Red Bull 400: The hardest 400m Run in Europe

Red Bull 400: The hardest 400m Run in Europe

I am fascinated by their courage, the determination and the level of fitness they need to overcome this steep hill. Back when I was still a ski-jumper and we started building Planica, it was even steeper – around 45 degrees on the steepest part. The profile of the hill today is more beautiful and not as hard, but it’s definitely not easy to conquer. I can remember doing the measurements, when I had to crawl up the hill and barely held on. These guys will be running up the hill today and I think that’s fantastic. I was third last year and then second this year in Kulm. The polish competitor who won in Kulm is also coming. Then there are our guys: Nejc Kuhar, Simon Alič and a couple of others. It’s going to be a tough fight to get into the first ten. Second place again. It’s better than third and worse than first place. I hope I can get the first place one day. Your legs become heavy and you move with more and more difficulty. You don’t know what to expect of your breathing. It’s extremely hard. You can just hope to make it to the finish line. If I didn’t compete in the relay race as well, I might have been able to get closer or possibly beat Arslan today. I think he wasn’t that strong today.

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  1. What makes this so difficult is that none of them are really “running”. Crouching on all fours like that puts a lot more strain on your legs, especially your quads. These guys have distance runner physiques, and even they’re struggling

  2. Could you imagine climbing all the way to the top and asking for water, and all they have is red bull.

  3. And they all finish and sit around drinking Red Bull’s? Gross and unhealthy and unimaginable for an athlete/endurance junky to drink. Must get paid though I suppose.

  4. So sorry this challenging race is called "Red Bull 400". Red Bull is filthy poison both for the human body and for the mind. Don't believe it? Ask any person with a medical degree.

  5. The hardest is to be the one to carry the logs on the tracks and install all those fences barrier while the boss pushing you to complete it as fast as you can as the organizer want to see the results as soon as possible…

  6. Most of them didn't seem to run much, the winners did run but most seemed to be crawling more than running. Im not sure I'd gotten up even crawling. Well probably if I had half an hour time.

  7. I'll tell you who would do REALLY well on this course. Cyclist. I'm not bragging but uphill was my favorite part of any race or tour and as a result my legs were well acclimated to uphills be it running or cycling. I SUCKED at straight aways running as my legs were too chunky. Lol. But uphill I caught a lot of my competition then. I would have ate this hill alive (with the right shoes) as it damn near has the same cadence as cycling.
    It would really be interesting to have some of the world best uphill cyclist run up this. Tour de france type. A nod to seasoned soccer/rugby players too. They have pretty massive legs. (Some of them).

  8. Looks like a stroke or heart attack waiting to happen, yuck!! Lol! Just speaking for my old self, I’d have to walk slowly up that.

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