REPROVING and REBUKING WITH ALL AUTHORITY Mt Zion Conway Tues Night Bible Study Dale Collins 1-1-19

– Praise the Lord, friends and neighbors. This is Dale Collins
coming to you tonight and for the first time ever
you’re getting to watch our live stream bible
study here at Mount Zion, Deeper Life Fellowship, located
at 3095 Dave Ward Drive, in beautiful Conway, Arkansas. So we wanna welcome you here
to the bible study tonight. It’ll be just like most
of them are, live and extemporaneous and I trust that the Lord will help us tonight. Praise the Lord. We’re gonna got to God
in prayer before we start our bible study tonight. Let’s pray together. Father we come before you
this evening with thanksgiving in our heart. We thank you for your
blessings upon us, we thank you for your goodness to us today. Thank you for your love,
for your mercy, for your compassion upon us. We thank ya Lord for being
our creator, for being our savior, being our healer,
our deliverer, our helper. Lord you are everything
that we could ever possibly hope for, even need today. We thank you for being in
this bible study with us and we just ask that you’d
bless and help us tonight, bless and help those that
are watching around the world and those that are here present. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen. – [Group Member] Amen. – Amen. I wanna send greetings
out to as far as we’re reaching today. Certainly here and around the world. We pray God’s blessing
be upon you and on our bible study tonight. Amen. I don’t, we don’t usually
sing at bible study and I know we don’t have any music. Amen, but I wanna sing
a little chorus tonight, it’s been on my heart all day today. Our hope as the world starts its new year, that this will be your
heart’s desire as well. Those that are here, if
you want to sing with me then go ahead and you’s around the world, it won’t hurt you to join
right in and sing where you’re at too. It’s an old hymn, a lot
of folks probably know it, just wanna sing the chorus a round or two. Goes like this. ♪ Well draw me nearer,
nearer, blessed Lord, ♪ ♪ To the cross where thou hast died; ♪ ♪ Draw me nearer, nearer, blessed Lord, ♪ ♪ Up to thy precious bleeding side. ♪ ♪ Oh, draw me nearer,
nearer blessed Lord, ♪ ♪ To the cross where thou hast died; ♪ ♪ Draw me nearer, nearer, blessed Lord, ♪ ♪ To that precious bleeding side. ♪ Amen, thank God I hope that’s your desire
for tonight and this year. I’d like to be closer to
the Lord next year this time than I am tonight. Amen. So I appreciate you
watching tonight, those from around the world and
certainly thank you home folks for being out here tonight. Amen Mount Zion, Deeper Life Fellowship. Where we might dismiss
if somebody gets sick, or somebody dies, or
there’s some kind of weird, unusual circumstance like
the gas lay out, or a tree falls on the building,
or it snows here deep or something like that. But we’ll never, ever, ever
close, deer hunting, fishing, the Superbowl, or amen, even the holidays. Amen. Thank God. Amen. – [Group Member] Amen. – Amen, Lord of God. Well in order to stay tonight,
interesting subject been on my heart today. I wanna look at it, the first
verse we’re gonna use is Proverbs, chapter 9 and verse 8. Amen. We’re gonna study about
reproving and rebuking. Amen. We’re gonna find, I think
tonight, through the word of God that these is two of the
big, big, big responsibilities of the church, Amen. And as you probably notice
I posted today, and a lot of folks don’t like real
churches and true churches because they don’t want
anybody to deal with their sin. And my conclusion is from
all these years of studying the bible, is if it’s a
real church, if it’s God’s true church, Amen. Somebody’s gonna deal with sin. That’s part of what it’s
all about today, amen. So anybody who are in church
that’s not dealing with sin, amen, it’s really not a real church, amen. Not the Lord’s real church, amen. Proverbs nine and eight. Amen. And the bible reads like this;
that reprove not a scorner, amen, lest he hate thee. Rebuke a wise man and he will love thee. Amen. So we’re here looking at
the word reprove, amen, and obviously that is a
word that means to chasten, to convince or to correct. Amen, and it’s a word that
means to plead or reason, and so this is the
ministry’s job today, amen. It’s the ministry’s job,
amen, in the church and in the set up, the way God set
it up for there to be, amen, people that are able to
reprove and to rebuke people. Amen. But we wanna look at the
word scorner today because here in the next few minutes
we gonna talk about that. But a scorner is one that scoffs. Amen, and I guarantee you
every one of us here in this room tonight and those
watching around the world. You gonna have to deal with some scorners, because the world’s full of
em, the churches are full of em nowadays and the
church world’s full of em. And the scorner is somebody that scoffs, somebody that mouths off
and scoffs at the truth of what you’re saying, amen. If somebody that, you know,
makes them mock or a mocker or a scorner and I know that
we’ve all bumped into them. Don’t matter if you read
one of the plainest verses in the bible, there’s
somebody’s gonna make fun of it, gonna mock it, scoff at
it, and the bible says here not to reprove a scorner,
someone that’s mocking and scoffing, because he’ll just hate you. Amen, I mean he just
hates, you can’t help him, you can’t help her so you
might as well go on to somebody you can help, amen. And we need to realize that
tonight, church, we can’t help everybody in the world. We’re sifting through the
multitudes of people trying to find the few that we can help, amen. – [Group Member] Amen. – Praise God. And listen, it say here,
rebuke the wise man and he will love thee. That’s some powerful
scripture here, course this is in Proverbs and the
word rebuke here, amen, it means to be right, it
means to, amen, to also chasten him, it means to
plead with him, to reason with him, to dispute with him. And it’s over the truth
today, and so when you reprove a scorner, they’re gonna hate you. Amen, we already got
enough folks hating us, we’ve got no point causing a big raucous. Amen, or not any point, a lot
of times, I know earlier on as a Christian and sometimes now, I got into it with a few
people when I been better off just avoided it and kept my mouth shut. Why, because they was a scorner. They was just gonna scoff
and mock and laugh, make fun, go on down the road spreading
rumors and stuff anyway. Amen. But that type of person will
just hate you, but when you rebuke a wise man, amen, a wise man. Or is there any wise men
left in the world today. Amen, I’m sure that there
are, but a wise man, that word in Hebrew, amen, means
cunning, means intelligent, means a wise hearted man,
amen, there’s still some wise hearted people in the land today. Praise God, but when you
rebuke a wise man, the bible says he will love you. Praise God. He will appreciate the
fact that you love his soul and that you’re trying to help him. Amen. He will appreciate that,
and that’s important today, amen, that we learn to,
in the ministry, to rebuke the wise man. Be able to sift and assert
deciding who’s what, amen. And we’d have a lot less
squabbling, a lot less problems if we pick out who that
we’re working with. But he’ll love you, is what
the bible said, and that’s an awesome thing today. Amen, and so we will look
on just a few more of these and we’re here in Proverbs
and I wanna go down to another one and that’s
Proverbs 13 and one, because it uses these same words again. A wise son heareth his
father’s instruction but a scorner hears not rebuke, amen. So here is two places in
the word of God already that it says a scorner won’t hear you. He’s gonna hate ya, he’s
not gonna hear you anyway, he’s not gonna pay no
attention, it’s gonna go in one ear and out the other, it’s
just gonna cause a raucous and a problem, amen. And so it’s no point,
the bible said, and fool them with that. A wise son, talking about
here in the family, the wise son or daughter is
gonna hear his father or his mother’s instruction. Amen, and the graveyard is
full of people today that didn’t listen to their
father and their mother. Amen. Amen, they went to an untimely
and early grave because of that, but a wise son will
hear his father’s instruction, but a scorner hear not rebuke. A scorner, that one that scoffs and mocks, even at their own father
in the family setting, they’re not going to hear
rebuke and that’s a sad thing. Amen, let’s move on. In Proverbs, amen, 24 and
25, lets look at that one. It says here; but to them that
rebuke him shall be a delight and a good blessing shall
come, amen, upon him. We better pick up, that verse up above it. Verse 24, Proverbs 24 and
24 said; he that sayeth unto the wicked, thou art righteous,
him shall the people curse. Nations shall abhor him.
But to them that rebuke him, talking about the wicked,
you rebuke the wicked, him shall be a delight
and a good blessing shall come upon him. It’s important today that
we learn that there are a correction. We live in a church world,
brothers and sisters, today where nobody wants to be corrected. Preachers don’t wanna be
corrected right on down to the children. Nobody wants to be corrected
but it’s the churches responsibility and calling
today , it’s the reason God set it up, to have the elders
and bishops and pastors and on down the line, amen,
to correct and to rebuke and to reprove people. Proverbs 27, five is
where I wanna go to next. Amen, oh glory. Proverbs 27 and five. This looked where the Lord
said. It said open rebuke is better than secret love, amen. Did you hear that? Open rebuke is better than secret love. And so that the bible’s right today, amen. It’s to be done out in the
open and be open about it. Don’t be two faced or
back, a lot of people talk about everybody else’s
business to everybody else but it’s better to take
care of the problem there and if you have to openly
rebuke somebody, that’s better than going around
secretly loving them behind their back. Secret love don’t do much good does it? Amen. So God help us today to
do it and to do it right. Ecclesiastes, one last verse
here in the old testament, chapter seven, verse five, amen. And I thought this was very powerful. This happened to be one I
did look up today, amen. But listen to what it says. Ecclesiastes, chapter seven, verse 5. It is better to hear
the rebuke of the wise, than for a man to hear the song of fools. I hate to say this tonight
but there’s a lot of people going to church across the
world and all they’re doing is listening to the song of fools, amen. They’re not getting what they
need, they’re not getting the real word of God. Everybody says my preacher
preaches out of the bible. Yes and I’m sure he does. But most preachers just
skim right across the top and don’t get on down into it, amen. They just, mouths like a rock
being thrown across the water. Dip, dip, dip, dip. They hit a few main
verses and go right on. But friend God is calling us
today to be real Christians, to be real saints. Amen, he’s calling us into
the deeper things of God and only into the word of God. And God help us today, it’s
better to hear the rebuke of the wise, or wise man,
it’s better to hear that than it is to hear the song of fools. Some might just tell you it’s
okay, you can do anything you want to, it’ll be
alright, don’t worry about it, we’re all human, we’re all
of flesh, you can’t live like that anyway. Just keep on listening to
that friend and in the end they’re gonna be the ways of death. But, oh God help us tonight,
because we don’t want the rays of death. Anybody here wanna go
down the highway to death? Amen, don’t want that. A lot of folks ain’t
saying that but I see em shaking their heads, amen. Praise God, I don’t want that either. We’re gonna go to the new testament now. Amen, and we’ll talk about
these two subjects here tonight. These two words rebuke and reprove. Trust that it’ll be a blessing to you. Amen, thank God. As we pull over into
the new testament there. Matthew 16 and 22. You know there was a story
about Peter and Peter began to rebuke the Lord. Said be it far from me
Lord that this should not come under thee and he just
didn’t know the program. Peter didn’t know what was
going on and he began to rebuke even the Lord. Now that he didn’t know that
the Lord was going to say later on not to rebuke an elder. Amen, and he was gonna tell how to do it. And so the Lord straightened him out here. Amen. God help us, we need the
Lord to straighten us out sometimes, I know that I do. And I know the Lord has
straightened me out sometimes. Amen. I remember here a few years
ago, I was just fixing to do something and the Lord just
asked me, I heard his voice in my mind, amen. He just asked, he said, do
you really wanna reap the seeds off of that? You really wanna reap the
fruit off of those seeds? And that was it, I knew that
wasn’t the way to go, amen. Thank God. And so sometimes the Lord does
correct us and I thank God for that, amen. I want us to read now
Philippians, chapter two and verse 15, Philippians two and 15. Amen, praise God. Let’s read there and let’s
start at just little bit above it tonight. We got plenty of time, amen. Verse 13 said; for it is
God which worketh in you, both the will and the
do of His good pleasure. The Lord is wanting to work
out His good pleasure in mine and your life. Thank God, that’s an
awesome thing tonight. Verse 14 said; do all
things, how many of em? All things without out
murmurings and disputing. And so Lord, that’s hard
to do sometimes isn’t it. God help us today. But we’re to attempt to do
all things without murmurings and disputing and here’s why
in verse 15; that you may be blameless and
harmless, the sons of God. What’s he call us to be? Blameless and harmless,
the sons of God, amen. Without rebuke. What’s the church been called to? What have we, as saints been called? We’ve been called in Romans,
chapter one I believe, says we’re called to be saints, amen. But we’re called to be
blameless, harmless, the sons of God without rebuke and
that means that nobody can put their finger on
something in our lives that’s not wrong, that’s not Christ like. Amen, when we get on Facebook
and we fuss and rant and rave and we call names and do all
kinds of false accusations, heck I’m talking about
any of us, if it’s me, you or whoever, grab em all
and say if the shoe fits you wear it, amen. But whoever gives today,
we’re supposed to live in such a way that our lives would
be without rebuke, amen. And you say, well I’m
not there yet, preacher. Well dischristianize
yourself, just pray through over it and let’s work
on it and let’s move up a litter higher. Let’s make the Lord work in our lives. He’s wanting to do His good
pleasure tonight and in our lives, amen. We gotta let him work on us. Let’s get on the potters
wheel tonight and let the Lord work on it and work in our lives. Praise God. We might be a vessel that’s
sanctified and made for the master’s use. That should be our desire this year, amen. To be a vessel that’s
sanctified and made for the master’s use. To be a son of God without
rebuke in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, amen. We are, amen. If you are saint of God
listening tonight, amen. We’re supposed to be
the light of the earth. We’ve got that light living in us. Right here in the middle of a
crooked and perverse nation. Among whom you shine as
lights in the world, amen. Thank God. So there it is, He says
here that we’re to be without rebuke. We are to live above reproach, amen. And we can’t do it on our own, amen. But, praise God, we can do
it through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Isn’t that right? Amen, that’s right. Greater is he that’s in us,
that he that is in the world. If you and I will fully
surrender our heart and fully surrender our lives, our
attitudes, our mouth, our tongues, our thoughts, our mind. If we’ll surrender it all
to Him, He’ll do it for us, He’ll work on us, amen. I wanna go to verse 10 of
the, chapter five, verse one tonight is pulling out and
it’s under the subtitle here on my bible, it says instructions
for the church, amen. Tonight we’re not talking to
the supposedly sinning folks, we’re not talking those that
are down at the beer joint or down somewhere else, amen. I’m addressing the church, amen. Thank God. And there’s some instructions
for the church that the Lord put in here, this is not
this, man I’m reading out of the book tonight, praise God. But first Timothy five
and one said; rebuke not an elder, amen. So an elder here being
someone older, amen. Being someone in authority or whatever. Rebuke not an elder, but
it said, and treat him as a father. The younger men as brethren, amen. The elder women as mothers
and the younger as sisters with all purity. And then it said verse
three; all are winners that are winners indeed. Amen, we don’t have many
churches doing that any more. Amen. But, oh God help us today. Amen, here was the rule
that God set down, or the instruction for the church;
rebuke not the elder man, treat him as a father. Does it mean that the
father’s always correct? Of course not. Does it mean that mama is always correct? Course not. Does it mean that the
leadership in the church is always right? Absolutely not. But before you jump up and
mouth off and you rebuke an elder, remember, amen,
remember this verse. Now did it mean you couldn’t
talk to em to the side? Did it mean you couldn’t have a discussion with them about it? Absolutely it don’t mean that. Amen. But before you get up and
rebuke an elder, out in front of everybody, more times
that not you’re gonna make a fool out of your own self. Amen. More times than not the
elder’s done been around, down the road a long time more
than you have and more times than not when it all comes
out in the wash, as grandma used to say out in the
country, amen, it’s gonna come out probably the elder’s right. But there are times when
the elders’ wrong but when he’s wrong, when mama’s
wrong, when daddy’s wrong, when those who are in authority
are wrong, when the police are wrong, amen, whatever
if might be, amen. It’s how you handle it is
what’s important, amen today. God help us to know the difference today. Amen. First Timothy, that same
chapter just keeps on clipping away down through there, amen. We probably oughta read it
all but due to the fact we don’t have time I’m gonna
skip down, amen, to verse 20, first Timothy, chapter five,
verse 20, the bible reads like this; them that sin
rebuke before all that others may fear, amen. Now I tell you what our
policy’s always been here at Mount Zion, amen. If you slip around and do
it and I find out about then I might take you to the back
and talk to you about it, but if you get out here to
me and tell and everybody knows you did it, you can
expect to hear from it, about it right over the pulpit,
right in front of everybody. I know a few years ago at
camp that some of them was scared almost to death and
that’s what they told our preacher, they said you
tell him, if it’s something that goes on he don’t like,
please don’t say nothing about it out in the church
service but please take us to the side and talk to us. And there are some times when
you’re supposed to do that, you oughta do that, there’s
other times when it needs to be addressed right out in the open. Them that sin, the bible
said rebuke before all that others might fear. Amen, there’s a reason for it. God wants his church saved, amen. He wants you to make it
today and if you’re the one tip toeing around with the
world and trying to hold on to God with one hand,
the world with the other, you’re doing something
that ain’t never been done and won’t never be successfully
done, so you might as well give up and let go of one of em. And I wanna encourage you
now to let go of the world and hold onto God with both hands. Thank God. But He said if you sin,
rebuke em before all that others may fear. Amen, we don’t have much
of this going on in the church no more. Any churches that I know
of, very few of em, but He said that others may fear. Fear what? Fear to sin. Praise God. Be scared of sin, we need
to treat sin like it’s a big old rattle snake. Amen. Sin is gonna bite you, sin is
going to kill you possibly, or destroy you. Amen. And we need to look at
it that way, amen, today. Praise God, and then it
goes on, verse 21 said; I charge thee before God
and the Lord Jesus Christ and the elect angels that
thou observe these things without preferring one
or another doing nothing by partiality. Amen, now I could preach
for about two weeks on this probably tonight and times
not gonna let me but listen tonight, He said here this
is the charge that He gave Timothy, the man of God. Timothy was sent over there
to set those things in order, start them churches and
straighten them out and get them doing the bible way. But He said here that
you observe these things. What things? Them that sin, rebuke before
all that they may fear and the things up above it
about receiving the elders accusations, gifts to elders and so forth. All the things that’s up
here in the 21st verse. He said they say he observed
without preferring one another, doing nothing by partiality. I’m seeing churches where
the preachers children can do anything but everybody
else would get whipped half to death for. Amen. I’ve seen children,
churches where the children, the pastors grandchildren
could get away with almost bloody murder, amen. But, boy if somebody else
there in the church, they would get, I mean crucified
alive from behind the pulpit. Amen, and I’m sure that you
have seen these things as well. We’ve seen situations where
if there was a big shot or somebody really high
faluting in the community that was in the church, maybe
they gave a lot of financial contributions, nothing was
ever said about their sin. But yet, you get somebody
else, just an ordinary person, do something and boy,
boy, boy, I mean they drop the hammer on them. These things are about
to be solved, praise God. He said here that you
observe these things without preferring one another by
doing nothing by partiality. We shouldn’t be partial to that. Amen, God has no respect
of persons, don’t matter what color you are, or don’t
matter what, you’re poor or rich, or you’re high
or you’re low in society, none of those things
matter, we all even on this deal when it comes to
the family of God, amen. And if there’s gonna be some
rebuking for sin, it oughta be for everybody. Amen. And I know that a lot of
churches, the pastor, and his family maybe gets away with
things and I know a lot of you’s contacted me through
the years and I’ve seen it myself traveling. A lot of times it’s hurt a
lot of people because their children got punished
when other peoples didn’t. Those things shouldn’t be
so, the bible is the same for my family as it is for yours, amen. They’re all married and gone
now but when they were here, I expected them to live a
higher standard that I do the rest of the people
because they was the ones that was up and being an example. But the truth is today,
whatever it is, whatever the rule is, whatever the
bible is talking about, amen, we are not to prefer one
another above the other, we’re not to show partiality and
it’s a big sin going on in the churches today. Amen. Thank God. Second Timothy, chapter
four, verse two and we’ll cover a little bit more of
this, but here again Paul was talking to Timothy,
setting up his church. Thank God, it’s a glorious church. Amen, without spot or
wrinkle, been washed in the blood of the lamb. The Lord set it up that way, thank God. Look at second Timothy,
chapter four, verse one. He said I charge thee, amen. You know we could talk a long,
long time about the charge, amen, the charge that we’ve
received from God or from the man of God, amen. And not just me but all
ministers, are we keeping the charge to that? Are we keeping the rules
of the book like God said? Like the old church did. Are we keeping it like it
was delivered unto us, amen, there’s something to think about. Beside charging them before
God and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick
and the dead in his appearing and his kingdom, verse
two, preach the word, amen. Praise God. He didn’t say give em a
motivational speech or pep talk, he said preach the word, amen. He didn’t say pass out huggies
and baby bottles and rattles and all like that and give
em sugar coated lollipops. He said preach the word today. Be instant, in season, amen. Preachers are supposed to be instant. When’s the season? When you bump into
somebody needs the Gospel, that’s when it’s the season, praise God. The season’s always open
for the true gospel. Hallelujah. Out of season, praise the Lord. You’re in church, so we
gotta be in church to preach to people, I preached in
McDonald’s one night, amen. Hallelujah. You preach out in the parking
lot, I wasn’t got through, I wasn’t finished inside. Amen. I’ve preached on the street
corner and I know lots of folks preached on the street in days gone by. It’s in season, it don’t
matter if it’s outta season. Don’t matter if it’s
the right time or not. The spirit of the Lord gets
a hold of ya, you preach. And what are you supposed to preach? Preach about politics,
or preach about the news, or preach about the ball
games, or what’s going on in sports right? No, come on now, you shake
you’re head a little right. Amen, thank God. Hallelujah. You’re supposed to preach the word. Thank God. The world’s gotten lost and
headed straight for destruction because they’re starving to
death for the word of God. They’re not starving to death
for the news, they got the TV for that, the internet
and everything else. They’re starving to
death for the Good News. – [Group Member] Yes. – Amen. There’s a famine in the
land for the word of God. This is what he said though,
preach the word, be it in season, out of season and
then there’s that big word, it pops up, reprove! Amen. Thank God. He said Timothy while
you’re preaching the word, son there’s gonna be some
people that you got to reprove. Go and meet some people
you’ve got to correct. And the next word said rebuke. Amen. There’s gonna be some
people that have to be set in their place. Gonna have to be some people
that have to be set down, gonna have to be some people
that have to be shut up. Amen. If not, they’re gonna bring
havoc on the church and the church service and on the
people that surround about em. There’s gonna have to be
some reproving and correcting and we’re on the short end of
the stick in the church world today on this, amen. It’s all love, love, love
and grace, grace, grace and I thank God for the real love of God. I thank God for the real
grace of God but there’s also these words in the bible
as well that people just wanna skim right over
the top and miss out on. Reproving and rebuking. And then he said exhort,
amen, we’re to exhort or to admonish or to expound
on the word of God, amen. And we’re to do that with all
long suffering and doctrine. So yes, there is some long
suffering in this, amen. Thank God. I know if you’ve been in the
ministry very long at all there’s been people you’ve
been working with, like here, some people we’ve worked
with for years, amen. It’s took a lot of suffering
for a long time, amen. And you can’t give up on
people, you gotta be long suffering and gentle with
them and of course have the right doctrine. So God help us, but verse
three; for the time will come when they will not endure
sound doctrine but after their own lusts shall they
heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears. Didn’t say they’d quit
going to church , didn’t say they’d stop being religious,
it said they’d closed up their ears to the truth
and they would go down shopping around until they
had found a preacher that they could pay enough,
amen, that he would let em do what they want to and live
on and go on and on and on. Sing in the choir, amen,
and preach and teach all the other things that you do,
play musical instruments, amen, without living right. Amen, that’s exactly
right, having itching ears. I guarantee you, if you not
like this old time gospel bible reading and preaching,
there’s somebody out there that’ll lie to you if
you give em enough money. There’s somebody out
there that’ll lie to you, let you sing and preach
and hoot and holler and all that other stuff, amen, all
you gotta do just go their way. But there’s some people that
won’t sell out for money. Amen. Some people ain’t in this
for the money, some people’s in this because God reached
down and pulled em out of their life, and pulled
em outta the thing that they were doing and said this
is what I want you to do. Amen, and if ministers are
not in it for that reason, what reason are they in it for, amen. I don’t want anybody to
just jump up and and wanna be a preacher, do you? Well I’m just gonna jump
up and wanna be a preacher, let people smash on me and
run their mouth on me and then all the abuse that we go
through day in and day out, and the load that we carry. I don’t know why anybody
would wanna do that unless the almighty God called you to do that. Amen. Thank God, the time will
come and friends we’re there tonight, amen. When people will not
endure sound doctrine. They just won’t listen to it,
they won’t put up with it, but they’re act on their own
lusts so heap to themselves teachers having itching ears. They shall turn away their
ears from the truth and while they’re turning their ears
away from the truth, look what the almighty God told
Timothy, amen, they were setting the church in order
here, amen, while it happened to them, while they’re turning
their ears away from the truth they should be turned into fables. Amen, turned into a fairytale
religion, turned into a once saved, always saved religion. Turned into even the
slevenial way of religion, when the bible clearly
says different from that. Amen, still be reading
the same bible and believe something totally different
than what God’s saying. God help us today, amen. But he said watch thou of all
things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist,
make full proof of thy ministry, amen. And the foolproof there is
to preach the word, instant, in season, out of season, to
reprove rather than rebuke and exhort with all long suffering. I’m happy tonight, thank God. Titus, amen. Thank God. Titus here, let’s go to
Titus chapter one, amen. Are you ready? Praise God, hallelujah. I’ve got enough time,
just get happy tonight. Thank God, amen. I hope you’re happy tonight. Thank God, I’m happy about
the word of God tonight. I really am, thank God. Titus one, verse five, amen;
for this cause left I thee in Crete, that thou shouldest
set in order the things that are wanting, and ordain
the elders in every city as I had appointed thee. That’s what’s wrong with
a lot of churches, there’s a lot of people that ain’t
never been set in order. Amen, they just pop up
and do what they want to and never even thought about
what the bible said about it. It don’t matter what you do,
you need to consider what the word of God said about it. Amen. He said I left you down there
in Crete, Titus and Timothy, amen, he said you set in
order those things that are wanting, amen, and there’s
some things wanting in the churches in which that we are
need of in this world today. Amen, he said ordain the
elders in every city just like I appointed you. And then if there be any blameless? The husband and one wife
having faithful children, not accused of riot or
unruly, amen, verse seven, for a bishop must be blameless
as the steward of God, not self willed, not soon angry, oh, did you hear that. Amen, not soon angry. Just don’t get mad at the drop of a hat. Don’t just fly off the handle. Not soon angry, amen, not give
in to wine, amen, no striker, not given to filthy lucre,
not giving over to money. How many ministers has
given over to money today? Amen, if you give enough
money, you could get by, amen. But I’m afraid I’m gonna
tell ya, you ain’t got enough money to get by God, amen. Amen. – [Group Member] Amen. – Thank God tonight, I’m happy, amen. Thank the Lord but it’s the truth. Be a lover of hospitality, amen,
a lover of good men, sober, hallelujah. Sober people make sober
decisions and a lot of people are making decisions, amen,
that you know they ain’t sober cause a smart, sober
person wouldn’t do that. Amen. The reason people have so
many wrecks out here on the highway, they run through
my grapes and run through my field all the time and
they’re just having wrecks pretty often and I go out there
and time after time I have to get dressed late at
night, go out there, amen, call 911, some has done
run off the hill and down through the field, and
it’s always because they wasn’t sober, amen. Police officers told me, I
don’t know how many times, people that come in from these
restaurants late at night, they make, their thinking
slows down and when they go to turn they’ve already passed
the intersection out there and right up through
my grapes they go again and blueberries, amen. That what it is. You know, when God’s told
us to be sober today, amen. To make sober decisions,
amen, and not to act like idiots but be sober today. Amen, he said just and
holy and temperate, amen, holding fast the faithful word. Do you hear that? The word of God’s faithful tonight. The word of God is faithful,
that’s why you need to be faithful to the word of God, amen. He said holding fast the word
of God that as he has been taught, did you hear that? Has he’d been taught, somebody’s
supposed to be teaching us that, somebody supposed
to be teaching everybody. God help us today. It’s the way God set it out
but you’ve got these people now brother and I know you’ve met em. I ain’t mad that oh ain’t
nobody gonna teach me, ain’t nobody gonna teach me, the
bible set it up to where God’s got faithful men that’s
supposed to be teaching people and he said that he may
be able, by sound doctrine, both to exhort and to
convince the game sayers. Amen. To convince those folks
that are mouthing off. Amen, listen, verse 10 said
for there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers,
especially among they of the circumcision, he said,
Paul said here, that there was many of em, amen. Unruly people, vain talkers, amen. And deceivers, churches are
full of these type of folks today, amen. I don’t know if you can see
the pulpit behind me but pulpits are full of these
today across the land. The same people have crept
in the church and they’re preaching and teaching
and running things in a lot of places. Notice verse 11 said, amen,
whose mouths must be stopped. Amen. The house must be stopped,
amen, these people, they’re mouths rather. And there’s a reason why, amen. There’s some people who
are supposed to be rebuked, some people supposed to be
set down, some people supposed to be, amen, done aside and
done away with and dealt with in this matter is
what I’m trying to say. It said here, verse 11;
whose mouths must be stopped. Who subvert whole houses, amen. Because they’re deceivers,
they’re game sayers. Amen, they are those type
are people that teach things they ought not and they
subvert whole houses teaching things which they ought not for why? For fealty lucracite, amen. For monies sake, for
gain, for greed, amen. Amen, and if you let em go
on, it’s like a cancer that’ll eat inside the church and it’ll
just keep on and on and on. Because they’re deceiving
people, the bible said that deceivers would wax worse,
deceiving and being deceived. Amen, I don’t wanna be deceived do you? – [Group Member] Uh uh. – I’d like to get hold of
some and say Lord, I wanna go, show me the way, amen. Thank God. Listen here what he said, let’s
read on; one of themselves, even a prophet of their
own said the Cretans are always liars. Evil beasts and slow bellies. And verse 13 is what the
man of God said about it. This, this is true, amen. He said wherefore rebuke them
sharply that they may sound in their faith. There’s some people you wanna
handle gentle, some people we have to handle gentle
with gloves and in private and so forth. There’s a way of doing
everything and I don’t have it all down. And I promise you I have
made mistakes down through the years, I’ve made
mistakes that I’ll regret till my dying day, amen. But because there’s a
possibility of making a mistake is no justification for just
sitting back and ignoring the word of God. There’s some people got to
be reproved, some people got to be rebuked, amen, and
there’s a reason why. This is what he says here,
this witness is true, rebuke them sharply that they may
be sound in the faith, not giving heed to Jewish fables
and commandments of men that turn from the truth. There’s a lot of people
teaching things today that will turn you from the truth
if you listen to it and if you follow it, amen, but
God help us today, amen. He said rebuke them sharply
and I know a lot of folks don’t believe in rebuke at
all but I’m just laying it out like the bible said tonight, amen. I’m reading it right out
of the book right, just adding a few country folk
comments here, but amen, I believe in reading it
right outta the book. Hallelujah to God. And remember the bible is the
faithful word and we wanna be faithful to it. Amen, let’s read in Titus again. Amen, let’s go to chapter two now, amen. Times getting away from us
but I’m starting to have a good time tonight, amen. Thank God. I’m gonna throw this in,
you know, about 20 years ago my daddy said if you preach
over 20 minutes, you lose folks attention and then I
read here two or three weeks ago on the internet, they
said the new attention span in the United States due to
electronics and computers and Facebook and all was down
to eight minutes on average. The average American had eight
minutes of attention span. But I hate to tell you this
folks, if eight minutes of attention span is all you
got, you probably done tuned this out a long time ago, amen. But I don’t know how you’re
ever gonna grow in God or get very much eating eight
minutes a spoonful at a time. Amen, I read in the bible where
they stood out in the rain, I believe it was for three
days to hear the law of the Lord read to them. And another place where Jesus
fed the thousands of people. Why’d he feed em? Jesus, why’d you feed em? Amen, I read in the word where
he said these people have been with me for three days
out hear listening to me and I will not send them away fasting. They’ve been out there
fasting three days out in the middle of nowhere to hear
the word of the Lord, amen. And we wonder why we’re
not having a revival. We’re wondering why we’re
not having a move of the spirit of God, we wondering
why we’re not seeing people healed and delivered and
converted today and like folks have in days gone by. It’s because most folks are
not willing to pay the price and the sacrifice to get
anywhere with God, amen. They took that little boys
loaves and fishes and fed em and the Lord sent em away, praise God. He blessed them because
they’d been with him, fasting, listening to his word and
when you or I, amen, hold his word up high, he’ll bless you too. Amen, let’s read here in
Titus chapter two, amen. Thank God, there’s a whole
bunch of things here and then I can’t read all of em, praise the Lord, although I’d sure love to, if you tune in another night maybe I’ll get some of em. Amen, but listen verse seven
said; in all things, showing thyself a pattern of good
works, you and I as Christians and saints, there’s supposed
to be a pattern for those around about us to follow. Amen, that’s right. Amen, and doctrine showing
uncorruptness and gravity and sincerity, sound
speech, amen, that cannot be condemned. God helps us with our mouth today. A lot of folks listening no
doubt around the world are still yet carnal, still lukewarm
and crying over it and then they need to be
delivered and sanctified from their mouth and from other problems, amen. Had a man the other day, I
met him and we talked about the Lord and I don’t know how many. This man was talking to
me about Jesus and I don’t know how many bad words he
used while he was doing it. These things ought not to
be said and I’ve had that happen several times through the years. Amen, perhaps this man was
going to church and just didn’t know no better. Somebody must not have rebuked
him or corrected him, amen. But oh God help us today. Now sound speech that cannot be condemned. It says here that he that is
of the contrary part might be ashamed having no evil
thing to say of you, amen. When you get through debating
or talking with somebody on Facebook or if it’s in
person, when you get through with it they ought not to
have any thing that they can put their finger on in
your life or how you talk, they shouldn’t be able to
say well boy he got mad, or he blowed up. Just cause you got mad and
blowed up, there’s no excuse for running off your mouth
and calling people a bunch of names and making a
bunch of jabs and stabs and getting personal with it, amen. Let’s keep it sanctified today. Amen. To have sound speech that
cannot be condemned that those that’s of the contrary or the
other part, or other side, may be ashamed having no evil
thing to say of you, amen. Alright verse nine exhorts
servants to be obedient to their own masters and to
please them well in all things, not answering again, amen. I know this talk about slaves
and servants and so forth and all but friend you could
apply it today to people on the job, amen. How many people talk back to
the people that you work for, amen, or working with? Amen, don’t run your
mouth like that, amen. Have grace in your heart. This whole time religion
affects every area of your life if you let it today. Amen, even our mouths. Not purloining, but showing
all good fidelity that they may adorn themselves or
adorn the doctrine of God, our savior, in all things. Verse 11; for the grace of
God that bring us out, oh hallelujah, now we gonna
take about grace a minute. Amen, isn’t this wonderful. Lord, man it’s good to
be in the lesson tonight. For the grace of God, now
this is talking about the true grace here, not,
anybody tells yer the grace, grace, grace let you do
anything you want to, sin all you want to and
live however you want to. That’s not the grace of God. Here’s the real grace
of God, Titus two, 11; for the grace of God that
bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men. Grace of God is what brings
salvation to us today. Amen, you don’t want to do the
spite to the spirit of grace, you don’t wanna stick your
nose up to the spirit of grace. It’s what brings salvation to us today. It says it’s appeared
to all men teaching us. So the real grace of God’s
gonna teach us some things. Amen, teaching us that denying
ungodliness and worldly lusts, we’re supposed to deny
ungodliness, anything that’s ungodly in this world we’re
supposed to deny that, not have nothing to do
with it, cut it loose. Worldly lust, amen, we’re
supposed to cut that stuff loose, deny yourself is
what it’s talking about. Deny yourself that worldly lust, deny yourself that ungodliness. Others might do it, amen,
but not me and you, we’re trying to make it today. We’re gonna be a saint, amen. Sanctified. Amen, thank God. Let’s read on. That we should live soberly,
that’s that word soberly today, amen, we should live soberly. Praise God, if you’re not
living sober and making sober, sound decisions we need
to examine ourself today. Whether or not we’ve got
our flesh under control. Whether or not, amen, we’re
really in the faith, amen. This is what he said here,
soberly, we’re supposed to live righteously. The real grace of God teaches
folk right opposite what most folks are teaching. And godly, amen. When we get to heaven, when
we get on the streets of gold, when we get on the other
side, is that what it said? No brothers and sisters, it
said in this present world. When does God expect you
to live holy, soberly and righteously and godly? He expects you to live
it in this present world. Right here and right now, amen. Thank God. He said looking for that
blessed hope and the glorious appearing of the great God
and our savior Jesus Christ. Amen. What are we looking for? We’re looking for Jesus
to come, thank God. Why are we living the way we live? Because we want to please God. Amen, we wanna be ready
to go when death comes and death calls and the Lord comes. Verse 14 said; who gave
himself that he might, for us, he gave himself for who? For us. It’s personal now, he gave himself for us. Amen. That he, praise God, or
that we should, let me pull it up here, thank God. And he gave himself for us
so that he might redeem us from all iniquity. Amen, he’s redeeming us today
from all iniquity, buying us back, praise God. And purifying to himself
a peculiar people. The Lord, that’s why he
set up his church, to work on people. It’s why he sent the holy
ghost, it’s why he’s helping us today, is to purify our hearts, amen. And to purify ourselves
that we might become a peculiar people. Amen. A people that’s different,
a people that’s set apart, a people that’s sanctified,
a people that is unlike and opposite and different
from those that’s of the world. Amen, if you’re listening
tonight, either here in person or around the world, it
don’t matter if it’s 20 years from now, it’ll be the same. If you’re just like everybody
else that’s around about you out here in this world
there’s something wrong somewhere, amen. God has called us to be, not
only called us to be, but he’s called us unto himself
to be a peculiar people. Amen, and he’s purifying us
today and zealous of good works, we’re supposed to
be, amen, zealous today. I mean we’re supposed to be workers today. Amen, you know you heard me
say right here a lot today, there’s no lazy bums around here. We believe in working, amen, thank God. We believe in working
out in this world, amen. Meeting our own needs and
helping meet the needs of others but we also believe
in working for the gospel. Amen, you just ain’t gonna
sit around here, thank God. Cause we believe in being
zealous in good works. Verse 15, let’s wrap this
up, said; these things, these things that I just
told you and read to you, that speak and exhort, did you hear that? We’re supposed to speak
these things, we might ask ourselves when was the last
time you heard this sort of thing in church. Is speak these things and
exhort these things and rebuke with all authority, amen. Thank God. Rebuke with all authority,
let no man despise thee. Hallelujah. So see rebuking is a part of
the main job of the ministry. Amen, thank God,
hallelujah, praise the Lord. Now I wanna read one last verse
tonight before we close out, amen, and that’s in Revelations
chapter three, verse 19, somewhere along in there, let
us get it together tonight. Amen. He said verse 19, Revelations,
chapter three; as many as I love, amen, I’m ready
now that the Lord loves me. I believe the Lord loves
you, thank God tonight. He said; as many as I love,
I rebuke and chasten, amen. Be zealous therefore and
repent it, praise God. If you’re here tonight or you’re
watching around the world, or if you’re watching 10, 20
years from now, the model’s gonna be the same, the
gospel’s gonna be the same long after I’m gone. He said he loves us and as
many as he loves, he rebukes. Amen, so when the Lord
rebukes you thank God for it, when the Lord chastens
you, thank God for it. He could have let you just
go on, he could’ve let you just go right on and that’s
what’s wrong today in church. Amen. The bridge is out down there
and a lot of folks is just saying blah, blah, blah and
don’t tell nobody that the bridge is out and let em
run right off the bridge, but the man today that loves
you, amen, and I’m talking about the men across the
country, the moms and dads and grandmas, the preachers,
whoever they are, that really genuinely love you,
they’ll step out there in front of your car, waving you
and your family and children down and to tell you the bridge is out. Because they love you today, amen. Why do they love you? Because the love of God is
shared in their heart by the holy ghost, amen. It’s God loving you through them. It’s God loving you through
that pastor, or that bishop or that elder that’s rebuking you. He says as many as I love,
I rebuke and chasten. Amen, thank God. I didn’t like getting spankings
and whippings growing up, cause really, you know, I
really didn’t get too many but the ones I got was pretty
bad, amen, I remembered them for a long, long
time, thank God, amen. And just out of respect of my
daddy, and some of them here I’m not gonna tell about it, amen. But I’m telling you right
now, when he did get serious about it, he got real
serious about it, amen. And the reason was
cause he loved me, amen. I didn’t appreciate it
at the time, amen, but I appreciate it a whole lot
today when I seen how some of the other young people
that was around done some of the same things and didn’t
get no correction and got all that love, love, love
stuff, amen, and when I seen how their lives turned
out, amen, I thank God I got corrected and even more
than that I thank God tonight that this great ton of God
of heaven we serve loves you and I enough that he
set up the church in the way that we are, amen, to have
leaders that reprove people and rebuke them and chastise them, amen. And I know that there’s
times when the Lord just does this straight outta heaven himself. Amen, I thank God for that. He said be zealous, therefore, and repent. Does those who’s hear
tonight, those who’s watching, listening, amen. If you’re not where we oughta be tonight. The answer’s not to give up. That’s not the answer, the
answer’s not to quit but the answer is to repent, praise God. Repent and ask the Lord,
tell the Lord, I’m sorry. The light of the gospel shine
on my path tonight and Lord I have been reproved and
I’ve been rebuked and even though it might not have
been openly but God you’ve convicted me, God you’ve
spoke to my heart, God you’re talking to me. If he’s talking to us tonight,
that’s what we need to do, not quit. Don’t stomp out the back door
mad, I’ve seen people tromp out mad, it don’t work well
tromping out mad, amen. Oh but the answer tonight
is to repent, praise God. – [Group Member] Yes. – Repent and tell the Lord
I’m sorry, tell the Lord I’m sorry for my sin, tell the
Lord that maybe you’re pastor, or bishop or minister, somebody
that’s here or watching tonight, maybe you’ve not
used this authority that God gave us in the ministry too. To crack down on sin and
maybe you’ve not handled it like you should have, amen. There’s always time to
repent, tonight’s a good time to repent, I praise God for that. And maybe you’re listening
or here watching and perhaps somebody has corrected you and
you didn’t handle it right. Maybe both of you didn’t handle it right. God forgive us today, let’s
repent, don’t get mad, quit the church, don’t get mad
and quit God, don’t go back out into the sin of the
world but just simply repent. When we repent, amen, we
tell God, Lord I’m sorry. Lord I’m sorry, amen. Would you forgive me, amen. And be willing to turn from it. Be willing to turn or
burn, that’s what the old preachers used to tell me. Turn or burn, amen. I want no part of burning,
therefore I gotta turn, amen. You hear what I’m saying? If you don’t want no
part of tbrning tonight, you gotta turn. Turn from your wicked ways,
turn from your faults, your failures and your shortcomings
and even your sins today. Amen, let’s be like the wise man. When the Lord sends somebody
by to correct us and rebuke us, let’s love em, amen. Let’s be like the wise men,
but you say you put yourself in one group or the other, amen. You put yourself in a group
with fools and scoffers who hate to be reproved and rebuked, amen. Who won’t listen or if you’re
not in that group, you’re in the group that loves the
person that corrects you, amen, and I hope to God
through all the smokescreen and the false stuff of this world
that you can see the real love of God shining through
today and tonight, as we broadcast this, our only
intention is to try to help the church of God, amen, around the world. We appreciate you watching,
appreciate you being here. Amen, let’s go to prayer
one more time and then we’ll cut her down. Okay. Lord, thank you for your
blessings upon us again, your goodness to us. Thank you for the word of
God, thank you for this bible study and Lord I just pray
that you would help us to hide your word in our heart
that we might not sin against you Lord, and learn that we
would work and strive to let you work in our hearts and
mold us and make us into what you would have us to be. And Lord for those times
that we’ve failed we pray you forgive us and Lord
that you have mercy upon us and help us to do better. Give us that real grace of
God Lord, that we might live godly, holy and pure
in this present world. And Lord we thank you for it. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen. – [Group Member] Amen.

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