retro wwf wcw soma 1986 rubber wrestling figures from the 80’s various shown

retro wwf wcw soma 1986 rubber wrestling figures from the 80’s   various shown

hiya there and welcome to lokicollectables right here I got something maybe this is not everyone’s cup of tea these i picked them up from a car boot sale job lot of odds and sods odds and sods I just have to show you
these on my website these were huge in the 80’s basically when wcw did the the plastic wrestlers and stuff like
basically before hasbro did the WWF figures these little
wrestlers was so popular they were made by soma and there just little rubber figures don’t know how many different ones they did you look a little bit like hulk Hogan with white hair as i say these were just before the really popular wwf figures which came around 92 really so there a bit before that so you cant really call them a rip off but there just really cool you can see the size of them made by soma 1986 that one looks like king kong gundy there just absolutely cool little figures i have here six to show you we have had the Mexican mr looks like a gym fan but his fat long haired one ultimate warrior type of mask on that one as i say hulk Hogan on that one and a big fat one on that one looks like my dad angry actually no word of a lie this is quite hilarious when i was at school my dad looked like that my dad everyone thought he was hulk hogan when i was a kid was a standard joke yes my dad had gingerish blonde hair a bold head and a moustache just like that seriously it was quite amusing and I think I think because the kids thought it was funny he played on it even more made it quite funny embarrassing for my sister but even as a 10 year old kid it was quite amusing my dad looked like hulk hogan anyway made in china 1986 wrestlers hope anyone watching this video i brings back good memories back and you could get musclemen the 80’s were brilliant we had musclemen and all stuff like that were just cool anyway please like subscribe have a great day be awesome thank you bye bye

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  1. lol I just found mine but they are different colours to yours 🙂 i remember these when I was a kid

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