Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – Gameplay – Part 1 – IT’S FRICKIN’ TERRIFYING!

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – Gameplay – Part 1 – IT’S FRICKIN’ TERRIFYING!

*shits pants * MAMMA MIA *screams again like a man* JESUS Heeey- He- *coughs* Heey how’s it going Bros my name is PEEWDIEPIE Welcome Welcome welcome welcome malcom To Resident Evil 7 playthrough Oh, it’s been a while since we’ve done one of these ‘Cuz I was waiting for this one T- to come out Resident Evil One of the pinnacles of the survival horror ge- gaming ge- genre Sorta went downhill for a while didn’t it? Just like it’s brother Silent Hill Where did it all go wrong? Could it be that big publishers care more about making (money) Than really about making horror games? Could it be that indie games has made a push back for horror games And show that they can be quite successful? It seem like finally Finally Resident Evil is back to where it should be At its core At the horror I dunno why I’m talking like I have something stuck up my ass like I I- I am genuinely passionate about these things and I’m really excited To see Where this game is going I’m very excited to be sharing this with you and We’re gonna finish this game together It’s gonna be a lot of fun I hope you’re into horror games as much as I am If not maybe you will be after this And without further ado Let’s play this video game I will go on normal Despite the fact that I probably shouldn’t But hey, sometimes you gotta live hard and This doesnt seem like one of those moments actually I don’t know It’s probably gonna lead to you being pissed off at me For not being good at- WOOAH “Hello baby!” JESUS CHRIST “I just wanted to send a quick ‘Hello'” UGH “and I love you.” “OH! Good news! I’m gonna be comming home soon. Yay!” SHOOT HER “Ohh. ” KILL THE- Ugh “I cannot wait” Not so close “to be done with this baby sitting job” “and come home to my loving husband.” Oh mY GOD IT IS a nightmare “I miss you” A TRUE horror “Ahh I gotta get back to work.” “I love you Ethan, I miss you so much, I’m sending tons of kisses.” *kiss* EWGHH “Bye baby!” *Gag reflex* *Vomits* Aww Ethan *I’m Ethan Bradberry!* That would be the real plot twist of this game if we’re playing as Ethan Oh shi- dude what the fuck? “Ethan,” Okay “Ngh,” “You were right.” “I did lie to you.” “I shouldn’t have-” *Pewds exits to menu* I am really sorry I’m hearing clipping And I’m really worried that you guys are as well So I’m gonna make sure Sorry about that Should be fine “All I can say is that,” “If you get this-” DO NOT “-STAY AWAY.” Okay You know what? Game over *giggles* This is pretty cool so far I know it’s just the cutscene but it’s very- y It’s beyond my expectations *Buttons beeping sound* I’ve been trying really hard not to hype myself up for this game *Calling sound* “Hello?” It’s very cinematic isn’t it? “Hey, it’s uh..” “It’s Ethan””Oh hey!” It’s Ethan “You alright?” “You just disappeared the other night.” “Yea-, yea I know I’m good, I’m good” It’s gorgeous “It’s Mia..” “She’s not dead, she’s alive. She- she’s back” “They found her?” “How? What happened? ” “I don’t know.” “Look. I don’t know how.. but she’s back.” “She’s back somehow.” “Maybe it’s a prank..” Holy shit “She wants me to come and get her.” “Where is she?” that looks incredible is this a movie? “Dulvey. Dulvey, Louisiana.” “Dude, it’s been 3 years.” “I know. I know, but.. What if it is her? ” “I have to find out what happened.” Um.. I’m just gonna go and guess – make a wild guess She’s fucking dead 3 years gone? Na-ah they’re always dead Horror rule N.45 Uuuhm They never let you edit these sorta things While y- before you begin So I’m sorry for doing this But Here we go Now you can’t bitch about me talking too much A retry already? It does look pre-rendered, doesn’t it? I’m very impressed though I am like- I’m getting super hyped right now Looking at this What the fuck? Okay I’m moving around I’m looking around This is the place This is the place to be With my car, I like the car Very nice car I’m talking a lot, I’m getting a little nervous I dunno why This fucking brought day light It’s just woods fucking scaring me And mosquitos Fuckin hell Are we in Australia? What is this place? This is- OH MY GOD THAT’S THE HOUSE FROM THE GAME Check your objective How? Find Mia THANKS GAME So what the fuck is this? Email from Mia We have a printout of the email You can’t print I suppose you we can Uh-huh Okay This is so fucking cool I can run? I heard that you don’t have a gun in this one We’ll see if that’s true or not I don’t think that’s ever been done in Resident Evil game Okay, well that’s not gonna work is it? I suppose we can climb over? Oh- sorry my- I got a new controller it’s pretty cool but I can’t fucking use it Jesus Why don’t I just So I don’t make y’all motion sick or whatever Why don’t I just adjust that really quick You can tell you’re new to controllers If you fucking play on two There we go That’s smoother Just hate watching let’s plays when The fucking head goes like EWUEEHH I dunno why I always try the same things I think I have a problem Alright we need to find Mia Okay what would I do in this situation? I mean I wouldnt be in this situation cuz I’m a puss Okay, and we can’t enter the bushes Maybe there’s a path that we didn’t really see There it is No this is where we came from Great, you’re a fucking genius Pewds So our girlfriend I guess, was babysitting And then she got just Went away- OOH HEllo This is Mia’s car Oh is this the film crew from the demo? IT IS Ha ha Did you check out the demo? You play as like this film crew It’s very cool That’s supposed to tripod- Sewer Gators Okay Join us No thank you paper But I appreciate the invite Okay Very cool Accept her gift I will as long as it’s her pussey I am so sorry I can’t help it I may have Tourette’s I am- I need to look into it I know it’s not funny And I know I dunno- yea uh it’s okay OH MY GOd that’s a guy I think I’ll fuck off for now Especially because he’s bald I don’t trust bald people I’m sorry I have a prejudice against you if you’re bald I probably won’t go near you Where the fuck did that guy go? Was that Tarzan? The hell is this place? I’ll look over here it looks prettier HEY BALD MAN WHERE’D YOU- oh shit What? What is this? Ohh- OH JESUS Jesus Well first jump scare of the game thank you ve- Bald man turned into a dead cow What a mystery Oh my god It is beautiful Wh wow OH WOW NOW I SEE WHAT IT IS *laughs* EEH HA WHY THANK YOU FOR- EH Thank you for the gift honey Awh my god It’s so pretty Ya know When you see something like that That’s generally like a good way to be like You know what? Is this g- is this bitch worth it? I would be like Mmmm *Sizziling noise* Aaahh *More sizziling noise* Aaaaaaaaaaaaarghh I don’t think so I don’t think so I mean I would for Marzia But I wouldn’t call Marzia That would be weird Okay It’s all jokes It’s all jokes Everyone calm down Hey crows How’s- how’s it going Bros – crows am I right? AAAAH ITS POOODIEPIE Yep That’s me Alright We got a silo and shit And we enter the point of no return WOOP Aargh Hey we did it High five Bro *high five* Well haven’t you missed these moments? I miss when PewDiePie played games Because he- he high fives me And it makes me feel good ‘Cuz I have no friends He- no I didn’t say that HEY, could that be Mia? What did it say? I didn’t really Get to look at it No Aah you fucking Jesus Christ It’s a Texas drivers’ license (hey i’m from der) And it doesn’t say Anything ‘cuz it’s in Texas (whats that suppossed to mean pewds??) Winters Could that be her surname? I suppose What is happening? I did like a quick turn I didn’t mean to do that Okay Back and circle, that’s a quick turn That might be useful Alright So this is the house that you played on in the demo Except it’s daylight, which is kinda interesting how they They’re building tension, ya know? I like it That’s how you do horror games man A lot of people forget about it Tension It’s fucking important Okay An open door This is where I escaped in the demo I believ- I’m sorry I’ll stop referring to the fucking demo We’re playing the real shit here Hello? Ooh Who closed the fucking door? Dat Dat is another big warning sign(damn right Poods) Just so I feel safe I’m gonna check if I can open the- Nawh Oh hell nawh *Loud sigh* Alraight We can do this( o really?) It’s you and the man This is honestly the reason I started recording youtube It’s because I was too scared to play horror games(as if we didn’t know that,Poods) By myself I thought it made more sense if I just film myself ‘cuz then I feel less lonely Is that- is that sad?(Yes it is…Poods..) Okay it’s fine Ya know what? I’ve been in here before It shouldn’t be an-*noise* Aw mai gawd What was that? It shouldn’t be any problem Mia? Is this where you’ve been living in? Select an item Well none of these is gonna help(ain’t dat obvious) So We need to find like a bolt cutter or some shit What a lovely place *Laughs* Honestly you could shape this place up this place could be nice HEEY Microwaved Crows My favorite They taste Crunchy Why do I bother che- EEEW EEW EW CLOSE IT CLOSE IT UGHH Disgusting *Almost throws up* It’s so detailed What the fuck Ooh Uugh Okay we got something here Over 20 missing in 2 years Ghost sighted in Bayou Bayou Bayou Great name of a city Okay Is there someone upstairs? I don’t like how defenseless I am There’s something blinking upstairs Oh my god I can’t tell if this is like a prologue or some shit Where this is just gonna Kill me and then it’s gonna be like MEAAAM And then it’s gonna start off with another character kinda Okay I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know Okay I’m just specualting and I don’t I’m just don’t wanna run if shit gets bad I don’t like it Well is anyone here? Oh that’s a creepy fucking picture What the hell is up with her face? Oh more creepy- Ahh f- fucks s- God damn it Here’s the fuses okay We don’t have one But if I find a fuse I’ll play the piano *Sings* *Totally not fake scream* *Laughs* Oh and you can play the VHS yea Okay Alright Insteresting *noise* What the fuck was that We know there is something in the furnace But we can’t I guess this guy technically doesn’t know Looks like the owners Wow Then look like they have a great time That dad looks so done with life Basically me Am I right? Relateable – brofist Okay Alright I think I think we’re gonna have to go upstairs I really didn’t wanna go upstairs ‘Cuz in every fucking horror movie ever They die when they go upstairs Now I’m not keen on dying, alright? Not today at least So Fuck Just not Just OH Fuck The shadow fucking scared me Jesus Christ Okay Keep the fucking Jesus Christ I don’t like this Hey what a lovely photo of me I remember that *Laughs* Okay What is th- They want me to look there Huh? I know your tricks games Stairs So you can make the stairs go upstairs? Wow That’s a That’s a new one *Laughs* Okay- OH VHS tape I’ll take that WOW YOU SAVE ON THOSE I LOVE WHEN GAMES DO THAT It’s like those old RPG games Like you talk to a cat Now you saved Cool Cool Alright We got something Let’s go down Not too bad Not too bad so far Now I underst- OH this wasn’t here before Was it? Or was it? I don’t know Maybe someone just took a shit in that drawer while I was down It’s called the toilet Alright then Let’s play this baby Hopefully it’s not a Jacksepticeye video Ain’t nothing worse than that shit Ah here we go I imagine it’s the film crew Vh- js Dulvey Hounted House – rehearsal WOOOW Jesus We’ve seen this Aah fuck we gotta play this DudE I CAN FUCKING HEAR YOU MWEEH Hey I’m fucking PooDiePie I’m the star Alright here we go I guess I’m the camera guy? Heey I’m getting great angles here buddy Trust me the Sewer Gators Fans are gonna love this Ohh yeah Aah no Okay You may wanna Get out of the Just kick it in I go first This guy is really errmmm they’re professionals Aww dude the food looks delicious Aaw woow What do you mean the usual? Who? Lucas huh? *Laughs* This guy’s voice is so fucking annoying Okay I’m filming Yep doing it That looks- this is Your angle Oh fuck he dissapeared Andre Aaw you aah God fucking a dammit Hey my name is Poodie Y’know fuck you I’m going upstairs I’m doing this only because i’ve played the demo and I know what’s gonna happen I’m kinda curious what happens if you just go fucking upstairs I suppose nothing *Laughs* Okay Alright sorry My curiosity got the better of me I wonder if the shit hole thing- It’s still there huh? Okay Well guess He likes to take his shits there Yeah I- shh This guy is the fucking worst Jesus Christ I mean if Andre is tha producers he’s doing a good job at- Ya know? Fuck this I dont know what’s gonna happen tho I don’t remember *Sigh* Oh yea see I remember this that’s- oh What? Yea so don’t go in there More like uh We can just go Andre was- oh, hello Damn those jeans tho Woah what the fuck is that? Oh it’s just baskets Alright you go first my man Hey good friend you go first better angle Trust me Ha The hero shot huh? Alright *laughs* Aaaalrigth yea let’s look at the hero Awwh fuck it’s all wet dude Your mom’s down here That’s why it smells *goteem* Come on buddy Come on Wait are you serious I have to look? OOOH FUCK What is this f- Andre? EEEW EWWGH ANDRE AAAAANDREE God fucking damn it, dude! Wow, what a great movie, I really enjoyed that one *Giggles* And that’s my clue, to get the fuck out huh How about that? Just realized I have an appointment Fucking hell Alright So I suppose now we know where to go Interesting Kind of advanced for a shitty house like this but I suppose it’s just aged a lot Ah God fuck Now were going down Okay Alright I wore my good shoes Jesus Christ These are italian leather Man Va-Fanculo! *italian for “fuck”* Jesus Christ Ooh what the fuck who made tha ladder? *Italian accent* I don’t like where this is going Not one fucking bit Bros I’m gonna be quite honest with you right now Hellow *high pitched* Sorry Hello- hello? UH What is that? Ah it’s just water Okay it’s just water It’s just water Ain’t no water ever killed anyone Unless lack of water counts Aaah Awh sh- *Spits* Got in my mouth *Spits again* Ohh f- Why am I so- UGH What was that? Sorry I’m on fucking edge Jesus Christ Hello? Hello hello okay The faster we can get out of here the faster i can go home- WAH Wait i can cover my face? N- AHHH NO NO NOO It’s alright I just farted actually it’s fine You can tell in the- it stank You can tell Cuz I already- AH Sorry Okay I’m fine I’m fucking fine Everything is fucking fine AAAHHH JESUSS! WE’RE NOT FINE AW IT’S ANDRE EW DISGUSTING DIsgusting Disgusting Get away Get the fuck away from me Ewh Ewwwwh Aahh Dis- Ugh Fuck my life This girl is not worth it Alright? This is j- she’s not I’m sorry Hello? You got me all wet and disgusting Alright Who’s Running the Who’s running this place Oh we saw this cell before in a picture Oh my god Aah fuck Okay we’re fine Everyone is fine There’s no reason to be upset I am a little bit upset *loud noise* Okay what have we got? Fucking pussy *In Swedish* Who keeps fucking doing that? Alright so we have a happy family An ananan that says sorry daddy daddy Daddy do daddy do Heey they- they- they have a toilet What’s the fucking problem Okay What if Mia is here? That’d be interesting *pewds panics* Okay Mia? Mia? Mia? Mamma Mia? *Song words* Oh my god Oh my god This is bad This is very not good Bado It’s a very- bolt cutters WHAT DID I FUCKING SAY AT THE START Alright we got Ben – dead Harold – turned Arthur – turned Zombies, Tamara Okay What about Mia? What about mamma Mia? Mia Mia Mia Mia Mia Mia I dont see a Mia Do you guys see a Mia? I don’t fucking see a Mia (Pewds it’s at the top) Am I crazy? (do u really want the answer?) Guess there’s- Okay well *facepalm* pls Maybe that’s a good thing I don’t know Doing some investigations I suppose we could technically go back But… Oh my god. I don’t like this. Okay. Let’s use the bolt cutters on the lock I suppose I don’t I don’t feel very good Mia You better not be dia As in dead i just said it cuz it rhymes I would hold- hang on to those bolt cutters if I were you Mia do not fucking jumpscare me I swear to god ETHAN BRADBERRY You don’t look too bad Yea you said not to come It’s kinda awkward Ahh fuck Okay We’re going We’re going Daddy but I’m your daddy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Right? That’s I mean you can call me whatever you want Sorry Just- let’s just go Let’s just go We can talk- we can catch up later It’s fine It’s fine Y- you just go I’ll make sure this side is safe And if Anyone Arrives What? What are you doing? Fucking hell you’re gonna fucking throw me off jesus I guess I guess You know what? I said she would be dead And I was wrong And you know what? I wanna apologize Okay Hey Hey hey hey Cables Not cables Anything but Why- oh god what is that? Oh what are those? What are those? WHAT ARE THOSE? They don’t look good *Wtf gag or something?* Sorry I’m a little Its’ a trap It’s a trap Fuck Mia man Not me but you Sorry Mia M- ah f You get it It’s not recording.. Hey look my face is back How bout that? I don’t know what happened I’m using a different camrea I will probably switch back for this playthrough Sorry about that What do you mean they used to? What family? They don’t seem like a- Awh god You know when it’s tight corners Shit’s about to get fucked you know And Getting fucked in horror games Is never a good- It’s never- It’s never good It’s- it’s never been good Except God of War 3 That was a good thing to get fucked I liked that one And HuniePop- Okay Hey let’s go Let me guess It’s locked Isn’t it? Do you have the key? Just open the door Oh my god it worked Okay Alright What the fff- Why? Awh y- I don’t like this enthusiasm E-001 What? Uhh what about this one? Hey creepy dolls A+ that’s just want I wanted right now HEEY POODIEPIEE IM A BIG FAAAAAAAAAAN CAN I GET A BROFIST? CAN I GET A BROFIST PLEASE? HEY Hey give me that brafist AW HELL YEAH I FUKIN LOVE YOU WHEN YOU DO THAT FILTHY FRANK VOICE DO IT FOR ME PLEASE Hey how’s it going- OH MY GAAAWHHH MY PUSSEEY Sorry Okay OOUH Mia? Aawh it’s too bad That’s too bad I was having really fun with this doll OH MY GOD PEWDIEPIE YOU CAME BACK FOR ME AND NOT MIA OH MY GOD I- uh god dammit You’re so fucking annoying Heeyy Poodiieepee Sorry Jesus Sorry I’d rather play with dolls I’m sorry Okay? I’m not afraid to admit that Mia Mia please Mia? Oookay Aright we’re fine Everything is great This is great This is great This is I think I’ll go down instead I think I just peed a little bit What the FUCK happened to the weather? I swear it was Sunny a second ago Maybe time changed? A map We got a map Oh fuck this Okay we’re starting to get health Which is not good Because that means we’re gonna get attacked Great we can’t jump out the window *BANG BANG BANG* Who the fuck did that *continues to knock* Oh my fucking Lord Oh my fucking God God fucking *still knocking..* Oh my God no Who’s knockiiing? Oh my God *knocking stops* Oooohh What do I do? I don’t wanna go down there Call for help *phone is out of service* Aahh Fuck I don’t have anything to defend myself with Let’s check the map maybe there’s a hidden room Where is the map? I swear I picked up a map I’m not ready for this Oh my god Mia? *manly pewds scream* *screams* MAMMA MIA *screams* JESUS NO UGLY AWH BITCH OH SHIT SHE’S STRONG AS SHIT MIA OH *Random screaming* WHAT THE FUCK *More random screaming* THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? MIA *And more screaming* MIA YOU CRAZY SON OF A BITCH WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? MIA CHILL OUT MAN I CAME HERE FOR YOOOUU aah Can you just Fuck Off? Man Fuck off. Okay well you need to ch- Mia Ouuhhh Nooo We can Punish you other ways *Disturbing noises of pewds* Heyy Oh that’s cool Can I slit her throat? I’m sorry but where’s the knife? I- I need to confirm the kill I need to confirm the fucking kill Okay this door is open now Jesus Christ kill that bitch This was open before I can’t fucking handle this *Scared shitless pewds* Oh my god Stop. Just stop. Just stop. Just stop. Oh no I-I think that means I need to run I think that means- AN AXE GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY WAY YOU FUCKING BITCH IM GONNA FUCKING CHOP THE SHIT OUT OF WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU YEAH THAT’S RIGHT Come on bitch Come on You wanna- Awhh thats right I heal You’re fucking not gonna get me Come on WILL FUCK YOU UP YEAH BYEAH Yeah that’s right That’s fucking right *Pewds is happy about the kill* Hell yeah *Drinking, burping, gagging noises* That’s fucking right Survival of the fittest mothafucka Aw shit mom’s calling I better get that I better get that call I bette- I better get that phone call He-Hello? OH I need to end this episode now? Okay I guess- I guess I will end the episode now Thank you for watching This is amazing so far I fucking love it That’s really fucking cool If you’re enjoying it as well leave a like And I’ll see you tomorrow with another episode We’re doing this daily so it should be fun I’m really loving this so far *Burps* I hope you are as well Brofist! 😀 *BTW subscribe to bleachsucc

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