Rejection Therapy Day 3 – Ask for Olympic Symbol Doughnuts. Jackie at Krispy Kreme Delivers!

Rejection Therapy Day 3 – Ask for Olympic Symbol Doughnuts. Jackie at Krispy Kreme Delivers!

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100 Replies to “Rejection Therapy Day 3 – Ask for Olympic Symbol Doughnuts. Jackie at Krispy Kreme Delivers!”

  1. I'm listening to your book again. I had to pause the audio book and come find this video. (Why didn't I do this the first time around?) Awesome results? She was super happy and proud to have done this for you!!!

  2. I came across your TED talk and bought the book. Read it in 2 days and of course couldn't resist looking this up on youtube. I was worth it. Your awesome Jackie and Jia!

  3. Hahaha i'm reading this book, and thought donats are realy olympic, but they look like a staff eat it)))

  4. Just heard this on your book to see this womans happiness and fulfillment.
    Also, loving the book so far

    Thank you for sharing this experience .

  5. I just watched this at #GLS19 and it blew my mind. There are so many facets of awesomeness in this!

  6. She should be the “VP of Customer Service” or similar position for any companies. True customer service and outside the box thinker..!!! 👍

  7. Omjesus. That lady is the sweetest and most determined and so into solving this problem. I really really hope she owns her own donut shop now, she was so loving making his donut dream come true!! So sweet ❤😊

  8. Checking back again in 2019, and seeing Jackie's effort, kindness, and hearing her say "Don't worry..that's one on me……..That's my pleasure", still reminds me that we are all not lost.

  9. I'm disappointed that you didn't gave her at least $200. Class and moral of a person is doing the right thing. Learn and teach your children and future generation to do the right thing.

  10. TO COPORATE KRISTY KREME…..How can you not love Jackie…good job and I hope your company promotes you to corporate instead of some college jerk who never worked the line and is telling everyone how to do their job. Big fat raise and promotion…Miss Jackie, you deserve it. Proud of you, if I ever get to Austin, Texas, I'm going to say hi but they better tell me you have moved to corporate or I'm going to protest <3 <3 <3

  11. Wow she really takes seriously her job, very few people are so determined at their job, most of the people are just tired, bored and only waiting to get home.

  12. I get it alright, you were in the middle of watching Ted talks and then came here to watch this video. Big deal!!!
    So did I, hehe…

  13. Jackie from Texas I will remember her name.. I deeply respect her passion about her work and genuine attitude towards the customer.👍👍

  14. Honestly I don't know why he's so surprised?? She is an essentially good human being. most people are, given the right circumstances, like her. it's modern life that has turned us into automatons who just follow the rules. maybe that's naive of me. but it's what I'd do! in Yorkshire in the UK, this would be standard!

  15. you didn't get rejected … but rather you have revealed to yourself and everyone why one puts themselves in a position of getting rejected. in such questionable events are when possibilities can manifest.

  16. This makes me realise how the good people in this world outweigh the negative ones. The news just decides to highlight them that’s all 👍🏾 good video

  17. Man, my heart was warm when she tried her best to think of how to execute the order and actually give what the customer wants. But when she said the donuts were free of charge, and the caption about Ghandi, I felt so much joy and it lifted my spirit. What a great person and amazing customer service

  18. I saw Jia’s presentation at the GLS in Johannesburg south africa today. He was awesome. Bought his book aswell. Hope it can help me beat my fears.

  19. The winner in this video is the girl who made the olympic doughnuts for you. She needs to be given an opportunity to find her calling.

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