Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (2019): Video Gaming Addiction (Clip) | HBO

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (2019): Video Gaming Addiction (Clip) | HBO

According to studies,
roughly three percent
of the world’s
two billion video gamers
become addicted.
That’s about the same rate seenin another well known form
of addictive behavior…
-(COINS JINGLE)…casino gambling.Experts say
that’s no coincidence.
They say that the very same
psychological tactics
long used by casinos
to hook customers
are now being used
by those who design video games.
MAN:I think they are
brilliant developers,
but they’re also using
behavioral engineering -to make an addictive game.
-That’s their goal? That is their goal.
Yeah, of course it is. You might have that choice whether to turn the game
on or not, but once you’re in the game,
you’re in. SCOTT:And what’s happening
in America today
could get even worse.For a glimpse
into a possible future,
Americans can look
to the world capital
of video gaming, South Korea,where the worst cases often
require radical intervention.
are extreme cases
that cannot be supported
by general treatment.
SCOTT:To treat some
of Korea’s most addicted,
Dr. Jae-Won Lee is experimenting
with unusual methods.
He says those addicts
can only overcome the disease
by having their brains
effectively rewired.
(POPPING CLICKS)That click you hearis a electromagnetic shock
to the patient’s brain,
designed to help them
control their impulses
and resist the temptation
to play.
At least from
the lay perspective,
it seems rather extreme. (SPEAKING KOREAN) INTERPRETER:When a disease
is difficult to treat
like this one, it requires
new medical solutions.

30 Replies to “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (2019): Video Gaming Addiction (Clip) | HBO”

  1. Korean all game's they made for SCAMMING AND DELAYING MIND RESULTING TO SPEND MONEY THAT IS WHY MANY OF KOREAN LEFTOVERS too many quitting bcoz all game's needs money for superiority means shitgames you eat and poop it

  2. I'm so happy my mom never got me and my siblings video games. Whoever thinks that video games can make you smarter is too braindead to take seriously. Why? They're too lazy and idiotic to read a book.

  3. So I’m guessing esports is just as much to blame for this “addiction”right🤨let me tell you something half of everyone who does gaming still have a life not everyone but enough and that right there is the reason why the country is going to hell in a handbasket but hey at least no one got hurt doing that virtual buzz but only somewhere in Korea🤷‍♂️.

  4. From the same network that brings the world Game of Thrones and Real Sex. What a joke. Shock therapy… yeah… that's the answer. You should be embarrassed and ashamed of yourselves. Get a clue.

  5. Behavioral engineering is used by ANYONE who makes a product and wants to sell it.. your company does that (HBO), THIS VERY PLATFORM does it (YouTube), Cassinos, TV Series, Movies, do it.

  6. New medical solutions that actually make the patients worse rather than fixing a problem that doesn't exist.

  7. I’m sorry but this is crap. Kids sit in front of screens all the time because their PARENTS use it as a babysitter.

    It’s also the parents responsibility to ensure the games their kids play are age appropriate.

    I grew up playing games. In my house, my friends houses and arcades. I also had parents who would say things like “go outside” and “no”.

    You can’t blame an inanimate object for your child’s issues.

  8. Yeeeeah. Go fuck yourself, HBO. Bryant Gumbel smokes like a pack a day, and you're on this?? We play because, like books, it's a release from the stress of day to day life. We play for the stories. We play for fun, we play with our friends, or we play to compete. Our hobby is just like anything else, except, unlike drinking, smoking or drugs, it isn't designed out of the box to kill you.

  9. You know what's more effective than electric shock therapy? Literally everything.


    Watch some of the videos on our channel… Problem solved!

  10. HBO needs to do better research and actually learn about their subjects before they make bullshit like this. Jump from extreme to extreme and focus on cases that are so isolated they can't make up a fraction of the gaming population. Fuck off HBO and fuck Bryant Gumbal.

  11. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? I love how you casually left out that gamers have better critical thinking and processing skills, and better coordination lol. It also lowers depression, helps people find social groups they may not have access to which is incredible for people who can't get out a lot because of their health. It enhances memory and concentration and multitasking skills.
    But hey, let's just zap people's brains because we don't understand how things work. Shame on you HBO, what total and epic bullshit. I don't know why you would let your network be used for this shit.
    Curious, do you view physical sports as addictions? Because if anyone is repeatedly having their head banged in until their brain is mush and die, for a hobby, I think they might just have an addiction problem that's way more dangerous than gaming.

  12. Lmao are you fucking kidding me? They are whole heartedly comparing a drug such a meth has the same impact as numerous hours of video games? What the fuck? All this blame is on the creator for “targeting” kids, how bout these fuck head ass parents, be a fucking parent, but I bet you if jr was logging in 12+ hours a day then ends up winning 3 million dollars in a MLG tournament they won’t look that stupid now would they..

  13. OK, as a psychology student for years I've been preaching about some of the addictive mechanics in games, but this report feels WAY off target.
    Unless it's something that is reached later in the program, the problem with modern video games isn't them being purely addictive, it's the introduction of "random interval reward mechanics" that have been tied to what is effectively real money gambling for virtual items that often hold no real world value. The developer's have been reported to have even targeted people down to the individual level to make sure they get addicted, become more addicted and stay addicted by manipulating their odds of winning, sometimes literally on the fly.
    They other major problem I have here is Electroconvulsive therapy does not "rewire" the brain and I can't say I've ever read about it being used to treat addiction, I even checked while writing this and the closest thing I could find was something about impulsive behavior on Mayo clinc's website.

    Please Real Sports team, this is a very important issue that is effecting people, destroying family's and the industry, If you're going to take it on please speak to the people in the community who have been fighting it for literally years now.

  14. Gaming addiction is real, smartphone addiction is real but Real Sports misses the mark in their segment Video Gaming Addiction.This report highlights a problem that is no different than a gambling addiction and attempts to vilify the game industry with broad and inaccurate statements. To suggest that the gaming industry is nefariously contracting behavioral scientists and the like with the expressed intent of promoting addictive behavior (rather than simply making a series of brilliantly challenging puzzle objectives), is misrepresenting the complex dynamic of addiction itself. Having interviewed extreme cases of suffering gaming addicts does not a balanced story make. Addiction is an inevitable and dangerous risk for all things competitive. Doping in sports is a result of addiction. Furthermore, taking sound bites out of context from a gaming lobbyist instead of speaking to corporate representatives of consoles, game developers, industry safety groups (like ESRB, PEGI) is simply bad journalism. There was only a slight mention of industry funded support groups. Also, there was no presence from an addiction expert who would surely verify that gaming and gambling addiction are inevitable within a large worldwide audience. This is not to say that gaming addiction doesn't exist. Clearly, there are issues that need attention and the gaming industry has gone to great lengths to support and address these and other issues, including educating parants on the signs of over-play. This was an astoundingly shallow investigation into a sub culture that is growing and diverse. Nowhere was there mention of gamer's connections online that have formed positive, life long friendships. Not mentioned was the support and incredible good sports-person-ship that professional gamer's show to one another during competition. Puzzles can be addictive. Come on Real Sports. You can do so much better.

  15. Change the word "video game" into watching cable tv, better yet – binge watching a tv show or series. And what if there was a app where people could stream shows and watch them 10 hours a day?. . .🤔 maybe longer? And this company thinks of ways to attract more users. Maybe even have studies to see what shows or movies people like to watch? Did i say users earlier, i meant CUSTOMERS.
    This is such a boomer segment. The whole thing is painful to watch. Especially, the lame skewed questions to the game lobbyist.

    Would those same questions be aimed to commissioners of sports organizations, publishers of media (writing, video,music, etc) and advertisers?
    Addictions are real, but attacking the whole industry just doesn't make sense.

  16. I agree with Bryant. If you spend an abnormally amount of time to an object or activity that is addiction. You can be addicted to pretty much everything if you are prone to addiction. As for video gaming, parents need to be responsible and regulate their kids usage simple. Our society has serious issues with making excuses in being a victim and less personal accountability.

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