Red Dead Redemption 2 Online – How To Win More Races

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online –  How To Win More Races

what you guys and welcome to another
Red Dead Redemption 2 online video today I’m gonna show you exactly how to
win more races on Red Dead Redemption 2 it’s not something that’s really
profitable at this moment you’re getting around about three to four dollars per
race you’re getting like 150 XP and then like one gold nugget every time you win
a race that’s winning not losing so it’s not really that profitable but I’m
hoping with the new update coming this week or next week according to Rockstar
that races you’ll get at least five dollars for winning and at least five gold
nuggets for winning as well now what I’m about to show you will not give you a
definite win every time it still comes down to a bit of skill but it is a
strategy that I have picked up just for racing so so much and it’s been working
really really well for me there’s been days where I’ve only done three races
and I’ve won three times like I really feel like I’ve got to grips with the
racing system in Red Dead Redemption 2 there are two different races in Red
Dead Redemption 2 you’ve got the normal circuit one which you have to go through
each checkpoint as a sort of group pretty much and just go run the circuit like
that the other one is there are a bunch of different checkpoints located in the
different areas and you can pick which checkpoint you want to go to first and
it’s completely up to you and people just immediately disperse with the
circuit the first thing I do is I wait as soon as it goes three two one go I
actually wait everyone seems to sort of go off and ride their horses as quickly
down the straight and normally at the end you’ve got a left or right turn it
doesn’t carry on going straight it’s always a left or right turn and that is
when people just get taken out so to avoid that the first thing I do is I
just let everyone else go watch them get taken out and then I just follow in
behind at that point or maybe like third or fourth which is actually pretty
decent considering I voted like I wanted to go last in the first place so
that’s the first thing I do the second thing I do is try to avoid any sort of
conflict now what I do is if someone if I’m riding and then someone comes up
alongside me what will happen is I will press the R1 button or RB depending on
which console you’re on and I would just drop back and
if I’ve got a gun that’s when I start shooting I will only do this or a
situation if I have a gun on top of that if there’s more than just one person
trying to attack me I’ll drop back let them fight it out amount of times that yet
again people just go into each other and then take each other out another point
to make about conflict is if you don’t have a weapon a lot of time people start
spamming B in which you can start hitting your opponent don’t do that
there is actually a weak point in the front of the horse if you just go and
cut across him what will happen is your opponent will be taken out you’ll see it
like it’s you’re crashing into someone out like a t-junction or something like that and
they’ll just take the other person out it is so much quicker than spamming B
if you used to just spam B what it’ll do is it’ll take around about three to four
hits for you to actually take out your opponent on top of that your
opponent is gonna be spam and be trying to get you so you’re gonna at least lose
maybe a half maybe three-quarters of your health if they are a good player so
to avoid all of that completely what you do is just cut across your opponent and
they’ll immediately be taken out the last thing with these types of races and
it kind of applies to the other race is if you pick up a weapon aim for the head
because it’s just a one-shot kill or aim for the horse the horse is a much bigger
target and it’s a lot easier to hit but it also means if you take down a horse
the horse will flop and then the player will stand up for a bit and it actually
adds as a couple extra seconds before they can actually respawn which it just
makes them just in a worse sort of situation obviously getting taken out is
a bad situation anyway but just get in your horse taken out having to wait a
few extra seconds just before you can respawn is even worse compared to if you
just got shot in the head you can respawn immediately just like that so
that is just a little tip there also don’t ever look behind to try and shoot
people behind you always focus on people ahead of you if there is someone behind
you and you know they’ve got a gun just keep on going in and out in and out just
sort of snaking it along the track eventually they’ll catch up with you
which means you’re then behind and it actually puts you in a better position
for to shoot them that’s why I keep on
saying if you get into a position where you’re in conflict press R1 or RB to
drop back and then start shooting at your opponent or just cut them up like I
said earlier okay going on to the races where you can just run randomly round
the track to pick up different checkpoints and it’s the first one that
collects all of them and then goes to the finish line first wins with these
type of ones what I normally do is I go all the way I collect all the
checkpoints around the outside and then I start doing it in the middle it does
mean in the first say minute or so of the race it will look like you’ve picked
up three checkpoints and a person out and first has collected maybe five or
six but in the end it ends up you winning what happens is the majority of people
go straight to the middle I don’t know why this is but it always seems to be a
thing a good example of this is the saint-denis race you start on the train
tracks and what you can do is you can go as you start you run out the train
tracks oh I’m sorry the train station go left
and you can weave in and out of different buildings a place where the
butchers are weave in between that and you can collect quite a few different
checkpoints and you’ve only just done the outside whereas normally people go
left follow with you at first and then they just go into the city collect all
those and then they leave the last checkpoint say miles away from the
finish line and have to run all the way there to run all the way back and that
is where you lose time whereas going all the way around the outside treating it like
a massive circle and then slowly going in you will collect the last checkpoint
which will be metres away from the finish line and with these races there
is always a checkpoint right beside the finish line so always remember that also
check your mini-map because a lot of different situation especially we’re saint denis and if you’re gonna go any sort of place where there’s tight corners what
will happen is someone will run round the corner as you go around the corner
and then you’ll just collide and then you’ll both be taken out it just loses a
few extra seconds to avoid them what I do I just slow down I have no faith in
my opponent slowing down so I’m gonna slow down let him go and come
corner if I have a gun I’ll shoot him and then I’ll carry on going if I don’t
have a gun just learn past and carry on going round
because whilst he’s riding it’s gonna be a lot harder for him to go around the
corner control his horse a constant speed aim for me shoot me and kill me
first time by getting a headshot it’s a lot harder whereas if I’m
standing still i can just aim my gun where I think he’s gonna be tracked shoot
easier or wait for him to go past and then just carry on going around just so
he doesn’t disrupt me because normally I’m gonna be in top three we’re at that
person I don’t have a clue where he’s gonna be so he could just take me out
and like he might be last full for all I know so I don’t want to be taken out by
that because it ruins my chances and it’s not even like I’m competing against
him so it’s kind of one of those I just avoid the situation completely anyway
guys those are a few tips that have been helping me win a lot more races in Red
Dead Redemption 2 hope you guys did enjoy he did enjoy it don’t forget to leave a
like and subscribe but for now I’m going, so see ya.

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  1. I would find it rather helpful if you upload some gameplay and walkthroughs of the tomb raider definitive edition. As I am stuck on this game. Thank you for consideration x

  2. Thank you soooo much, I trophy/achievement hunt and I needed 3 MVPs and I wouldn't have done it without this video. 🙂

  3. Ramming is the worst part of racing because it's so unrealistic and unfair. Most lobbies will kick people who ram like you're suggesting.

  4. Hey guys if u do saint denis u should go in the tunnel then turn left, after that turn straight then keep going and after that u turn right then u go straight after that u turn right were the fence is, get that checkpoint. Then u wanna keep going i win ll of the time.

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