Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: Head Over Water ft. Ryan Lochte (Clip) | HBO

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: Head Over Water ft. Ryan Lochte (Clip) | HBO

Three years ago,
what started
as a dream Olympic games
for swimmer Ryan Lochte,would soon turn
into a nightmare.
Lochte was accused
of fabricating a story
about being held up
at gunpoint
after a night of partying
in Rio.
An international scandal
was born.
And so, too,
was an international villain.
When did you realize
it was a low point? When I couldn’t go outside
my house. Because there was ten
to 15 news trucks waiting outside my door
for a week straight. Someone that has all this energy
and drive, and just to be completely,
you know, squashed. Like that. FRANKEL:
Is it fair to say that he was the most hated man
in America? One hundred percent,
and he knew that. FRANKEL: You lost a bunch
of sponsors after that. Yes, all of them. How much money
did that cost you? Millions. And, have any of those sponsors
come back to you? No. FRANKEL:But it wasn’t just
his sponsors that he lost.
Lochte said,he began to lose
his will to live.
There was points where
if I went to sleep and I never woke up again,
I would be fine. Because I wouldn’t be
hurting people. You thought that
if you just disappeared– If I just disappeared,
it would be okay. And you don’t mean disappear,
just simply walk away -from swimming and–
-Yeah. Go find some hideout
on the prairie. Disappear, like bye, bye. ♪ (“REAL SPORTS” THEME PLAYS) ♪

10 Replies to “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: Head Over Water ft. Ryan Lochte (Clip) | HBO”

  1. He was hated
    He was harassed
    He lost his will to live
    He lost money
    He was suicidal

    The poor victim. I feel so sorry for him.? HBO is garbage. When you do bad things, there are consequences & you don't get to choose them or judge if they're appropriate. You get no say on how extreme they are. For HBO to give Ryan the privilege of victim status is disgusting. He could've cost Brazil millions in tourist dollar, hurting the local economy, particularly small mom-and-pop venues. He let our country down as he represented us. He was gifted Dancing With The Stars right after. HBO is trying to market this dude as a victim.

    HBO are fools

  2. Lochte is one of the nicest guys. Grew up swimming my entire life and got to meet him a couple times when I was younger. Never said no to a picture or an autograph and was always super nice. Only those who don’t know him judge incorrectly.

  3. I have such a hard time buying that he was/is suicidal. He lied once to excuse his behavior and garner sympathy. What's to say he isn't doing it again? You know who I want to hear from? The teammates he left holding the metaphorical bag.

  4. All the people that took his sponsor/money/support/promoting let's smear/squash them and their whole family putting them at dangerous risk just like they did to him on purpose grandstanding let's get that news ha ha ha we are going to attack & destroy hi look what we can do the news!!!! If he is physically harmed in any way all news should be criminal legally responsible! There is a safe correct way to do things! Like hollywood does keep on digging and digging and digging making inference statements that are not true finally someone that is a nut case will attack them! This is what the news has been getting away with for a very long time! What he did is wrong does it make you feel really good what you did let me give you an eye-opener you are not the news the sponsor are not perfect you like that power don't you!!!

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