Renault Sport R.S. 01 Chris Harris test drive

Renault Sport R.S. 01 Chris Harris test drive

Well here we are then. On a very, very cloudy Silverstone. So, we’re going to put a bit of temperature
into it now so I can maybe talk a bit. Woodcote, how many great things
have happened at Woodcote. WOW, and that front end view
coming into Copse, braking late, you can brake so late and then just knock it
into Copse let the car run out, WOW! Now I’m heading up towards Maggots,
Becketts, this is astonishing, this car has proper aerodynamic grip
so much so than a GT3 car, you just lean into the belts
and feel the G’s build up. It’s fantastic, now the exit here
coming out onto the Hangar straight. Traction is absolutely superb. And this car has all the systems,
so it’s got great ABS, really good traction control – all adjustable
and different throttle maps too. Braking into Stowe,
I mean the braking performance. I’ve not driven anything like it
outside a prototype or DTM car, it’s so far beyond the GT3 car. Here we go, now the power, 550 horsepower, 1150 kilogrammes, really potent, revs out beautifully. now the quickstop, just hang in the belts
and turn in fast, yeah, yeah yesss! Oh yes! What I love is it’s a real challenge to drive, even with the traction control on,
you can spin it in. So you have to manage the torque and the power. But, actually the handling itself is really friendly. so it’s a lovely balance for
the gentleman driver to enjoy, but also the really experienced driver with his skills will draw performance from it, in a way I’m sure
I won’t this weekend, but, yeah! As a combination, this car and this circuit
is a bit of a treat really! So stable through this right hander, you just pin it flat,
feel the aerodynamic grip. Spot on! SPOT ON!!

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  1. How can Renault make some this as insane and brilliant as this but make horrible road cars? Bar the Megane 275 trophy there's nothing thats any good. Please put some tech from this back into your road cars Renault!

  2. Red Bull- Toro ROSSO YOU HAVE the exclusivity you should invest and stop bad month about those Frenchy power
    you should learned it not about you funny drink it about sharing the difficulty of the issue

  3. I know there are some "R8" comments down here, but I just want to say how much I had hoped that the 2nd gen R8 would have looked something like this Renault. It seems to have all the good aspects of the original R8, and then improved on everything else! And what a machine

  4. Looks like Renault with an 2016 NSX nose and a R8 body, however the paint work/graphics reminds me of a Nascar with sorta fake graphics.
    Nice review as usual Mr. Harris.

  5. Oh my God .. Apart of it being fast and a sport car, you just look at it! That front end is HOT !! I love it .. Plz renault make one for streets ..

  6. If Renault want to go GT3 racing with this then we may just as well see a road version of this thing, that would be cool. In any case details of it's current performance hints it's just a little too fast…Almost GT1 fast maybe.

  7. 0:55 braking not late enough lol, I'm sure it was late from chris's view but you can see this car had a lot more than chris's 5'7 😉

  8. 《♢》RENAULT F1 Team >>> LEGEND First Racing FORMULA 1 Car 1976>> 《♢》 Louis RENAULT First car >> 1890 >> LEGENDARY GIANT <3

  9. C'est qu'ils font des vrais voitures aussi chez renault ! J'aime beaucoup la Twingo mais si on m'offre celle là moi je la veux bien aussi

  10. only if that renault rs01 had a 1.4 k4m engine with a turbo and asked to compete in the Cup Grand Touring Cars as they did with the clio maxi in group b rally
    instead of using a v6 engine from nissan. it would be epic

  11. really? three Shots from the outside at the End and that's it?
    i mean, that Car looks fantastic
    build a Road going Version of it

  12. this car is my fave on Drive Club and now just bought one on GTurismo. Oh dear. So much fun and an incredible engine note.

  13. Lol. Chris Harris. You havent driven a Super GT gt500 car yet. By now everyone should know those are the worlds fastest touring cars that do similar laptime to lmp2 cars.

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