Regular People Try To Beat The Fastest Man In The World

Regular People Try To Beat The Fastest Man In The World

– So, we got Usain Bolt
dropping by the office today to surprise a bunch of regular
people and challenge them to see if they can beat
his personal best time. – What’s his best time? – 9.58 seconds, 100
meters, in Berlin, 2009. – I feel like if there
was food at the other end, I’d be able to run that fast. – Okay, what kind of food? – Pizza. – I can’t go from the sitting
position to standing up in 9.58 seconds. – I sit eight hours a day at my desk, so I think I’m well-prepared for this. – He’s gonna be here in like five minutes, so we’ve got to build a track. Let’s go. (rock music) – Usain Bolt here. I busted in, about to crash the party. About to see if anybody is ready to try to beat my world record. Let’s do this. Hola, mi amigos. (clapping) So I was told there’s
a lot of people in here that say they can run faster than me, can break my record. Who was it? Was it you? Are you the one that said
they can beat me in a race? (laughing) Let’s see what you got. Let’s go, let’s go. Listen, people, the best chance you have is no chance. That’s the first thing. Arm action is key. You’ve got to work those arms. You gotta work those arms. You gotta stay focused, drive, and work. Stay focused on the goal in hand. You know what I mean? Which is to try to beat my
record, which won’t happen. Are you ready? (group cheering) – How you feeling going into this? – I think Usain can probably
walk faster than I can run, but we’ll see. I’m going to give it my best. – Do you have a running background at all? – No. – Take your mark. Get set. Go. – God! Get home! Get home! Drive those arms! Drive those arms! (timer buzzing) She was driving those arms though. That’s the key thing, though. – Yo, I drove the arms. – Yes. – That’s what he told me to do. – Yeah. – So, I think I did all right. – Yeah. – On your mark. – [Both] Get set. – Go! – He has a jacket suit on. Yeah, that’s it. Knees up. (laughing) I love it. (timer buzzing) (laughing) You got that suit on. – How close was I? – Wasn’t even close. – Not even close? – Not even close. – All right. – How fast do you think
you’re going to do this? – I have no idea. I honestly think it’s going to be… It could be 20. I have no idea. – On your mark. – [Both] Get set. – Go! Woo. – [Selorm] Look at him. – He’s pretty.. He’s got some good form there. – Dude, you have it. That’s it, let’s go. Get home. Get home. Lead through the line! Lead through the line! (timer buzzing) – I was not prepared. (laughing) – Do you have any running experience? I was a runner. Yeah, back in the day. – Oh yeah? – Back in college, I ran track. And then a little bit after. So, you know, I was talking smack. I’m ready. – On your mark. Get set. Go! – Look at that form. He’s trying. Get home, brah. Get home! Look at him. (laughing) (alarm buzzing) I love the form. – Thank you. – I love the form. He’s like– – If I can crack 13 I’d be happy. – On your mark. – [Both] Get set. Go! – Oh, oh! Oh! He’s getting it. He’s getting it. Yeah, get home! Yeah, that’s it. Work those arms. Work those arms! (cheering) (timer buzzing) – What up? – Yes!
– Yeah! Chest bump. (victory yelling) – If you could pick,
out of the four of us, who would you think would win? – It’s between you two. – Me? – No, him. – Man! – I’m gonna go with you. – All right. – Don’t let me down, bro! – I’m not gonna let you down. – Don’t let me down, bro. – I will not let you down. – [Lizz] Three. Two. One. Go! (laughing) – Bring it home! Bring it home! That’s it, bring it home. Beat your chest. Beat your chest! Oh! (timer buzzing) It was just some regular people, trying to beat my time. It didn’t happen. It was horrible. They tried, through, and
that’s the key thing. Everybody’s out of breath right now. Listen to them. They’re like (hard-breathing). But they did well. I could see the effort in their face. They were working it,
and that’s the key thing. You know what I mean? That’s what we do: hard work. We got it done. (cheering)

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  1. random guy : hey bolt that baby crawled 100 meters in 9.59 seconds

    Bolt : hahahahahahahyou still lost

    5 seconds later

    Bolt : wait what my time was 9.58 seconds


  2. Regular people try beat Usain Bolt. At least have them run in a straight line, without the grass at the end, How can you even compare otherwise?

  3. imagine if he's like "haha u cannot" then like one random guy does a 8 seconds 100 meters. what would happen to bolt? "DELETE THIS GODDAMN VIDEO NOW" 😂😂

  4. But that had to make that little turn which kills alot of speed. Making that turn with thag speed u might as well break ur own ankles.

  5. They shouldve shaved off at least 3-4 seconds..running on concrete, regular shoes, jeans, no blocks, no spikes, and they had to take a turn lol..wouldve been better if they actually went to a track

  6. I remember doing this when I was 13 in my school for our PE class. I actually got 11 seconds. I don't know if I should be amazed cause my other classmate who was the most athletic on us got 9.

    ps edit: i just added the word "PE CLASS" which means we had our PE teacher time us

  7. So my school has these "Olympic games" and i did the 100 meter dash. It took 15 seconds to finish. I got last place; – ;

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