lng ng sales agent sa MIT. Para hindi halata na paid ad ito. Your not helping viewers to decide.

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    ➡️MONTERO S. GLX 2WD MT ▶️150,000k
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    ➡️MONTERO S. GT 4WD AT ▶️ 320,000k

  21. The xpander is not under powered. I managed to drive to Baguio with 6 adults plus baggages and drives well. It's like a luxury MPV, very smooth and the suspension is great for a MPV. If your're interested to buy, I suggest to test drive it and judge for yourself, don't pay attention to biased comments. Cheers!

  22. so many flaws ? not a good review weak vehicle transmission and the interior is awful i hate the low ground clearance much nicer if it is 19 inc so much better specially when it is flooded in manila and where is the safety sense we need it now a days man

  23. They still use diesel for passenger cars sa Pinas? Trucks lang gumagamit ng diesel dito sa US. And everything is automatic except trucks.

  24. Ok klaro ha… ang pangit ng harap… ang oso now paliitan ng ilaw… kayo baliktad palakihan… ang sagwa tignan.

  25. 1500cc?? thats a severely underpowered mpv in my opinion. it should have at least 1800cc or better yet 2.0.

  26. ang balis nmn siguro nya magkaroon ng plate number…ung motor q nga almost 4 yrs na untio now wala p ring plate number..hehehe

  27. I think the engine has sufficient power for city driving, after all days ago MMDA said they will strictly implement 60kph. Im sure buyers of expander will not drive this daily to baguio. Buyers of expander are mostly family oriented who prefers comfort, modern look and practicality. Remember nothing is perfect!

  28. 1.5L engine for 7 seater and boot space? Nah. No thanks. Underpowered. I’d choose mazda cx3 2.0L engine 4 seater size for asians. Better design and more power.

  29. Underpowered, cheap interior, 4speed AT in this generation, really?..meron ganito ung kuya ko..hirap sa overtake.

  30. The GLS Sport should have a 2.0 engine! Or 2.5 engine displacement. Overtaking is one problem of small engines. You are safer on bigger engines.

  31. i bought one.. 2019 gls sport.. i must say driving experience is very comfortable, feels like my corolla.. doesnt have the acceleration of a manual vehicle but who cares? are you a racer? lol! the space and leg room is just right.. exterior design is very nice! overall rating: superb! buy one and you'll see. only xpander owners can tell you so.

  32. I kept on trying not to drop my phone and fall asleep. By the way, your sound like a sleepy hang over version of probinsyano on your attire. Wtf

  33. This car is keyless and looks really luxurious…more secret spaces. Me and my brother fell in love with it at first glance. So, we're looking forward to drive our own soon. ???

  34. I love my xpander. I bought mine in manila coz cebu price was 30k higher due to shipping cost. I drove all the way from Manila brought my family with me (we flew to Manila and drive via Roro via Batangas Mindoro slept in Boracay and went home the ff day via Iloilo Bacolod San Carlos Toledo route. Love the suspensions, we drove fast but you would not even feel it inside the vehicle. The aircon is cool, the seats are well placed so your leg has a lot of room inside. Smooth drive all the way.


  36. Try mong umakyat ng Baguio City, at kung ang sinusundan mo ay mga 10 wheelers na mabagal! . Walang pwersa ang 1.5 engine, Kung naka turbo charge ka, o kaya 2.4 ang makina mo ay confident ka sa overtaking uphill.

  37. Crush ko sana ang Rush pero dahil sa balita re sa airbags napaisip ako either Xpander or Brv nalang.. pag hndi pa kaya sa Brio nlng muna hihi

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