Regular People Try Olympic Diving

Regular People Try Olympic Diving

(water splashing)
(laughing) – Is she okay? (edgy guitar music) – So we’re here at the
Santa Monica Swim Center, and we have Olympic gold
medalist Chris Mears to teach a bunch of
regular people how to dive off of that three meter springboard. He’s an Olympic gold medalist,
how bad ass is is that? – I have a participation award. Yeah, we’re ready for this! – Alright, let’s do it. – I think it’s gonna be
really interesting today to see how these guys get
on because they’re a bunch of people that haven’t
really tried diving before. – I’m used to being on a bike,
going up and down mountains in the pouring rain. Jumping off a high dive
for like three seconds can’t be too bad. – I played water polo in
high school and I also swam. I hated waking up so early in the morning so I switched to choir. – So I actually swam. I’m on a masters swim team,
but I’m definitely not used to diving three meters. – My ending goal is just
to not fall on my face and have that filmed for everyone to see. – I’m gonna have you guys jump
off of the three meter board first just so that you
get used to the idea of kind of throwing yourself off of it. – Okay, so I’ll fuck it up first, and then you can do it properly. – I want to crawl to the
end of the board right now. – Arms up. Woo, nailed it! – Should I, like, run up to it? – No, walk to the end. You’re gonna start right
onto the edge of the board. Let’s do some rocks first
to get the board moving. (water splashing) Good job, it was good for a first jump. – This is already a lot higher than I could’ve ever imagined. Look at how far down that is. – There he goes. (laughing) What happened here, he
cut off all of his height, which meant that he almost
took his ass off on the board. – [Ricky] Michelle, how scary is it? – Shut up, Ricky. – When you’re ready, go. Out of everyone in round
one, you came out on top. Round one success. When I was 15, I basically
had a virus that meant my stomach and my throat
were really swollen. My spleen ruptured and
now I don’t have a spleen. There were moments when
I kinda just wanted to throw in the towel and give it all up because it was all too much, but every time I got to
that point I ended up just realizing that there
was more to my career. So essentially what I’m going
to do is introduce you guys to a dive without actually
having to do any jump. Then from there all you have
to do is literally fall. – I can do that. – [Chris] Bend forward from
the hips and keep your legs real nice and straight. You definitely jumped with your legs. – I just want to get it over with. – Remember to keep your legs
straight and don’t jump. Don’t like arch up, just make sure you’re like that, alright? Nice and thin, yeah. – I think I definitely did something wrong and kind of landed on my back. – You ever do something
and you’re just like if I die doing it, at least
I’ve got a good story. – Stop that, man!
(laughing) – Bend down more if you can. – [Ricky] Pop that booty
like Kim Kardashian. – [Chris] Now you’re gonna
fall in three, two, one. – I can’t!
(laughing) Oh my God, I just couldn’t do it, dude. – My turn. – [Ricky] Wow. – Like literally you know
when you’re watching a movie and you see that point
of view when someone’s jumping off a building
and like about to die, that’s what it felt like. – The hardest part of my road to Rio was definitely moving away
from my family and my friends. It’s very kind of difficult
when you have a vision to do something but then you then realize you have to give up your
friends, your family. And like my dog, I couldn’t
see my dog anymore. But yeah, as I said before,
it was all worth it, yeah. When you jump, you’re then going to jump and go into a tuck and then
kick out and land in a dive. – How? What, no wait, I need an
intsant replay of that ’cause I do not understand. – I need the prayer hands. I need everyone’s blessings. – Three things, the jump, and
then in and out of the tuck real quick, and then by that time, you’ll already be hitting the
water with your hands out. He didn’t tuck. – I hit my balls and I may
not be able to have children now after that. – Okay, one more time. – Is she okay? – My ending goal is just
to not fall on my face and have that filmed for everyone to see. That was the embarrassing
moment I was talking about. – Confidence, that’s what Chris said. – Yeah! You totally killed that. It was so smooth. It was great. No more I can’t. – Yeah, I can. – Splay your hands. Don’t grab your hands, yeah? Then rock with the board. (laughing) – I grabbed my legs. That was like half the battle. (laughing) – Winning an Olympic gold medal
was a life-changing moment for so many reasons. It felt so incredible to
stand there and have something to represent all the hard work that I put in all these years. – Being up there and doing
that on the most basic level was like so intimidating. Like, I can’t believe you do what you do. – As a whole, you guys did really well. Like for none of you to back out and actually not take off the board. I mean, we did hear a bit of I can’t. But, you know, you still went
and you still gave it a go. As a whole, yeah, it was really good.

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  1. Ok ok I’m not showing of but I could jump that I’m used to it IM NOT SHOWING OFF Just saying but you guys did good!

  2. In order,
    Chris did:
    An Inward dive pike
    A Front 1 and a half pike
    An Inward dive pike (again, however one could also argue it was an inward dive straight)

    They did:
    A front jump
    A front lineup
    A front tuck dive

  3. No lie I’ve only stepped (not even jumped) off of the high dive I think three times in my life and it’s fucking scary

  4. He looks like Too Daley's brother – Tom Daley is a diver and so is this guy – they are both British …..

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