Respected Athletes Who Have Been Caught Doing Horrifying Things

Respected Athletes Who Have Been Caught Doing Horrifying Things

Society tends to forget the times when respected
athletes are at their worst. But trophies and accolades don’t excuse bad
behavior, so here are some players who’ve been caught doing some pretty bad things. Not that long ago, Adrian Peterson was considered
the best running back in the NFL. Unfortunately, one fateful incident nearly
derailed his career, his reputation, and his whole life. On May 18, 2014, Peterson attempted to discipline
his 4-year-old son for fighting with his brother. What he did next has been highly debated,
often along lines of culture and class. While some parents may have chosen a timeout
or just grounded the boy, Peterson whipped him on the back, legs, arms, and behind. A doctor later claimed the wounds were evidence
of child abuse. Peterson was indicted for misdemeanor reckless
assault and was suspended for most of the 2014 NFL season. He came back the following year and won another
rushing title, but his reputation has never been quite the same. “It was purely trying to discipline him, and,
unfortunately, because errors on my behalf, it ended up differently.” Younger NBA fans may not remember Kobe Bryant’s
brush with the law, but back in the summer of 2003, it was the biggest story in sports. Bryant was already a three-time NBA champion
at that point. He was staying at a hotel in Colorado, prepping
for off-season surgery, when a 19-year-old front desk attendant claimed that the Lakers
guard assaulted her. According to her interview with the police,
Bryant choked her before forcing himself on her. The case was brought to trial and quickly
turned ugly. With her reputation savaged in court, the
accuser announced she wouldn’t cooperate with the prosecution, pursuing a civil trial instead. Bryant and his accuser eventually settled
out of court for an undisclosed sum. He then continued his career, winning two
more NBA titles and an Oscar for Best Animated Short. These days, most fans don’t like to dwell
on how close the all-time great came to spending the rest of his career behind bars. It’s more convenient to think about the good
times. Whether he’s winning Super Bowls, hosting
awards shows, or shilling for pizza, chances are Peyton Manning’s doing it all in a sort
of inoffensive, “aw shucks” style. But even one of the most market-tested athletes
of all time can have a skeleton in his closet. Back in 1996, while Manning was still a student
at the University of Tennessee, he allegedly asked out a personal trainer, Jamie Ann Naughright,
but was quickly rebuffed. Unhappy with her answer, he proceeded to drop
his pants, shoving his rear end into her face. Manning was the school’s star quarterback
at the time, and his punishment was rather mild: he lost dining hall privileges and was
forced to do some early morning runs. Naughright wasn’t satisfied with that punishment,
so she sued the school for $300,000. All seemed settled until Manning recalled
the incident in a book he co-wrote, in which he said that Naughright had a “vulgar mouth.” This led to another lawsuit, and another settlement,
which put a gag order on all parties involved. But then Manning brought up the incident again
two years later in an appearance on an ESPN documentary, forcing Naughright to go back
to court one last time. Being a champion is one thing; knowing when
to keep your mouth shut is another. No one has ever played basketball exactly
like Jason Kidd, the pass-first point guard whose leadership made up for his lack of a
jump shot. Unfortunately, there’s another side to this
b-ball lifer, according to his ex-wife Joumana. She says Kidd isn’t the likable superstar
fans see on TV, but a serial adulterer and abuser who made her life a living hell. According to documents Joumana filed during
their divorce, he was sleeping around while keeping her on a short leash. She claims that he hit her while she was pregnant,
once kicked her in the stomach, and attacked her with everything from a rock to a cookie. Kidd’s counterclaim accused her of domestic
violence and claimed she was “increasingly controlling and manipulative,” but a 2001
arrest for punching Joumana in the mouth seems to substantiate her story. The couple have been divorced since 2007,
with Kidd going on to win an NBA championship and become a coach in the league, but the
tabloid stories surrounding this nasty divorce will last a lifetime. Ben Roethlisberger will probably never have
to buy his own beer in Pittsburgh again. He’s a legend for life, despite the fact that’s
been accused of assault not once, but twice. The first accusation came from a civil suit
filed by Andrea McNulty in 2009, claiming that the Super Bowl-winning quarterback forced
himself on her at a Harrah’s hotel in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. They eventually settled out of court for an
undisclosed sum. Then in 2010, an anonymous college student
alleged that Roethlisberger assaulted and violated her in a bar bathroom in Georgia. She eventually wrote a letter to the district
attorney to express that she no longer wanted to pursue charges. She stressed that she wasn’t recanting her
story, but rather, she was afraid of the personal toll a trial would take on her. Roethlisberger was suspended for four games
for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy, and he lost a slew of endorsements. But Nike stood by him, and he eventually signed
a record-breaking four-year contract with the Steelers, making him one of the richest
players in football. Whomever Alex Rodriguez paid to rehab his
image over the last few years has more than earned their money. These days he’s best known as the face of
baseball on the Fox broadcast team, and he’s back in good graces with the Yankees. That’s a world away from where he was a few
years ago, when he was the face of the sport’s steroid epidemic. For years, Rodriguez denied ever taking a
banned substance, calling the rumors a “witch hunt” and fighting tooth and nail to overturn
his suspension for the entirety of the 2014 season. In a statement at the time he said, “The deck has been stacked against me from
day one… This is one man’s decision, that was not put
before a fair and impartial jury, does not involve me having failed a single drug test.” Meanwhile, behind closed doors, and under
oath, prosecutors forced him to admit the truth, which was that he’d paid $12,000 a
month for two years to a fake doctor in exchange for performance-enhancing drugs. Jameis Winston is one of the NFL’s more promising
young quarterbacks, helping to lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back to relevance. Unfortunately, his story is a lot more complicated
than his Sunday celebrations would have you believe. Winston’s issues began during his time at
Florida State University, when he racked up a laundry list of infractions, from shoplifting
$32 worth of crab legs from a supermarket to stealing soda from a Burger King. He was also suspended one game for yelling
vulgarities in the middle of a campus dining hall. These mistakes may all seem within the bounds
of a typical college kid acting out, but what happened in December 2012 surely wasn’t. According to fellow student Erica Kinsman,
Winston assaulted and violated her and then worked with the school and local police to
obstruct the case. The two would eventually reach a settlement,
but Winston would go on to win a Heisman Trophy and become the face of an NFL franchise. If a recent accusation of touching an Uber
driver is any indication, Winston still has a long way to go to clear his name. These days, Ray Lewis is one of the faces
of Fox’s football broadcasting team. Back in January 2000, he was the Baltimore
Ravens’ star linebacker, but he was about to go through one of the darkest chapters
of his life. It was the night after Super Bowl 34. Lewis and friends were leaving a nightclub
in Atlanta when they got mixed up in an altercation that left two men dead. Lewis was originally charged with two counts,
but pleaded down to obstruction of justice after providing testimony against two of his
companions that night. According to a witness the night of the murders,
Lewis fled the scene, muttering, “I’m not trying to end my career like this.” And he didn’t, instead receiving one year
of probation and a $250,000 fine. Lewis insists that night is never far from
his mind, telling the Baltimore Sun in 2013, “No day leaves this Earth without me asking
God to ease the pain of anybody who was affected by that whole ordeal.” Lewis was able to finish out his Hall of Fame
career, which is more than most with a murder charge on their rap sheet could hope for. “So maybe what I went through actually saved
my life.” “How so?” “Because of how comfortable I was.” Wide receiver Dez Bryant missed the entirety
of the 2018 NFL season. He was a free agent until the New Orleans
Saints signed him in November, but then he injured his achilles tendon soon thereafter. But that likely wasn’t the worst ordeal he’s
ever experienced. Back in 2012, he was arrested for attacking
his mother during an argument, hitting her face with his baseball cap and tearing her
shirt after she tried to break up a fight between him and his brother. While Bryant’s arrest could have resulted
in a fine of up to $4,000 or a year in jail, he cut a deal with prosecutors, promising
to stay out of trouble for the next 12 months. He’s gone on to become a three time Pro-Bowler
and does seem to have stayed out of trouble. In 2013, he even spoke at a “Men Against Abuse”
rally in Dallas, declaring, “Here’s all you need to know. I’m done with domestic abuse.” Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson has been a superstar
receiver in the NFL, a reality show fixture and one of the most tenacious tweeters in
football. But when he was arrested in August 2012, he
was a jealous husband. What began as an argument with his wife quickly
turned physical. According to a police report, Johnson grabbed
his then-wife Evelyn Lozada and headbutted her. By the time the cops arrived, a three-inch
laceration was visible on her forehead. Johnson ending up pleading no contest to misdemeanor
domestic battery and was sentenced to probation. He and Lozada divorced shortly after the incident,
having been married for only 41 days. Johnson also ended up serving time after celebrating
his plea deal in court by patting his lawyer on the butt. The presiding judge was unamused, sentencing
Johnson to 30 days in jail, of which he served seven. For some brands, the type of publicity that
Kellen Winslow Jr. brought them back in 2014 would be worth millions, but for the NFL journeyman,
it nearly caused time behind bars. Also, it wasn’t horrifying so much as it was
embarrassing. It all began when he was arrested for possession
of synthetic grass in a Target parking lot. That probably wasn’t the high point of the
Pro Bowler’s life, but it certainly wasn’t a career killer either. But then a reporter started digging around
and found out that smoking counterfeit kush was just the tip of the iceberg. Apparently, Winslow’s arrest came after a
bystander noticed him pleasuring himself in his car. By the time the police showed up, he had pulled
his pants back up, and he insisted there had been no public polishing of the helmet. While the officer never witnessed Winslow
in the act, the two open containers of Vaseline were a bit of a giveaway. In the end, Johnson was only charged with
the possession, but that doesn’t mean all was forgotten. Just ask his former teammate Antonio Cromartie,
who needled him via Twitter in 2015 by asking if he’d been to Target lately. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Grunge videos about your favorite
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    Plain and simple!!
    I wish people wouldn't gloss over that fact. He ratted on his friends. He probably lives his life in fear as a rat should! As far as Chad Johnson and some of the other clowns on this list. I don't know if they were ever respected.

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  6. When my dad caught me at 8 years old, jumping on the hood and roof of his car and denting it like a nitwit, he whacked me on the back of my legs and my butt with a belt and you know what happened? I never did something stupid like that again. I love my dad and the problem with kids today is it the government Is stepping in and that's the reason society is so bad now.

  7. With all of these chicks getting caught lying all the time about these assault charges it makes you start to question the validity of their stories and that's unfortunate.

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  10. When I was a kid, I was told to pick a switch for being bad, sucked at the time but taught me a lesson and grew up a well adjusted adult who never spent a day in jail. Thank you grandparents. ?

  11. OJ: Nearly decapitates his wife and butchers an unsuspecting man like a pig for returning her glasses.
    Aaron Hernandez: Shoots a friend execution style for "disrespect."
    Neither makes the list for "horrifying" crimes.
    Peyton Manning: Moons a fitness coach.
    Makes the list.

  12. Stuff regular people can't get away with. That's what happens when you're an asset of a rich corporation, they'll get you off the hook. This shows you how "honest" our justice system is.

  13. Don’t forget the time Michael Irvin almost murdered a teammate by stabbing him in the neck with scissors.

    And you barely scratched the surface on Kellen Winslow Junior. That guy’s a fuckin psychopath. He has countless incidents of domestic and sexual violence with no remorse going back to his childhood. His dad did a shit job of raising him.

  14. It’s kinda funny how there was no evidence but word from the accuser about this. Nothing at all and he almost went to jail. If a girl were to try and force herself upon me, absolutely no thing would happen. It’s only because it’s a guy being accused. I hate that. Double standards.

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  17. A black man spanking a black child. That’s terrible, or not. If he went too far 1 time the kid will get over it. Ask 50 year old men like me and that’s how it was in the 70’s and 80’s. . Usually it as the mom with the switch. We all lived thru it

  18. Funny how the accusers always wait until the guys are rich and famous so they can make a quick buck off the settlement out of court lol

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  21. You know they proved what big Ben did was false. They proved that he didn't do what he was accused of. Just the fact the lady from the bar dropped the charges is proof. She says she didn't want the trial to take a tole on her, but think about it, it's just an excuse because she didn't want to be caught lying. I don't want to get off the wrong foot here. If there's anyone that really was sexually abused, I feel for you, it's not right at all, but its also really bad to lie about someone and ruin there testimony.

  22. What about Ray Carruth?! The guy who hired two hitman of shooting his own pregnant girlfriend because he doesn't want to be dad and a husband during his NFL career, then spent 18 years in prison! I also know that he was released last year or not! So why not him in that category?!

  23. I'm not saying this is good stuff I'm just saying that people make mistakes sometimes. The Peyton Manning thing can't be that bad. Adrian Peterson only deserves a night in a cell, I bet by now his kid has forgiven him.
    ALso, with all this stupid stuff, you might throw Kurt Busch in there.

  24. Expert questioning by a good police detective would have shown guilt or innocence within a few minutes. Most police detectives achieve the rank of detective merely by being around for 10 years or more. Education and talent are not necessary.

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    Regarding Vick, I won't be satisfied until he is locked in a cell with several pit bulls that have been trained to fight. Never

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