Regular People Try Stabbing An Olympic Fencer

Regular People Try Stabbing An Olympic Fencer

(rock music) – Okay you guys, Monica
Aksamit, Olympic bronze medalist fencer is going to come and
fence some regular people. – We need a Star Wars fan. – They like doing the the thing
with the… what is called? – The light saber.
– The light saber! (laughs) – I’m just gonna be really scared. – Selorm, you’re in the
video, let’s go fence. – Let’s go. – Regular people hanging
out with each other? – Yeah.
– Cool. – So first, you guys are gonna
solve with chest protectors. Definitely for the
girls, not for the guys. – I know very little about fencing. I’ve always liked to do
that, you know you take off the glove and you slap someone and you challenge them to a duel. – The only thing that I know about fencing is watching the Parent Trip. This isn’t a bloodstain, right? I have no clue what I got myself into. – Basically, it’s like coat
hangers and people just swing ’em at each other
until you hit the vest. No doubt I’ll stab her. – I feel like I’m putting on a gimp suit. Ever since I was a kid,
I wanted to try fencing and I just never got the chance. (intense music) – One of the most important
things is we have this thing called right of way,
if you have the attack, and the defender wants to score a point, you have to either block
the opponent that’s trying to hit you, great, and then now you can hit me and that’s your point, right? Because I handled my
attack, you blocked it, I lost the attack, you won the attack. So it’s all about
getting the right of way. – I was not expecting to
go first, I’m actually really terrified, let’s hope I don’t die. (rock music) I’m kind of upset at myself, I wasn’t expecting to win but it was very fast. – I don’t know why I’m
so scared, it’s not like I’m gonna be actually killed… right? You know when you’re walking home at night and you hear a sound in
the bushes, that fear? That’s how I feel right now, literally, like I just fended for my life. – I feel great, I kinda
feel like a combination of Jack Sparrow and Steven Seagal, if I was raised by cheetahs. You smell fantastic. – ‘Cause I haven’t broken a sweat yet. Looks like you’re already
sweating, we haven’t even started. – Alright, well good luck. – I don’t need luck, you do. – [Man] Ready. (screams) – [Monica] Did you just run at me? Told you I didn’t need luck. (yells) – [Dom] Can’t even see that thing. We will be back to fight another day. – I was taking some
notes, listening to coach, hopefully I’ll get at least one tap in. Oh crap. Oh shit. Got a point. I had a blast, that was awesome, putting on the mask and holding the saber. – It felt like an honor to
be fencing with an Olympian. – When I’m coaching
someone, they’re always way to afraid to fence me, but
you tried, so there you go, you’re better than ten-year-olds. – That’s the best compliment
I’ve ever received. – And you guys look mighty fine in these. – I’m all about looking good rather than actually doing anything of substance.

100 Replies to “Regular People Try Stabbing An Olympic Fencer”

  1. The Olympic girl is just wayy to cocky for my liking… It's like.. Yes honey you can use a flimsy thing.. but you aren't queen of the world.. so just..sit dafuq down..

  2. Jack sparrow and steven segal… steven segal is just awful… also doesnt anyone feel like that guy has a very punchable face

  3. I thought they were supposed to be regular people… Not a bunch of LBQTRXUCKCJKVXUZ non-gender binary weirdos…

  4. "literally … I just like … fended for my life!" NO YOU LITERALLY FUCKING DIDN'T. God. These people…


  6. You should do one where normal people try color guard. I couldn't find any videos on it and I think it would be cool.

  7. Now try putting that one fencer against a HEMA fencer, one using a two-handed longsword, axe, spear, shields, polish sabre, or any other actual real weapon.

  8. Regular people=
    – femenist idiot for obvious reasons cough cough LIBTARD

    – black person so SJWs don't scream at BuzzFeed

    – "star wars fan" with dyed hair just for the hell of it

    – the person who most people would associate with but turns out to be a wierdo

    The most regular person in the video is the professional fencer. At least she has actual life goals in becoming good at a sport instead of becoming a "journalist" working at BuzzFeed trying to push a political agenda into viewers' faces!

  9. BuzzFeed has yet to realise that they are universally hated by the whole internet….

    C L O S E Y O U R L E G S T A N ! ! !

  10. 1:03 deadass thought she was gonna say Since I was a child I've always wanted to try on a gimp suit ??‍♂

  11. if the starwars fan can get a point the darksouls fan could get 601283912387213721947348573289543267y5983275239857243985723582367777385738527598237589237562957810957183957147143983127498147398472389472384327498327532505820952875902850238420394823

  12. God fucking damn it all these people who're saying they aren't "regular people" because they have coloured hair. So coloured hair means you're somehow abnormal???

  13. 2:06 in Saber fencing (what they are doing here) anything above the waist is a legal fencing with the Foil (a different type of sword) it would be an illegal hit as the foil is designed for thrusting, only the chest and torso are allowed. Finally you have Epee fencing where the whole body is considered fair game.

  14. Is it at all wrong to point out how strikingly beautiful and also how sweet Monica is?Takin' no guff, but such good sportsmanship.

  15. I love how this innocent fencing video has become a war ground for people saying “these aren’t regular people”, simply because it’s packed with minorities… What I’m earth does that have to do with anything, when they say REGULAR people they mean PEOPLE who don’t FENCE. The average joe because gay, straight, black or white if you have never fenced before you are a REGULAR person because you don’t fence.

  16. This is Saber fencing not foil. Foil is where you can only hit the torso. in saber waist up is game. so the only reason you can get hit in the face is cuz you are doing saber fencing

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